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budget travel – Sky House+ Alam Sutera Apartment sales rose 180 percent. Housing is one of the areas affected by the corona outbreak. Reductions in prices and sales volumes have been seen in a large number of developers from various sectors since the first corona cases were identified in early March 2020.

This is of course a concern for residents. But as time went by, residents began to see this situation as an attractive opportunity, especially for some business people and investors.

Apartment sales experienced an increase in sales amidst a trend of reducing sales in the housing sector or what is called real estate.

Sky House Apartments

This apartment is located in the Alam Sutera business center area and has 1 minute access to the Kunciran toll gate. Offers studio, type 2 and 3 bedroom units with standard details, several furnishings and a smart home system or smart home mechanism.

Sky House Alam Sutera Sales Planning and Strategy Manager, Sylvia Valentina, explained that market interest in selling this apartment was clearly visible from the increase in sales in 2020. Compared to 2019, sales growth was recorded at up to 180 percent.

Sylvia explained that the sales development shows how people are using the pandemic as the right momentum to invest in real estate before the economic situation recovers, which then has the potential to increase prices and adjust payment systems in the future.

Sky House Apartments

At the beginning of 2021, the construction site tour will immediately open on April 30 2021 as a form of loyalty to Sky House+ Alam Sutera and proof of providing superior unit quality.

On the recreation trip, visitors can see the quality of the unit delivery along with the technology and construction systems used in increased sales by Risland.

Some of the advantages of the construction system used in this sale are that it is expected to provide a higher level of accuracy and durability, and is more environmentally friendly.

This shows that the developer's values ​​are paramount in prioritizing safety and the environmental impact of the entire construction process. To ensure good handover quality, all construction processes are carried out using a strict systematic experimentation and management process.

Apart from focusing on building quality, the obligation to hand over on time is visible in the construction process which, starting in November 2019, only lasted around 1,5 years.

As for topping off estimated in the middle of 2021. The sale of this apartment is an important added value to build customer confidence in the homes made by Developer Risland. There are several residential and commercial buildings in several countries including the US, New Zealand, Thailand, etc.

Due to the systematic idea and the desired economic situation to recover quickly, it is hoped that customers can take advantage of this opportunity to buy units before the price increase and payment reconciliation to obtain maximum profits.

Currently, the latest apartment sales allow customers to own a 2 bedroom unit for just IDR 3 million per month up to 88 times without a BI exam. Customers who are interested in sky house+ can visit the marketing gallery or visit to be assisted by an apartment sales representative.


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