OPPO A15 specifications, with 3GB RAM

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OPPO A15 specifications, with 3GB RAM

Rancakmedia.com – Do you know about the specifications of the OPPO A15? If you haven't yet, you need to know, because the OPPO A15 has high quality at an affordable price.

OPPO A15 RAM 3GB has a large storage capacity, as the name suggests. With 3GB RAM, users will be more flexible in carrying out multitasking activities, especially when launching many programs at once.

Not only large RAM, OPPO A15 RAM 3GB is also equipped with spacious internal storage. This implies that users can store more photos and related movies and documents on their phones.

Many other features on the OPPO A15 RAM 3GB are equipped to increase efficiency for users. Enables for example, the Gesture feature for simple on-screen navigation.

Regarding security, the OPPO A15 3GB RAM is supported by modern features such as Face Unlock. This technology allows users to unlock the gadget screen using their face in an instant.

Knowing the OPPO A15 3GB RAM specifications including its features is very important for those of you who want to own this cellphone. First check whether the price of the OPPO A15 RAM 3GB is set in proportion to the quality. After that, you can buy it when you are sure.

Price for OPPO A15 RAM 3GB

OPPO A15 offers competitive prices and specifications in its class. MediaTek Helio P35 CPU, 3GB RAM, 4,230mAh battery, and triple camera with 13MP main lens are some of the features of the OPPO A15. Memory Defragmentation and HyperBoost are also included in the OPPO A15 specifications.

When it was first announced in November 2020, the latest price for the OPPO A15 on e-commerce was IDR 1,999,000. The OPPO Store retail network in Indonesia also sells OPPO A15.

OPPO A15 3GB RAM specifications

The OPPO A15 is equipped with a main camera with a 13MP sensor to produce clear and brilliant photos, each supported by a macro lens and a 2MP depth sensor, as detailed on the official OPPO Indonesia website.

Macro photos can be taken at a distance of 4cm or closer with the macro camera, while photos taken with the depth sensor have a bokeh effect in the background that looks stunning.

The Bokeh Portrait feature, which may offer a blurred background for a more natural look, and the presence of six different portrait filters increase the potential of the OPPO A15's depth camera.

For selfies, the OPPO A15 has an 8MP camera with AI Beautification. This feature can change selfies depending on age, gender, skin tone and skin type to produce more realistic photos.

OPPO A15 has a 6.52-inch waterdrop-style display. A screen-to-device ratio of 89% is achieved by the display in question. The HD Plus screen with a resolution of 1,600 x 720 pixels can offer better and sharper images.

It has 3GB RAM and up to 256GB expandable storage, making it a fast smartphone. OPPO A15 delivers a fast device with extraordinary performance while still providing the highest battery life in its class thanks to the presence of the Mediatek Helio P35 CPU.

The OPPO A15 offers a body thickness of 7.9 mm and a 3D curved shape for a more comfortable one-handed grip even though the 4230mAH battery supports it.

OPPO A15 features 3GB RAM

OPPO A15 offers the Memory Defragmentation 2.0 feature which can increase overall device performance by 5 percent.

For a smoother and more responsive gaming experience, this cellphone is equipped with HyperBoost 2.1, a technology that combines FrameBoost with TouchBoost. Software-wise, the OPPO A15 runs on the ColorOS 7.2 operating system.

This interface offers interesting features such as Dark Mode, 3-finger Scolling Screenshot which now supports horizontal mode and PDF document capture, Icon Pull-Down Gesture which makes it easier to navigate on the big screen, and Smart Sidebar which can provide quick access to frequently important applications. used for.

On the camera, OPPO integrates the Dazzle Color and AI Scene Recognition features, which allows the A15 device to provide a new AI Scene Enhancement feature to make the camera wiser in detecting objects by optimizing 21 different situations.

For the front and rear cameras, Oppo offers a variety of artistic image filters, as well as ten different video filter options.

The OPPO A15 screen is also equipped with an Eye Comfort Filter feature which functions to prevent eye strain due to staring at the screen for a long time.

Meanwhile, the security features of this device are supported by the presence of a Rear Fingerprint Sensor and AI Face Unlock to unlock the device.


OPPO A15 offers the Memory Defragmentation 2.0 feature which can increase overall device performance by 5 percent.

That's the article about the OPPO A15 specifications, with 3GB RAM. Hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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