JSM Hypermart promo 22 to 25 April 2022

Rancakmedia.com - Hypermarts are a family mainstay for shopping, along with JSM Hypermart promos from April 22 to April 25 2022. Including supermarkets that are classified as complete, you can buy household needs that are starting to run low or even run out by visiting the nearest Hypermart in the city you are in.

Starting April 22-25 2022, Hypermart is again holding a Weekend Hyper Discount Promo. There are big discounts on various food and beverage products, cooking utensils, cleaning products, and even children's products as part of this Promo.

List of JSM Hypermart Promo Catalogs

Launching Instagram Hypermart (@hypermart_id), here we attach the Hypermart Hyper Promo Weekend Promo catalog for the period 22-25 April 2022:

This Week's JSM Hypermart Catalog List

Hypermart Promo This Week Period 22-25 April 2022:

  1. Promotion for 5 kg of rice IDR 58,490
  2. Tango wafer promo 300gr IDR 25,900
  3. Belfoods royal chicken nuggets promo 500gr IDR 37,700
  4. Promo sweet soy sauce abc 520ml IDR 15,900
  5. 1kg golden farm promo IDR 27,900
  6. Marjan boudoin syrup promo 460ml IDR 15,490
  7. Promo coca cola/sprite/fanta 1500ml IDR 11,490
  8. Special fire ship coffee promo mix 25gr IDR 20,490
  9. 1ltr UHT greenfields milk promo IDR 17,490
  10. Promo for Merries diapers M50, L44 and XL38 IDR 70,890

Hypermart Electronic Promo 22-25 April 2022:

  1. 32 inch digital tv promo IDR 2,099,000
  2. 32 inch android tv promo IDR 3,099,000
  3. 42-inch Andorid TV promo IDR 4,399,000
  4. 50 inch digital & Android/smart TV promo IDR 6,699,000
  5. Promo discount discounts of up to IDR 700,000 and additional discounts by credit using Bank Mandiri

This Hypermart Hyper Weekend Discount promo only applies to Hypermart in the Java Island area. For those of you who are located outside Java, you can check Hypermart promo prices according to each city via Instagram highlights Hypermart (@hypermart_id) or the Hypermart website hypermart.co.id.


In the article above, we have provided a list of JSM catalogs at Hypermart, which are very diverse and of course have attractive discounts.

Thus the article about JSM promotions Hypermart 22 to 25 April 2022, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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