JSM Indomaret Promo Period May 27 – 29, Here's the Catalog

Rancakmedia.com – Lots of people are looking for information about the JSM Indomaret promo for the period 27 – 29 May 2022, this promo will be valid every week with big discounts and different items.

As the name suggests, this promo is only valid for 3 days on weekends. It is possible that the product you are looking for and what you need can be found in the latest catalog. Because it can save money, this promo should not be ignored. Besides that, you can get discounts of up to 60%.

Today's JSM Indomaret Promo Products

The discount given by Indomaret is no joke. There are several product categories available in the JSM Indomaret promo catalog at this time.

Various things that are presented are also available at very tempting prices. Especially the basic needs which are the most sought after items by Indomaret clients. Several product categories in the JSM catalog are as follows:

Today's JSM Indomaret Promo Products

  1. Basic needs such as rice, sugar, flour, and so on
  2. Soap needs such as bath soap, washing soap, and so on
  3. Snacks such as chiki, Cheetos, lays, and others often get discounts from Indomaret
  4. Beverages such as mineral water, tea, coffee, soft drinks and so on
  5. Baby needs such as diapers in various sizes
  6. Instant noodles such as delicious noodles, Indomie, Supermie, and other noodle products
  7. Other needs that are also sought such as tissue which is needed by many people

Find out what items are on sale over the weekend by browsing the catalog. Of course, the discounts and promotions provided by Indomaret are varied and unique. For food, for example, promotions such as “buy one get one free” are common.

Even if you missed this weekend's promo, you don't need to worry. Almost every weekend, JSM offers this promo. So you have to always update so you don't miss the promo.

When else can buy products only at low prices but still quality. You also have to spend for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday to be able to enjoy the JSM Indomaret promo today. Just visit the nearest Indomaret in your city.

JSM Indomaret Promo Info Updated

Often customers who are going to buy at Indomaret do not know the current promo info. Shelf prices are also believed to be incorrect because they have not been updated, according to this theory.

Of course this can make your shopping at Indomaret unaffordable. For that, there are many ways to get the latest promo info. Those of you who have a limited budget can find the following items at Indomaret:

Ask the shopkeeper or Indomaret cashier. For Indomaret clients who are now or have been at Indomaret. Ask the cashier or seller if there is a current promo.

Usually this promo info is at the cashier. But the problem is, there must be a lot of promo products that are out of stock. Cooking oil is one example, which has become the focus of almost every promo campaign.

Visit the official Indomaret website. The fact that Indomaret has a website with a lot of information about drugs must be news for many of you.

This material starts from news facts about Indomaret to the latest promotions. So, for those of you who are confused about the details of the latest JSM Indomaret promo, you can visit the official website. Not only that, there is also information on goods at Indomaret.

For those of you who are curious about the latest JSM Indomaret promo this weekend. Here is a jsm catalog image that you can see below.

JSM Indomaret Promo Catalog 27 – 29 May 2022


Indomaret customers can choose from a wide variety of promotional items. Not only is the selection of promotional items plentiful, but each product is reduced to a fraction of the cost.

Indomaret customers will be able to buy more economically with this. But before you go shopping, make a list of all your needs so that your shopping trip is more enjoyable and doesn't waste time.

Payment Methods at Indomaret

With the LinkAja payment method, BRI Debit Card, BNI Credit Card, or ShopeePay will provide additional savings besides those contained in the JSM Indomaret catalog. The terms and conditions are as follows:

LinkAja terms and conditions:

Shop for additional items at a price of IDR 10,000 (not including promo items, and valid for a maximum of 1 item/transaction/account/day, and do not apply for multiples)

BRI Debit Card terms and conditions

Shop for additional items at a price of IDR 75,000 (not including promo items, and valid for a maximum of 1 item/transaction/account/day, and do not apply for multiples)

BNI Credit Card terms and conditions

A limit of 1 item/transaction/account/day is allowed, but multiples are not allowed. This offer does not include promotional items.

JSM Indomaret Promo Info Updated

ShopeePay terms and conditions

Special ShopeePay prices can only be obtained for a maximum of 1 item/receipt/transaction with a maximum of 5 periods/user.

You can save even more money by paying using one of the options listed above.

If you use one of these payment methods, you can also take advantage of additional special offers, such as weekend discounts. So you can save more when shopping at Indomaret.

Shopping Tips With the JSM Indomaret Promo Catalog

Don't forget to read the JSM catalog to find out what's on offer. Don't forget to take advantage of the JSM promo by taking your time all weekend, namely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Indomaret, on the other hand, runs this promo almost every week.

Make a list of things you need to get before the weekend promo starts, if you haven't already.

See through JSM promo catalog Indomaret to see if the item you are looking for is there. That way, you can save on expenses for shopping for basic needs and other needs that are no less necessary.


The discount given by Indomaret is no joke. There are several product categories available in the JSM promo catalog Indomaret at the moment.

In the article above, we don't only provide the JSM discount catalog, but also provide payment methods at Indomaret and shopping tips with the JSM Indomaret promo catalog.

Thus the article about the JSM Indomaret Promo for the period 27 – 29 May, here is the catalog. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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