Free Download the Best Al Quran Application for PC and Android

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Free Download the Best Al Quran Application for PC
Free Download the Best Al Quran Application for PC – Now you can get it for free download the AL Quran application for the best PC to make it easier for you to read the Koran. In this smarter era, there is no reason for all Muslims not to read the Koran, because basically the Koran is a guide to life for us.

The Al Quran PC application allows you to read the Koran without having to carry a heavy book like you have been doing so far.

This application has several advantages for Muslims, because it provides a solution that makes it easier for you to read holy verses more easily.

Recommendations for the best free download of the Al Quran PC application

Apart from that, there are many features provided so that you can polish your bible reading skills better.

You can now read the Koran on a PC with a screen large enough to reduce the possibility of misreading the holy passages. Not only can you use your PC to play games or watch K-dramas, but you can also make money.

Anyone interested in knowing which is the best and most reliable PC al Qur'an application can now listen to the entire article as we will provide recommendations for PC application The best Al Qur'an to use.

Only here you will get the latest information about the most recent technological advances today. Without further ado, let's see what are the applications?

Recommendations for the best free download of the Al Quran PC application

Below, we will present a list of the top Al-Qur'an applications that we recommend so that you can also use them regularly, as Muslims we are expected to recite the holy verses of the Al-Qur'an.

No matter how busy we are, we must remember the creator's promise to keep us safe. Here is a list of the best apps:

1. My Quran Indonesia 1.2.2

MyQuran Indonesia 1.2.2, available on the Google Play Store for your smartphone, is our first recommendation.

This application is frequently used by Muslims and other Muslims, and offers a number of useful functions, such as translation and support for other languages, including Indonesian, among others.

My Quran Indonesia

The inclusion of the Indonesian language option certainly provides convenience for consumers, apart from that, you can also use the Al Quran application on your respective PC or laptop.

The next feature is also equipped with a sharing option on social media, there are also colored reading instructions that will make it easier for you to understand how to read.

The appearance of this application is very pleasing to the eye, so you can enjoy it for a longer time.

You will be even more enthusiastic about reading the Koran because you can install this application on your PC, cellphone and laptop so there is no longer an excuse for not reading the holy verses of the Koran.

Download here

2. My Quran Indonesia Lite Quran

The second application that you can use is MyQuran Indonesia Lite Quran, this application is the same as the previous application but a lighter version.

Give it an attractive appearance so that it is neat to the eye and beautiful so that you pay attention while reading the Koran. Some of the interesting features in this application include the voice option, which allows you to read the Al-Qur'an lafadz that is being recited while reading or studying.

You can use this application on a PC or laptop offline, interesting isn't it? So you don't need to use up your quota if you access this application.

App nameMyQuran Indonesia
Download size13,67 MB
Release date27 January 2015
Developerthe WALi studio

Download here

3. Al Quran Mushaf Medina

Apart from that, the Al Quran Mushaf Madinah application which can be used on a PC or laptop makes it easy for you to read the holy verses of the Koran.

My Quran Indonesia Lite Quran

This application is very useful because it has several interesting features and is quite practical to use, you can access it for free.

For example, if you are looking for a surah but can't remember where it appears in the Qur'an or surah, you can use this tool.

Now you can find out by searching for the lafadz of the Koran, just by typing the lafadz you want to find, the surah will be easy for you to know.

You can also recite the sacred passage you are looking for using the speech function included in this program, just like the previous one. This application is compatible with Windows versions 7 to 10.

App nameQuran Madina
Need Android version4.4 and higher
Download size86 MB
Released dateJune 10, 2015
Updated on12 July 2020
DeveloperQamar Apps

Download here

4. Ayat KSU (King Saud University) Electronic Mosshaf Project

Ayat KSU is one of the best programs that we recommend because this application provides a translation function with 20 language choices, of course Indonesian is one of them.

In addition, there is a colorful reading function that you can use to improve your understanding of the reading. Another unique feature is that you can enjoy 20 world famous Qoris and you can listen to them via MP3 by downloading it as simple as that.

5. Al Quran Zekr application

The next application for PCs and laptops, called Zekr, you can access for free and includes various functions that you can use.

For example, one of these services offers comprehensive and user-friendly translations into multiple languages. This application has support for Indonesian.

You can install this program on your laptop or PC to make it easier for you to search for Al-Quran lafadz, this application also includes famous Qori too.

Al Quran Zekr application

You can also access this application online or offline, so even if you don't have an internet connection, even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still read the holy verses of the Koran.

6. Al-Quran For PC

For those of you who want to use the Al Quran reading application using a Windows 8 PC or laptop, you can use this Al Quran application.

This application can be accessed for Windows 8 by providing a number of useful and beneficial features to make it easier for you to read the holy verses of the Koran.

Even though this application can only be accessed in English, you can still access it digitally. You don't need to pay a penny to use this application because it is available for free.

App NameAl-Qur'an
Released year2012

Download here

7. Al Quran and Hadith

When compared to an application that provides applications of the holy verses of the Koran and hadith in its application, this application is a complete package. This application provides various kinds of hadiths in it as well as the history of selected hadith experts.

If you don't feel comfortable reading the Koran on a laptop or PC, this application offers various interesting capabilities, one of which is printing the Koran, so you can print anywhere.

App nameIndonesian Quran
Need Android version4.4 and up
Download size22 MB
Released dateDecember 17 2014
Updated on4 November 2022
DeveloperAndi Unpam

Download here

8. Murotal

Another application that has a similar purpose, called Murotal, is a Quran application for PC which offers 20 well-known Qori in it.

Apart from presenting the famous Qori, this application also gives you the option to read translations of the Al-Qur'an in 20 languages ​​including Indonesian.

This digital application was built with the aim of making it easier for Muslims to seek benefits from reading the holy book Al-Qur'an.

The display provided is both basic and easy to understand, providing features for easy practice techniques and memorizing the Al Quran.

App nameAlQuran-Murottal 30 Juz
Need Android version4.1 and up
Download size14 MB
Released dateJune 26, 2014
Updated onAugust 3 2022
DeveloperQueenza dev

Download here

9. PC Quran Offline Translation

If you want to read the Al-Qur'an for free, one option is to use the Al-Qur'an PC application which is equipped with Al-Qur'an Translation version v8.1. This application includes various translation functions in Indonesian and comprehensive tajwid.

Apart from that, there is a popular Muezzin function as a reminder during the 5 daily prayers or reading the Koran. You can also choose Qori which has been offered by the application development team.

10. Al Quran Explorer

Al Quran Explorer, our final pick, makes it easy to read the Koran, which is now only accessible in English, using your app.

You can also translate what you have read, and the developers of this application believe that this will make it easier for you to read the Koran.

The design provided may seem dated, but the app is great for a diverse population. Because the most important thing is the substance and completeness of the elements supplied to make it easier for you to get closer to the Creator.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the Al Quran application, as follows:

1. How many verses are there in 30 juz?

Each letter is arranged according to the sequence in the Al-Quran mushaf, Juz 30 or juz amma has 564 verses, most of which were revealed in the city of Mecca in Arabic and written in Arabic script or hijaiyah.

2. Is the Indonesian Al Quran Application Offline?

All features in Al Quran Indonesia can be operated offline


The application above has several advantages for Muslims, because it provides a solution that makes it easier for you to read holy verses more easily.

That's the information about free downloading the Al Quran application for PC and Android, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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