Application for Making Business Cards on Android

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Application for Making Business Cards on Android
Application for Making Business Cards on Android – Some people are still looking for applications to make business cards on Android, there's no need to worry because in this article we will provide information on how to make business cards on Android.

As personal identity, business cards are an important asset that everyone must have, both in the context of small and medium corporations. However, to design business cards, you need some special talent in the art of design.

Most large companies may require their workers to have identification, some even help their employees by assigning identification for free. And that might be an example for a small organization that hasn't installed a system yet.

Generally, business cards are produced using a program on a PC or laptop, either using Photoshop or other software.

However, to make good use of this tool, users must first master the art of creating professional-looking business cards, including layout, outline, and a number of other elements.

We will tell you about the best business card making software and how to use it.

A variety of options are available thanks to the best characteristics offered by each of these programs. If you're curious about what the application is like, let's look at the complete review.

10 Best Business Card Making Applications on Android

Below are 10 applications for making business cards that you can use on Android, as follows:

1. Free Business Card Maker

Free Business Card Maker is our top choice for creating free business cards. An application where consumers can receive 2 items in one digital tool.

We have access to business card printing equipment, but we can also create logos or branding for the organization you work for.

With over a hundred free logos provided by Splendid App Maker, consumers don't need to worry about further upgrades once the download is complete.

It's not just logos, although templates and other facilities have been offered to allow users to create their own works of art.

Both beginners and experienced people can use this program, as users only need to enter personal and company information.

Adding decorations such as emblems or other decorations is an easy way to beautify your appearance. Isn't that simple?

2. Can go

You can also create logos, banners, advertisements, and even business cards with the multifunctional tool. It's all about digital design.

One of the programs that 5 million users rely on to help with one's design work tasks.

This is also supported by Canva which has a number of interesting features, including different templates, the ability to design business cards as desired, configurable fonts and color effects, including the company where he works, and so on.

3. Business Card Maker

Business card maker is a business card maker application that is very widely used by Android users today. Iris Studios and Services has created an application that is feature-rich and easy to use.

It's easy to see why this app has been downloaded by more than 500.000 people and garnered a lot of good feedback from the country's online community.

The first step in using this program is to design a business card from scratch, or use an identity card that has been provided and only requires the user to fill in their personal information. Isn't that simple? So take it now, okay.

4. Digital Business Card Maker

Having a good appearance, a simple way of working, a size that is not too big and complete features are the advantages of this application developed by the Photo Studio & Picture Editor Club developer. It's not wrong if many people comment favorably on the reviews on the Play Store of this application. .

Users can contribute text, photos, stickers from within or outside the program. Now, Digital Business Card Maker can take his digital design skills to the next level.

Now it's up to those who use it, can you make extraordinary creations from this digital application? Find the solution by downloading the program now.

5. Business Card Maker & Creator

Developer Light Creative Lab emphasizes the development of Business Card Maker & Creator specifically so that it can be used to create digital business cards for Android users.

An application that focuses on ease of use and functionality to help you create business cards quickly and accurately.

The availability of this application frees users from having to design their own business cards, because cards are available that can be used to make friends' ID cards.

By making a few small changes, the card can be turned into an identity card that can be used anywhere and at any time. only.

Changes to text fonts, colors, photos, and logos are all free to make. All that's left is for people to figure out how to make the most of the tools they have to create something truly unique.

6. Business Card Design

The fastest approach to design business cards with professional experience is very easy and you can use it for free on your smartphone device.

The design elements included in this app include, for example, photos, icons, fonts, and backgrounds, to name a few. It only takes a few dabs to turn it into a stylish ID card.

Provides a library of over a thousand professional quality templates that you can easily resize.

The great part about Business Card Design is that you can use it on Android and iPad. Make a business card with a basic but luxurious design for you to use as a replacement for your friends on social media.

7. Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker Photo

If the templates available in some of the superior applications above are still lacking, users can try the Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker Photo application.

Offering 2000 of the best templates created for business card design purposes, and supported by 100 premium logos that you can access for free, it makes it seem like users are being given luxury facilities in this application made by Stylish App World.

Interestingly, this program is also supported by amazing effects in it, such as shadow effects, filter effects, border effects and others.

Users can also include photos and logos to make the cards look much more beautiful and sophisticated. Don't worry, you can access this program offline. It's good, is not it?

8. Visiting Card Maker Free

Visiting Card Maker Free is an application that can pamper people with its features. There are many aspects that encourage a person's performance to create an excellent business card design with all the beauty that can be created.

Apart from being easy to use, this program also has a decent layout, even in one editing menu there are all the editing functions needed by an editor.

Apart from providing easy access, Tech Logix, the application maker, also provides it for free, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want thanks to online and offline application support. So, are you curious about the application? Let's see now.

9. Business Card Maker – Branding Template Editor

Those of you who work in the marketing or branding industry and need business cards should check out Apps You Love's creations. Because Business Card Maker actually encourages someone who wants to make business cards with all the features it offers.

Users who use this program can input personal information and data from the business you are involved in, including things you need to pay attention to, namely name, address and telephone number.

Users can also insert symbols of different qualities to enhance the business card design. Enjoy the program immediately by downloading and installing this Business Card Maker application.

10. Lenscard – Business Card Maker

Finally, there are applications that come with various benefits in each part to help someone create business cards.

There are over 300 layouts, backgrounds, fonts and logos to choose from in this app. You can use all these items as you wish to make business cards.

Not only that, Lenscard – Business Card Maker can also modify the type of card someone makes, starting from standard or vertical shapes that you can make depending on this program which you can get for free.

Of all these things, the benefits that users can get from this program include the following:

  1. Access to making business cards is easy and fast
  2. There are lots of icons, logos and symbols in it
  3. Can change the background as desired
  4. Text style design with added shadow effect
  5. The size can be customized according to needs
  6. Connected Apps


So maybe that's 10 business card making software with beautiful designs and simple ways to use. Create your own business cards with the help of the applications mentioned above.

Learning how to edit or create properly will result in a visually appealing and memorable business card.

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