Eid Mudik Requirements 2021: COVID-19 Screening

www.rancakmedia.com – The 2021 Eid homecoming requirements must be fulfilled to push the COVID-19 numbers. The problem, according to the Minister of Transportation Budi Kreasi Sumadi, is that the government should not ban this year's Eid homecoming like last year.

"Regarding the return of Eid 2021, in concept the government through the Ministry of Transportation does not prohibit it," said Budi at a working meeting with Commission V of the Indonesian Parliament, Tuesday (16 March 2021).

Budi clarified that the permit to go home was not a recommendation from the community to go home. Because, according to Budi, the Ministry of Transportation is not in a status of allowing or prohibiting homecoming activities.

Homecoming is permitted, but of course the government has made several efforts to contain the spread of the virus by tightening conditions for homecoming travel. And arrangements with the COVID-19 Task Force to control the 2021 Eid homecoming process.

The 2021 Eid homecoming requirements are laid out in such a way as to take into account the number of travelers. Budi predicts that this year's Eid homecoming will increase because several residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

"There has to be an increase. The vaccination program makes residents want to leave. There is also PPnBM 0 % and the use of the GeNose test, which makes residents more optimistic about going. Likewise, it is predicted that drivers will use individual transportation to decrease starting in 2019," he said.

The return to homecoming for Eid 2021 can be carried out by implementing strict health procedures starting from departure, through travel, to arrival at the point of arrival.

The following are the 2021 Eid homecoming requirements:

1. The first requirement for Eid to return home in 2021 is to do a COVID-19 Screening. Faction contacts are related to tightening travel arrangements by shortening the active period of COVID-19 screening such as GeNose, rapid tests or PCR tests.

2. Strict health procedures by using masks, keeping a safe distance, disinfecting infrastructure / facilities, enforcing passenger limitations and controlling service plans.

3. Limit the number of passengers.

4. Structuring the service plan.

Those are some of the requirements for going home for Eid in 2021.

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