How to Check Standard, Instant and Sameday Shopee Express Receipts


How to Check Standard Shopee Express Receipts – The following is a detailed discussion for checking shopee receipts via various shopee express standard, instant and sameday expeditions. If you are curious about how to do it, please read this article to the end.

If you like shopping online with e-commerce Shopee, you already know all the ins and outs. However, for those who just want to start shopping online, they may be confused by various methods, for example how to check payments. Especially for those who rarely hear about things like Shopee Express.

What is Shopee Express

One of the largest online shopping platforms in Indonesia, Shopee, now has its own delivery service. The delivery service is Shopee Express, Shopee's official expedition. This is the expedition option that you can choose when using Shopee.

Unlike other delivery services that Shopee collaborates with, Shopee Express often offers big shipping discounts. This is because the Shopee team handles the delivery service itself.

Even though the name is similar, Shopee Express is different from Standard Express. Standard Express is the delivery service that Shopee uses for purchases from abroad, such as from China. Meanwhile, Shopee Express is specifically designed for domestic package delivery.

Types of Shopee Express

There are various types of Shopee Express delivery packages, which differ according to fast or slow delivery times. These packages are Shopee Express Standard, Sameday and Instant. The amount of shipping costs also varies depending on speed. The types of Shopee Express are as follows:


Shopee Express Standard is a package with the same delivery time as general expedition services, namely two to seven days. Delivery is not limited to certain areas but can also be done outside the island. The important thing is that the reception location is still affordable at one of the nearest Shopee Express agents.


Shopee Express direct delivery on the same day on the same day. Usually 6 hours or more from the time the courier receives the package. However, you can only choose this delivery if the package recipient lives near Jakarta. Shipping costs with Shopee Express Sameday are much higher than standard costs.


Instant is even faster. Delivery time is only 3 hours from the time the courier receives the package. Of course the price is also higher than Shopee Express Sameday. Apart from that, Shopee Express Sameday and Instant can also be offered cash on delivery or cash on delivery.


Economical Shopee Express is one of the Shopee Express delivery services with cheaper rates compared to standard or express delivery services.

This cheap delivery service from Shopee can also be used for deliveries outside Java. As of this writing, the delivery areas covered by Shopee Express Hemat are: East Java, Central Java, DI Yogyakarta, West Java, DKI Jakarta, Banten, North Sumatra

Areas that are affordable are big cities such as Samarinda, Makassar, Balikpapan, Palembang, Bandar Lampung, Padang, Manado, Medan, Pontianak and of course big cities in Java and Bali.

How to Check Shopee Express Receipts

You can verify your Shopee Express receipt in several ways. You can verify receipts directly with Shopee, via the official Shopee Express website, and from a dedicated website for verifying receipts. See the guide to verifying Shopee Express receipts below.

Via the Shopee Application

If you have install the Shopee application, you can easily see the delivery status. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to your Shopee account and click "My Account".
  2. In the my orders view, press the “Sent” option to view your order
  3. Click on the order you want to review so that “Order Details” is displayed
  4. There is a “Track” button in the “Shipping Information” column, click this button
  5. Then the delivery status appears, if there is an update or there is a problem with the delivery it will immediately appear in the status

If you don't have the Shopee application and shop on the Shopee site, the steps you need to follow are not much different. Open the website and follow the same steps as in the application, here's how to check via the official Shopee website.

Via the Official Website

Additionally, you can verify this by going to the official Shopee Express website. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open an internet browser and go to
  2. Enter your receipt number in the search box and click the “Track” option.
  3. Delivery progress and status is displayed on the page

Shopee Customer Service

Apart from the official application and website, you can also check Shopee Express receipts through Shopee customer service, you know! Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Open the Shopee app.
  2. Click the "Me" menu in the bottom right corner.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen then click the Chat with Shopee menu.
  4. Click Chat with a Live Agent, select Buyer and click Next.
  5. Select Shopee Xpress Instant below, then click Confirm.
  6. Click Chat with Shopee Customer Service again.
  7. Wait a few moments to chat directly with a Shopee agent. When connected, tell the officer that you want to verify your Shopee Express receipt.
    CS will immediately process your request.

Shopee Social Media

Apart from the method above, an alternative is to verify the Shopee Express receipt via Twitter social media on the @ShopeeID or @ShopeeCare account. You can send direct messages or direct messages on Twitter social media.

A customer service representative will reply to your message regarding the required package label number. This is how to easily check Shopee Express receipts. Hopefully it's useful, OK!

From other receipt sites

Apart from the official website and application, you can also find out the delivery status through the unofficial receipt verification website. This receipt page can usually display more than one type of delivery service, so you don't have to bother looking for receipt checks for each expedition. Especially if there are a lot of packages.

Shopee Express Shipping Cost Calculation

To count shipping cost, you need a scale so you can find out the weight and dimensions according to Shopee's calculations. If the calculated shipping costs exceed the shipping costs stated in the application, the difference in shipping costs will be charged to the seller.

Meanwhile, the weight after packaging will be calculated based on the final weight after adding bubble wrap or product packaging.

With quite competitive shipping, it is not surprising that Shopee is the choice of online shop sellers and buyers. To find out Shopee Xpress 2022 shipping, you can use shipping costs

This is the calculation of Shopee Xpress shipping costs for the Jabodetabek area

Standard Service

WeightPostage Rates
Less than or equal to 3 kgIDR 9000 per kg
3 6-kgIDR 35.000 (flat)
Above 6 kgIDR 35.000 (fixed) + IDR 7000 per kg after 6 kg

Same Day Service

WeightPostage Rates
Less than or equal to 3 kgIDR 19.000 (flat)
Above 3 kgIDR 19.000 (fixed) + IDR 6000 per kg after 3 kg

Shopee Instant Service

Postage Rates
Less than or equal to 7kmIDR 18.000 (flat)
Over 7kIDR 18.000 (fixed) + IDR 2500 per km after 7km

For example, you want to send goods using standard services. The item you are trying to send weighs 9 kg. So 7 kg plus 2 kg.

The calculation method means the shipping cost is IDR 35.000 plus IDR 7.000 x 2 kg.

Shipping costs = IDR 35.000 + (IDR 7.000 x 2)

= IDR 35.000 + IDR 14.000

= IDR 49.000

This happens when you want to manually calculate Shopee Xpress deliveries for the Jabodetabke area. However, there is an easier way, just follow the method below.

Check Shopee Express shipping via the application

Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, it is only possible to check Shopee Xpress prices via Shopee Xpress. The official website only displays receipt checks or receipt tracking for Shopee Xpress.

But that doesn't matter, because those who use Shopee Xpress are usually Shopee sellers and buyers themselves. So, sellers and buyers can use the application to check Shopee Xpress deliveries.

Check Shopee Express Shipping As Seller

As a seller, you can check shipping costs from the Add product page

  1. Go to the Add Product page
  2. On the Add product page, click Shipping Costs
  3. Click Product Weight and enter the weight of the item ordered in grams
  4. Be careful with the shipping services activated, make sure Shopee Xpress is activated
  5. Shipping costs for the product are displayed

Check Shopee Express Delivery As A Buyer

To view shipping costs, visit the product details page

  1. Go to the Product Details page
  2. Select the Shipping Information section
  3. Apart from going through product details, you can also see them on the checkout page
  4. After entering your purchase information, you will be taken to the checkout page
  5. Shipping costs are listed in the shipping options

Delivery Service Discounts

As a seller, it is natural to serve consumers as well as possible. One option is free shipping. This is also an added value to your product. So buyers are more likely to choose to buy from you than from other sellers.

If there is free shipping, the seller has to pay the shipping costs, right? Don't worry, Shopee also helps overcome shipping costs with the Delivery Service cash back program.

Delivery with Shopee Xpress Standard can receive cashback for delivery services after completing the order. Apart from Shopee Xpress, there are also several other expeditions that you can use to get cashback, for example: J&T Express, Ninja Express, Sicepat, JNE regular and Indopaket.

Differences between Shopee Express Standard, Sameday, Instant and Save

Shopee Express standard, instant and cheap delivery on the same day is different in delivery. Standard shipping has a delivery time of 1 to 3 days. Meanwhile, Shopee same day delivery will be delivered within 24 hours.

This is different from instant Shopee Express which is sent within a maximum of 3 hours after picking up the goods. Thrifty has a delivery time of 2-14 days. The maximum luggage weight for outside Java is 50 kg.

Meanwhile, standard delivery in Java is 200 kg. This is different from Shopee Express on the same day which has a maximum weight of 7kg. Shopee Instant Delivery itself has a maximum delivery weight of 20 kg.

Hemat has a maximum weight of 50kg for deliveries within and outside Java. There are also differences in product packaging. Shopee Express standard packaging has a lead time of 2 days. Meanwhile, Shopee Sameday and Instant have a packaging time limit of 1 day.

For Shopee couriers, same day, instant and low costs with Shopee Express couriers. This is different from standard Shopee Express, which works with vehicles, operators and Sicepat Express to deliver products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopee Express

Some advantages and disadvantages of Shopee Express The following will be the main topic in the discussion of the article that we will provide which is available at this link. For more complete information, please click the following link.

Shopee Express Standard Terms for Prohibited Products

Shopee has several provisions in the Shopee Express delivery standard, such as:

  1. Living creatures preserved in shipments and sales prohibited by the government.
  2. Money, securities such as bonds, certificates, and explosive objects such as alcohol.
  3. Supplied in liquid form unless properly packaged and accompanied by seller's goods notice.
  4. Items that violate the law of moral values, such as pornographic films or items that can disturb the stability of security and order supervised by the government.

Shopee Express Terms of Use

Shopee has provisions for using Shopee Express Sameday for residents with a maximum total order coverage area of ​​7 kg. Meanwhile, for economical use of Shopee Express, the maximum total order weight is 50 kg.

For standard Shopee Express use, the maximum total load is 50 kg for deliveries within Java and 200 kg for deliveries outside Java. For instant use of Shopee Express with coverage area with a maximum total order weight of 20 kg.

Animal delivery with Shopee Express is only intended for small and non-dangerous animals whose trade is not prohibited by applicable law.

Additionally, claims for lost or damaged animals do not apply to Shopee's returns system. This is done so that there is no pet trade that violates government laws. You can also use the nearest Shopee Express to pick up products.

How to Contact Shopee Express

To contact Shopee Express you can use the live chat system which is connected to the Shopee Express team. Apart from that, Shopee Express can be contacted via email, Shopee telephone number to contact Shopee Express.

In fact, Shopee Indonesia also offers an express delivery service, namely Shopee Express. If you have problems e.g. B. delivery, you can contact Shopee Express Indonesia customer service.

Contacting the Shopee Express courier is also not difficult. You only need to contact him via the email address or call 1500702 and follow the steps above.

So, those are several ways you can submit a complaint to Shopee Indonesia. The point is, don't panic before calling the official Shopee Indonesia number. Furthermore, apart from the official numbers mentioned above, you must always be alert and careful with numbers in the name of Shopee Indonesia, OK!


The following are questions that we often encounter regarding the discussion we have explained above, see below to find out the answers:

What is Meant by an SPX Code

Shopee Express, or SPX for short, is Shopee's official delivery service. Shopee usually offers promotions such as reduced shipping costs when users use the Shopee Express service. Apart from that, Shopee Express also offers tracking of goods sent online via tracking numbers.

What time does Shopee Express Courier Delivery arrive?

The operational schedule starts at 09:00 – 23:00 WIB and the pick-up schedule is as follows. Orders taken at 00.00 – 12.59 WIB will be picked up by the courier on the same day at 13.00 – 23.00 WIB.

What Expedition Do Regular Shopee Express Use?

The regular Shopee Express delivery service has joined J&T and SiCEPAT.

How much is a Shopee Courier Salary?

For example, if a courier can continue to send 80 packages per day working 24 days per month, the Shopee courier salary per month is IDR 117.040 x 24 = IDR 2.808.960 per month.


Shopee Express is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Indonesia. There are various types of Shopee Express delivery packages, which differ according to fast or slow delivery times.

If you are curious about how to check receipts, please read the article above until the end. That is the article that we can convey, hopefully the information we have provided above can be useful for all groups, that's all and thank you.

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