10 Trusted Online Used Goods Selling Applications

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10 Trusted Online Used Goods Selling Applications

Rancakmedia.com – Currently there are many used goods selling application which you can use to promote used goods that are still suitable for your use. With the application for selling used goods, now you no longer need to sell offline to reach potential buyers, because everything can be done online.

It's not often that you clean your house and then find items that are actually still in good condition, but are no longer used and just take up space in the house.

So, now you can sell them through the used goods selling application so you can sell them quickly and make money.

Recommended Applications for Selling Used Goods (Source: C Technical via Canva)

Recommended Applications for Selling Used Goods

Below we have provided recommendations for used goods selling applications that you can use, as follows:

1. OLX

Surely some of you already know about OLX. OLX is a site for buying and selling used goods that is widely used by the Indonesian people.

By having its head office in Amsterdam, this platform is then widely used by people all over the world, one of which is Indonesia, to carry out transactions that are profitable for both parties.

One of the superior features of the OLX application is the Geotagging feature, which is a sales method that brings together sellers and buyers in the nearest area.

So you can easily see the real items being sold without having to make a transaction first.

Most of what is bought and sold through the OLX site are motorbikes, cars and houses. The transaction system commonly used is the COD (Cash on Delivery) system after the customer sees and considers the goods they have seen.

To sell on OLX so that it sells quickly, make sure you have included complete information about the items you want to sell, and also make sure that the photos you take are interesting and can present the product as a whole.

Don't forget to include a contact number that can be contacted quickly so that you can get the used goods you want to sell quickly.

2. Tokopedia

The largest Tokopedia online shopping application in Indonesia can also be used as a place to buy and sell pre-loved goods, you know.

Apart from being able to sell and buy new items, this site or application can also be used to sell and buy used items.

The goods you sell will sell quickly using Tokopedia, because users of this application reach all corners of the country.

Moreover, with all the convenience of the existing payment system, you can choose a joint account if you don't want to be exposed to fraud.

Tokopedia can sell any type of used goods you have, from fashion, pre-loved make up and skincare, baby necessities, electronic goods to automotive goods which are also provided on Tokopedia.

To increase your sales more quickly, you can use product keywords that are easy to find, for example automotive items such as mirrors, exhausts.

3. Carousell

The next recommended application for selling used goods is Carousell, which is a favorite of the Indonesian people.

Carousell has its head office in Singapore, this site is a favorite especially for women, because it sells women's cosmetics and fashion items.

The advantage of this site is that it can be used not only for cosmetics and fashion, but also provides sales of gadgets, home furnishings and used automotive goods.

So it can fully accommodate whatever type of goods you want to sell. This application also provides a joint account or COD feature to avoid fraud.

You can get money after the consumer who wants to buy has received your goods and they match the specifications of the goods. When you want to sell goods that are no longer used, you can be honest with potential consumers.

What you can be honest about is showing original photos, detailed product specifications and showing the actual condition of the goods that buyers will prefer, rather than showing edited photos that are as good as possible, like new condition.

4. Prelo

No less than the previous application, Prelo is also an application for selling used goods that is quite well known by the public.

Initially, this application was almost similar to Caroudsell, which mostly sold women's fashion, but now it has developed into selling various types of used goods, such as cellphones, furniture, and even necessities for newborn babies and toddlers.

One of the unique things about this application is that it provides a deposit or jastip service, which gives authority to other parties to buy pre-loved items.

This feature is commonly used by fellow Prelo users, so that the types of goods you want to sell sell more quickly.

You don't need to worry about online fraud on social media or sales sites, because Prelo already provides joint account or COD services.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Even though many have abandoned it and moved to other social media, Facebook still has the best place for its users.

Facebook marketplace is a feature provided specifically for buying and selling used goods for Facebook users.

What's even more interesting is that this site can recommend products based on their history or history of use in either Facebook or Google searches.

So you don't need to worry because the items you offer will definitely reach people who are looking for your preloved ones.

However, it is a shame that this sales site does not provide a joint account feature, so you have to be careful when you want to make a transaction so you don't get cheated easily.

6. Bukalapak

You must already know that Bukalapak is one of the largest marketplaces. Apart from selling new goods, Bukalapak can also be used as a platform for selling used goods.

For this application, maybe you will have more confidence, because it already has many testimonials from users.

If you don't want to be cheated, you can hand over the goods after the consumer sees the goods and it is clear that he will pay for the goods you are selling.

What is interesting is that this application can reach a wider market share because it is already used by all people in Indonesia.

So that the goods you sell sell quickly, you can provide complete product specifications along with original images to build consumer trust.

7. Shopee

By using the application Shopee Not only can you buy new items, but you can also buy used items that are still suitable for use on Shopee.

How to sell and buy used goods on Shopee is also quite easy. You only need to create an account and you can use that account to shop or sell goods on Shopee.

8. Kaskus Buying and Selling

Initially in the form of an FJB (Buying and Selling Forum), Kaskus has now finally released the Kaskus buying and selling application which can be used by everyone.

This platform is basically an e-commerce that provides a variety of products, both new and used products.

Various categories are available ranging from fashion, hobbies, gadgets, office supplies, household, vouchers, automotive and others.

Kaskus buying and selling provides transaction services using a joint account system, thus ensuring security for those of you who want to sell used goods online.

9. Shop Secondhand

Second hand shopping was originally a site established as a service for buying and selling used electronic products online.

Secondhand Shopping (Source: TheUjulala via Canva)

However, as time goes by, this site also provides various other used product categories.

Until now, used shopping can only be accessed through the official website, there is no application service to access the ShopBekas buying and selling site.

10. Sell

The last online buying and selling site is Jualo. This site takes a concept almost similar to OLX, this site will bring together sellers and buyers through the Geotagging feature.

So users can surf looking for interesting products being sold around them.

Users can make transactions using COD, but Jualo does not yet provide a joint account service for transactions.


With the application for selling used goods, now you no longer need to sell offline to reach potential buyers, because everything can be done online.

That's the information about 10 trusted online used goods selling applications, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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