How to Drive a Car to Save Fuel – There are many ways to drive a car to save fuel (fuel oil) that not many people know about, one of which is often done by car owners is to turn off the air conditioning function, usually when the fuel indicator needle touches E (emergency).

It is believed that turning off the air conditioner helps lighten the load on the engine. In order not to run out of gas too quickly and get to the gas station on time. Is this true? That assumption is not wrong. But the result is not very visible.

Even if the air conditioner is not running, rapid acceleration and braking will not be significantly affected. Also, opening the windows at over 60 km/h has no discernible impact.

The bigger the window is opened, the wind will limit the speed of the car. Didi continued, drivers can save fuel by using various ways of driving.

List of Ways to Drive a Car to Save Fuel

First, get used to changing gears at 2000-3000 rpm for manual gearbox cars. Then, avoid quick acceleration and braking when it's not important.

In addition, the use of appropriate air pressure on car tires will also affect fuel consumption. Yes, the decrease in air pressure does affect wheel instability, which (also) will have an impact on using more extravagant fuel. This can result in a waste rate of 5 to 2 percent.

Therefore, we need to utilize tire pressure according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also, use fuel that meets the vehicle's requirements or the manufacturer's recommendations.

To optimize engine efficiency and increase economy, it is important to constantly refuel at gas stations with high-quality fuel that meets the vehicle's octane requirements and leaves no impurities or combustion residue.

Don't forget to turn off the AC when not needed. Especially when the car is driving in cold weather. Indeed, as mentioned above, turning off the air conditioner does not have a big effect on fuel consumption. However, it never hurts to save fuel, right?


That's an article about How to Drive a Car to Save Fuel that you can easily try to save fuel.

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