Price of Hot N Ready Pizza Rises to RP 82,730.80 – Little Caesars quietly revealed this week that it will increase the price of its flagship Hot N Ready pizza by $0.55 (RP. 81,9854.75) to $5.55 (Rp. 82,730.80) after 20 years.

Little Caesars broke the news Monday, in a press release boasting the “new and improved” Hot-N-Ready Classic Pepperoni pizza, which is also stated to be made with 33 percent more pepperoni than the previous recipe.

The other pizza components, as well as their heat and readiness, won't be harmed by the modification, the business maintains.

Raise the Price of Hot N Ready Pizza

We updated our classic HOT-N-READY Classic to contain 33 percent more flavorful flavored pepperoni, while keeping the lowest prices in the country, said Little Caesars chief marketing officer Jeff Klein, in a statement accompanying the press briefing.

Raise the Price of Hot N Ready Classic Pizza

Little Caesars says that the new recipe will be a "permanent menu item adjustment" going forward. However, the $5.55 price tag is touted as a limited-time promotion at participating venues. Additionally, Alaska, Hawaii, and California have higher elevations, according to the company.

Little Caesars started selling Hot-N-Ready pizza in 2001, becoming “the first consistently national restaurant serving pizza on-demand for takeaway without pre-ordering,” according to the business. In 2004, this dish was added to the menus of restaurants across the country.

In November 2021, Little Caesars opened its online store Hot-N-Ready that provides clothing, accessories, and even office furniture inspired by Little Caesars.


Little Caesars will increase the price of its signature Hot-N-Ready pizza by $0.55 to $5.55 after 20 years. This new recipe contains 33 percent more pepperoni and is said to contain less cheese and more fleshy pepperoni.

The company ensures that the other pizza components, as well as their heat and readiness, will not be harmed by the modification. The price increase is touted as a limited time promotion at participating venues.

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