Don't panic yet, here's how to find a lost iPhone

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How to use Find My iPhone
How to use Find My iPhone

Don't panic yet, here's how to find a lost iPhone – Not only Android cellphones have features to find lost smartphones. Apple has a similar feature to make it easier for users to find a lost iPhone, including providing a message to the person who found it.

On iOS or iPhone, Apple provides a feature called Find My iPhone which will connect to your iCloud account. This feature can be used on several Apple devices, both iPads or Apple smartwatches and others as long as it is integrated into an active iCloud account.

How do you find a lost iPhone using the Find My iPhone program? It's very easy, we have made a tutorial, but it should be noted that this feature or method applies to iPhones with a minimum operating system of iOS 8.

First, go to Settings and select the Apple ID name at the top and select the iCloud menu. Then on the new page look for the Find My iPhone menu option.

Here activate the Find My iPhone slider, Send Last Location, and Enable Offline Finding. This step should be carried out immediately on the Apple device you own to make it easier to search if the device is lost.

  • How to Use Find My iPhone

First, open the iCloud site in a computer browser or the Find My iPhone application via an iOS device or another iPhone, then log in with the Apple ID account from the lost iPhone.

In the Find My iPhone application, a row of Apple devices that are connected to your Apple ID or iCloud account will appear. Select the device you want to search for.

Next, a statement will appear, the lost iPhone is offline or not connected to the internet. If the iPhone battery is dead or dead, here you will see the last location of the lost iPhone.

  • How to Find a Lost iPhone

In the Find My iPhone application, several menus will also be available to search for or find a lost iPhone. First, Play Sound to ring a lost iPhone if it is still nearby on the Find My iPhone application map.

Second, the Mark As Lost menu or indicates that the iPhone is lost. This feature will immediately lock the passcode or access to the iPhone making it safer. You can also create a message that will appear on the lost iPhone's screen.

The message can be made to contain the name and contact number to return the lost iPhone. Third, the Erase This Device feature, if the lost iPhone is not found or returned by the finder, you can choose to delete all the data on it.


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