How to Be a Successful Online Shop Reseller with Big Income– Want to become a reseller? Here we will give you how to be successful resellers online shop that you can do and can get a large income, see more details below.

Having your own business and producing is a dream for many people. Apart from being profitable, being a businessman can help someone by creating jobs.

But starting a business requires a big mentality because it involves a relatively large amount of capital. If you are still unsure about starting a business and you are not ready with the capital, you can start a business by becoming a reseller.

Being a reseller is a safe way that can help you have a business but with minimal capital. Reseller is a term for loyal consumers who buy, then resell products to other loyal consumers.

How To Become A Success Reseller

This reseller activity is often carried out in buying and selling online. Online businesses are growing day by day, especially like during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Determine your target market

Why is this included in the guide on how to become a reseller here? Because by setting targets, you will be able to make offers that are more targeted. The offering language that you provide for the target market of young professionals and teenagers is of course different.

How To Become A Success Reseller

Calculate Competitive Selling Prices

When you become a reseller, you need to have good calculation skills.
This is because you have to correctly calculate the difference between the buying price and the selling price, minus other costs such as transfers. So you still get profits even with competitive selling prices.

Choose Interesting Products

The first way to become an online shop reseller is to choose an attractive product. Look for products that are attractive and are in great demand because these items have a higher selling value.

If the profit is only a little, it is no longer a problem. Even though it's a little profit if the product sells well, the profit also doubles. Resellers must understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product they are going to sell.

Ensure Quality and Reliable Manufacturers

Choosing quality and trusted manufacturers is one of the basic ways to become an online shop reseller.
Before becoming a reseller, make sure that you have chosen a trusted manufacturer, because this will greatly affect the sales process later. Especially if this colleague can be approached and more familiar. The more familiar, the less capital issued by the reseller.

Always Apply Disciplined and Consistent Principles in Marketing

Marketing products will only generate profits if you do it with high discipline and consistency. Always upload the latest products every day. Always try to give discounts according to marketing decisions to make your store popular with potential buyers.

Evaluate every week

If you have implemented all the ways to become an online shop reseller, then do an evaluation. This evaluation needs to be done to assess the extent of sales development. To calculate sales profit and loss and create a new sales strategy. In a business we need to remember that the more frequent evaluations are carried out, the more sales will be made.


Do resellers have to provide a lot of goods

As a reseller, you need to store goods before you sell them. Usually there is a minimum purchase for resellers who buy goods from suppliers. Like having to buy a dozen or maybe more.

Where Do the Benefits of Being a Reseller Come From?

An agent or someone who becomes a reseller can benefit from the price difference between the selling prices set by the main seller. In other cases, the reseller does not set a price but gets a bonus if sales reach the target.

How Resellers Work

The way resellers work is to buy products from suppliers and then resell them. In addition to suppliers, resellers can receive products from agents, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. Resellers sell and then advertise according to price.


Becoming a reseller is a great way to help you run a business, but with minimal capital. Choosing a quality and trusted manufacturer is one of the basics of being online store resellers. Choose attractive, in-demand products that have a higher retail value.

Always upload the latest products every day and give discounts according to marketing decisions. The more often the evaluation is carried out, the more sales will be made. Retailers can buy products from suppliers and resell them through their own websites or through agents, wholesalers and distributors.

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