How to Use Shopee Golden Ticket

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How to Use Shopee Golden Ticket – Shopee is creating a new event, namely the golden ticket shopee, for those of you who are curious, here's how to use the golden ticket shopee and what attractive prizes are on the golden ticket.

Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. Interesting, considering that Shopee often provides attractive offers such as discounts, rebates or rewards.

Not only that, Shopee has also been known for its attractive advertising or marketing strategies by partnering with leading global and local musicians and bands.

Shopee also occasionally provides various events with attractive prizes. The event itself is generally bundled as a game or lottery that is fun to play.

Ramadan THR Surprise from Shopee is a popular game and event where users can win various attractive prizes by participating.

In this event, to be able to participate, Shopee users must have a Golden Ticket. In other words, what is the use of Gold Tickets from Shopee, and how are they used?

What is Shopee's Golden Ticket for?

Shopee Golden Tickets are tickets in the Shopee application which can be used to participate in draws at events with attractive prizes in the form of Ramadan THR Surprise in the Shopee application.

The prizes that will be drawn are quite diverse. If they are lucky, users can get a grand prize in the form of 1 Toyota Innova drawn on April 30 2021 and 1 Toyota Avanza drawn on May 6 2021.

Apart from that, there are also additional prizes in the form of 1 Yamaha Nmax, 1 Yamaha Mio, 1 iPhone Pro 12 Pro Max, 1 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, 1 Xiaomi Redmi 9, and 1 Xiaomi Smart TV 32 inch.

Apart from that, users can also win a United Bike Folding Bike, Oxone 4-in-1 Oven, Gold 6 gram bar, and 200 Shopee coupons with a total of IDR 200 thousand.

Very interesting, what is the use or function of this Shopee Golden Ticket? So, now you might be thinking, how do you get this Shopee Gold Ticket?

How to Get a Shopee Golden Ticket

Who isn't interested in attractive 'wow' prizes, of course you can also take part in this event for the chance to get attractive prizes from Shopee early.

However, many Shopee users don't know how to receive and use this ticket to be able to take part in the lottery. Then, how do you get it?

There are two ways to get this Shopee Golden Ticket. For starters, under the Shopee Games menu of the Shopee app, you can win prizes by breaking eggs in the Shopee Lucky Prize game!

Meanwhile, the second option is through purchasing on Shopee. By purchasing on Shopee, users will get tokens that can be used to crack eggs to get Golden Tickets.

To win the lottery, all you have to do is break as many Shopee eggs as possible using the tokens provided in this application and collect as many Shopee Gold Tickets as possible.

Conditions for Using Shopee Golden Ticket

Many users want to try their luck by using Shopee's Golden Ticket, but don't know the terms and restrictions that apply. To find out more, continue reading the following review.

  1. Account has been verified
  2. Already have a raffle ticket
  3. Know the peak event schedule

How to Use Shopee Golden Ticket

It's not difficult to use Shopee Gold Tickets once you master it. Every specified time period, users who get this Golden Ticket will immediately be entered into the draw.

Therefore, when you get your Shopee Gold Ticket, during the draw time, you should be ready to watch the program and pray whether you will win the lottery.

To see when the next drawing will be done. Users can easily verify it via the event page in the Shopee application. There it is indicated when the lottery period will start to be selected.

If you win, you will most likely be contacted by Shopee immediately. Therefore, make sure that the information you provide to your Shopee account is accurate and that the person registered as your contact is still active.

Shopee Golden Ticket Prize

Of course, everyone here was curious about what prizes would be awarded at the climax of the event. So, below we will inform you all about some of the prizes that you might receive with the Shopee Golden Ticket.

At Shopee's THR Ramadhan surprise, there are many prizes waiting to be chosen, such as 1 Toyota Inova Unit, 1 Toyota Avanza Unit, 1 Yamaha Nmax Unit, 1 Yamaha Mio Unit, TV, Iphone 12, Samsung S21, gold, bicycles, and many more Again.


Shopee Golden Tickets are tickets in the Shopee application which can be used to participate in draws at events with attractive prizes in the form of Ramadan THR Surprise in the Shopee application.

In the article above we discussed the Shopee Golden Ticket, apart from that we also discussed the terms of use, how to use it and the Shopee Golden Ticket prize.

That's the article about How to Use Shopee Golden Tickets, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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