The difference between Red and Blue Gas Stations – If you can't tell the difference between red and blue gas stations, you don't need to worry because this article will give you the differences between red and blue gas stations, watch until it's finished.

To make it easier to travel to work (or other workplaces), schools, homes of family members or friends or other destinations, many people use their motorized vehicles to refuel.

Depends on how often motor vehicle used, the recharge period may be as frequent as every few days.

Usually, the operation of a motorcycle or car needs to be recharged every two to three days. But for those who are frequent bikers, maybe once a day.

While refueling at a gas station Pertamina, if you look closely, you will see that the oil and gas BUMN has two types of gas stations. These can be distinguished by their color, especially red and blue.

The number of red gas stations is, of course, much more. Meanwhile, in recent years, blue gas stations have begun to develop.

So, what are the differences between the red and blue Pertamina gas stations?

The difference between Red and Blue Gas Stations

The red gas stations are also called Pasti Pas gas stations, while the blue gas stations are also called Pasti Prima gas stations. Pasti Pas gas stations usually offer conventional services, such as bathrooms, places of worship, air filling and sometimes there is a minimarker inside.

Consumers can take advantage of a wider range of services at Pasti Prima gas stations, ranging from non-fuel retail to energy integration and digital services.

The Pasti Prima gas station itself is a development of the Pasti Pas gas station which is known to have been in operation since 2006.

Pertamina gas stations will undergo a significant transformation as a result of this new development, which aims to improve the quality, dosage and services offered to customers.

The development of this blue gas station cannot be separated from Pertamina's role as the market leader in the retail fuel sector in Indonesia in order to increase profits for consumers.

Through the Pasti Prima gas station, Pertamina also offers more active and diversified non-fuel retail services, such as Bright Stores, ATMs, LPG, lubricants and nitrogen.

The latest digital technology is used to communicate with consumers, and Pertamina Pasti Prima offers prizes to loyal customers.

That's the difference between the red and blue gas stations. From now on, don't be confused about the difference between these two types of gas stations!


In the article above, we have mentioned what are the differences between red gas stations and blue gas stations that many people need to know.

Thus the article about the differences between red and blue gas stations. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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