Best DJ Apps on iOS iPhone iPad

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Best DJ Apps on iOS iPhone iPad
Best DJ Apps on iOS iPhone iPad – Here, there are 5 DJ applications on iOS iPhone iPad, unlike most DJ applications on Android, most of the applications on iOS are releases from DJ equipment makers, such as Pioneer, Serato, and others.

Now more importantly, the iOS app does not contain many ads, like other free apps from Playstore. In the app store there are also many paid applications so that when we use them we will get many conveniences.

The applications that we will examine, each of which is paid, free, and has an in-app purchase to get comprehensive functions (in-app-purchase)

DJ app on iOS iPhone iPad

Below there are DJ applications on iOS, iPhone and iPad, including the following:

1. WeDJ

This iPhone DJ application is an application made by a well-known DJ equipment brand, namely Pioneer.

This application has many features, including being able to directly record your mixing results, a colorful face-to-face screen, having a flexible layout that can be adjusted, automix which is used for mixing automatically, and the most special thing is that this application can be used as a tactile control for Pioneer DDJ- WeGO4 and DDJ-WeGO3.

To get this application you are required to pay US$4 for iPad, US$0,99 for iPhone or the equivalent of Rp. 50 thousand for iPad, and Rp. 13 thousand for iPhone.

2.Cross DJ

Cross DJ is a popular choice for Android and iOS users. Simple interface, great visuals are one of the reasons why Cross DJ is often used.

To have this application you don't need to pay money to download it, aka it's free, but to get the complete capabilities, you may have to buy it (In-app-Purchase).

3. DJ Tractor

Tractor? ever heard that name? It's true, this application is produced by Native Instruments, where tractors are various software and applications from Native Instruments, a dj equipment manufacturer.

The Traktor DJ iOs iPhone iPad application offers various capabilities, including being able to save the songs we create in the cloud by using iCloud Drive.

Traktor DJ for iOS is unique because it looks very similar to the desktop version on Windows and Mac, so those of you who are used to using a desktop will have no trouble adapting. For the bargain price of 9.99 dollars, you can get this app from the App Store.

4. Pacemakers

DJ iPhone application which is a very popular and entertaining DJ. Pacemaker is a little different from other dj apps, as its function changes whether you install it on an iPhone device with an iPad.

On iPhone, you won't find a spinning disc like other dj apps, this function can only be accessed if you install it on an iPad device.

So the most extensive functionality of this app will only be accessed on the iPad. You can get this app for free from the app store, but to unlock all the features, you have to make an in-app payment.

5. Djay2

The last one is Djay 2 which can be found on the Android DJ application. This application can be said to be complete with many features that make Djay2 interesting to have.

Among them are, being able to access songs from Spotify, having a drum pad/sampler, and Spotify Match which can automatically find songs with the same beat as the song you specify.

To have this application, you are required to pay US$ 2.49 or Rp. 30 thousand, but if you want to have the full features you are required to purchase (In-app-purchase) and if you really want to pay for the full features you can have it for US$ 9.99, around Rp. 130 thousand. .


Well, this is a DJ application for iOS iPhone or iPad that you can test, to find a good application.

To find out which DJ application is best for you, you can install them all one by one.

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