JSM Superindo Promo 22 to 24 April

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JSM Superindo promo 22 to 24 April

Rancakmedia.com – Superindo never forgets to provide promos every week, one of which is the JSM Promo superindo from April 22 to April 24, 2022.

Superindo is one of the most popular supermarkets in Indonesia. As an international retail network, Superindo has had hundreds of locations spread across various regions in Indonesia since 1997 until now.

Superindo, one of the popular shopping destinations in the area, often holds special promotions that are a shame to miss.

Superindo doesn't forget to give discounts to its loyal consumers, special prices and free products in every promotion.

This weekend, 22-24 April 2022, Superindo is offering a Promo to Welcome Eid that you can take maximum advantage of.

Before buying, there's no harm in checking the Superindo Promo Catalog for the period 22-24 April 2022 to get the promo price you need.

You can also compare prices in the Superindo Promo Catalog for the Eid Period 22-24 April 2022 with other retailers.

In this promo, you can save up to 50% on various baby-friendly products, drinks and discounts on body care.

JSM Super Indo Promo

It doesn't stop there, there are many other products with the Special Price and Buy 1 Get 1 Free brands, such as:

  1. Anak Raja Super Head Crystal Rice, Pulen Wangi Sak 5kg - Special Price (Rp. 64.000 Rp. 58.900)
  2. Nissin Canned Green Coconut Biscuits 600gr – Special Price (Rp. 30.990 Rp. 28.500)
  3. Hijra, Palm Fruit Dates Pack 250gr – Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Rp. 89.800 Rp. 44.900)
  4. Viennetta Ice Cream Chocolate Vanilla Box 800ml – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bottle of Marjan Cocopandan / Melon (Rp. 66.290 Rp. 59.900)

In full, below we have attached the Superindo Promo catalog for Welcoming Eid al-Fitr for the period 22-24 April 2022, quoted from the official Superindo website:

Superindo Promo This Week

Below there is JSM Superindo, as follows:

  1. Red watermelon promo IDR 790/100gr
  2. Century pear promo IDR 2.280/100gr
  3. Sunpride banana promo IDR 10.900/pck
  4. Promo for red globe grapes IDR 6.690/100gr
  5. Peeled pineapple promo IDR 17.900
  6. Promo blue triangle 1kg Rp. 9.900
  7. Bango soy sauce promotion 735gr Rp. 23.900
  8. Promotion for frozen beef rendang IDR 11.350/100gr
  9. Promo for thigh meat IDR 14.690/100gr

JSM Superindo Tin Cake Promo

Below there is JSM Superindo, as follows:

  1. Promo monde cookies 320gr Rp. 37.900
  2. Promo nissin coconut biscuits 600g Rp. 28.500
  3. Promo monde egg roll biscuits 300gr Rp. 49.900
  4. Roma wafer promo, 294gr wafello promo, 287gr butter wafello promo Rp. 29.900
  5. Promo mini chocolito 150gr Rp. 17.500
  6. Nissin wafer promo 570gr Rp. 37.790
  7. Promotion for 1kg regal biscuits IDR 68.500


In the article above we have discussed the JSM promo held by Superindo, not only that, it turns out that Superindo provides promos for canned cakes at very varied prices.

Thus the article about JSM Superindo promo April 22 to 24, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you

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