Inflation Hedging Coin IHC Raises $10 Million


IHC Inflation Hedging Coin Raises 10 Million
IHC Inflation Hedging Coin Raises 10 Million – IHC's Inflation Hedging Coin is becoming increasingly significant to the current global situation, as the world is sliding into a recession that many predict will be the deepest since World War II.

The effect inflation has on us is the depreciation of our possessions, giving us less purchasing power on our money. An illustration of inflation is that in 1913, one dollar had the same purchasing power as $27.58 today.

Currently, the United States Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world have engaged in quantitative easing and other economic measures that increase bank liquidity, but risk increasing inflation.

Steps have been taken by central banks through purchasing long-term assets from the market to increase the money supply. The aim is to minimize inflation by incentivizing lending and investment activities, and deprioritizing savings and prudence.

Purchases of about $80 billion worth of gems and $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities were made monthly by the Federal Reserve in the summer of 2020. The balance sheet suggests passing the $8 trillion milestone.

The answer to these difficulties is a new type of currency, one that encourages smart decisions like saving and ensures people's purchasing power does not diminish over time.

What is meant by Inflation Hedging Coin

Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC) is one of these currencies. It is also one of the most publicized initiatives that garnered widespread support – proof of this is that IHC managed to raise $10 Million USD in just 30 seconds.

How IHC's Inflation Hedging Coin Fights Inflation

IHC is a cross-chain cryptocurrency, functioning on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Through periodic IHC burning events set by the US inflation rate, the IHC value remains stable.

The burn event will continue until the overall market capitalization equals the number of tokens held by the total number of holders held.

Each IHC transaction is subject to a 5 percent fee that will be collected and distributed to every other token holder periodically in an effort to motivate them to save more instead of speculating in other activities with the token.

How IHC's Inflation Hedging Coin Fights Inflation

None of the accrued payments are directed to IHC founders and their team. Another indicator that makes IHC less volatile than other cryptocurrencies in the sector is that it does not engage in trading or other speculative activities.

Currently, the IHC team is building an on-chain wallet application to expand features and give token holders access to the service finance more simply.

The wallet app will combine lending and yield farming services to guarantee savings, as it is easier for consumers on-chain.

The IHC team consists of specialists from many sectors such as blockchain engineers, entrepreneurs and others with over 20 years of combined expertise in global financial markets. Its experts have expertise in many fields and have operated companies from Wall Street to Ulaanbaatar.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist Gantig Bayarmagnai is the co-founder and CEO of this initiative. In addition to launching IH Bit LLC and Cryptocurrency Mongolia Group, he also founded Silkchain Capital, VeChain's national agent in Mongolia.

IHC's Inflation Hedging Coin Accelerates Global Cryptocurrency Shift

This Saturday, October 9 2021, will be an important day for the world of boxing. To strengthen worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies, IHC is teaming with former world heavyweight boxing champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder for the WBC World Heavyweight Championship in Las Vegas.

Deontay's fight against Tyson Fury will see the fight appear on IHC-sponsored fights as part of the company's aim to accelerate the global shift to cryptocurrencies. Deontay Wilder has claimed in a press release that he is “excited to have IHC” sponsor him.

Munkhjin Otgonbaatar, co-Founder and chief financial officer of IHC said Deontay “exemplifies everything a defiant, tenacious and disciplined champion should be.

He is a true rebel who fights against injustice and social inequality, while IHC is a rebel cryptocurrency who fights against inequality and the injustice of excessive money production carried out by central banks around the world.”

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