Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra Star in the Kopi Kenangan Advertisement


Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra Star in the Kopi Kenangan Advertisement
Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra Star in the Kopi Kenangan Advertisement – Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas are the stars of a memorable coffee advertisement. Isyana couldn't hide her anxiety when she sat side by side with Nicholas Saputra. He laughed so much so that he dropped a piece of paper while attending the product introduction memory coffee only for you on Monday, January 17 2022.

Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra

Both Isyana and Nicholas were recently chosen as advertising stars for Kopi Kenangan or brand ambassadors for ready-to-drink coffee products. Apart from that, the two of them worked together on a memorable coffee advertisement.

Isyana's anxiety was clearly visible when she talked about the shooting process she was going through. According to the recipient of two 2021 AMI Awards trophies, Nicholas is an actor he has admired since childhood.

“Nicholas Saputra's gaze was tense, because he was the Nicholas Saputra I had seen since I was little. "Usually I see it on the big screen," said Isyana.

He admits he never believed he could work with his hero. "Finally we can have a project together, this is like a dream that I thought was truly impossible, truly achievable," he said.

The narrative of Isyana's admiration for Nicholas is told in the commemorative coffee advertisement in which he appears. Inviting laughter with his silly behavior so he could meet Nicholas Saputra in person. In fact, he admitted that he was very afraid when he starred opposite actor Rangga in the film What's Up With Love.

"Even when we were on set, it was difficult to open my mouth," he said. Nicholas couldn't help but smile when he heard Isyana's story.

Coffee Is an Inseparable Part

Isyana admits that she cannot give up coffee even for just a day. He picked up this bad habit in college. Getting his coffee, he said, allows him to concentrate better on the job at hand.

“I don't know if it was a suggestion or what, but drinking coffee really had an impact on me. "It's like there's something missing if there's no coffee next to me when I'm doing something," said Isyana.

The avocado-flavored coffee blend he's promoting is just one of several he's open to trying. Especially if the coffee comes from local farmers. In recent months, he prefers sipping coffee with milk.

He stated that he had been drinking coffee and milk for the last five to eight years. He also appreciates ready-to-eat coffee products because they make it easier to move and last all day.

Nicholas' Most Prized Object of Desire

Nicholas Saputra expressed the same thing. Starting from the habit of drinking coffee when he was still a student, now he continues to try to taste local coffee every time he goes to various regions in Indonesia.

The man is open about his preference for a simple cup of black coffee, which he himself admits every morning. However, in the afternoon, he prefers coffee with milk because it has a softer taste.

"In the past five to eight years, I have really liked drinking coffee with milk," he said. He also welcomed the ready-to-drink coffee product because it makes it easier for him when he has high mobility and can last all day.

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