Flat Screen TVs should be placed on a table or wall

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Flat Screen TVs should be placed on a table or wall
Flat Screen TVs should be placed on a table or wall

Rancakmedia.com – Many are confused about placing a flat screen TV correctly, in this article we will provide information about whether a flat screen TV should be placed on a table or wall.

Flat screen TV is one of the newest types of TV and is a development from previous TVs. Such as LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma and others, are characterized by their sleek design and high-quality images.

This TV, unlike a tube TV, can be installed in two different locations: on a flat surface such as a table or shelf, or on a stand.

If you have a flat screen TV, regardless of type and brand, you can mount it on the wall or place it on a table or TV stand and so on.

However, between the two LED TV positioning approaches, which is truly the best? Is there any benefit to placing them in one of these positions?

Advantages of Mounting a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

Below are several advantages for those of you who want to install a TV on the wall, as follows:

1. Makes the room look wider

Placing the TV on the wall of the room will make the room look neater and more spacious. If you're working with a small or confined area, mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall is usually your best option.

2. Avoid the risk of falling

Because they are narrow, these TVs are usually not very heavy so if placed on a table with a lot of pressure, the TV will move easily.

To reduce the chance of the TV being damaged by curious children, consider placing it on a wall.

However, you need to know that if the TV screen size exceeds 60 inches, you should not place it higher than 1 meter above the floor.

3. The TV screen can be viewed from any angle

One of the main benefits of mounting a flat screen TV on the wall is that the visual quality is not affected no matter what angle you place it.

4. The height of the TV can be adjusted

When mounting the TV on the wall, you can adjust the height necessary to make it comfortable to watch.

Advantages of Mounting a Flat Screen TV on a Table

Below are several advantages for those of you who want to install a TV on a table, as follows:

1. Make it look more elegant and dashing

When placed on the table, you will see the TV standing firmly, especially the color contrast between the TV and the table.

Besides showcasing the TV's boldness, it will also draw attention to the overall design theme of the room.

2. More durable

Like it or not, you want your TV to last longer than the manufacturer expects. The high temperature radiated from the back of the TV can flow freely when placed on a table, so it is more durable than if it is mounted on a wall.

3. Easy to move

Because there is no need to add retaining bolts, a TV placed on a table is easier to move to the appropriate position, making it flexible.

You don't need to remove the wall bracket or bracket to place the TV on a table, which would be time consuming and risky placing the wall.

4. Convenient to Store Additional Equipment

If placed on a table it also provides space around and beneath it, which can be used as storage space.

If you have a lot of other equipment, or a large media collection, a TV table or cabinet can give you space to store things near the TV, and you can also hide untidy cables behind the TV.


In the article above we have given the advantages of placing a flat screen TV on the table, and also on the wall.

That's the article about Flat Screen TVs that should be placed on a table or wall, hopefully the article above can be useful and help you all.

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