How to Make a Zepeto 3D Animated Character – In the following post, we will discuss how to create a Zepeto 3D animated character in more depth. In addition, there will be recommendations for additional interesting 3D animation applications besides Zepeto animation. Good luck with your reading!

Are you bored with the same old look of your social media avatar? Let's create a tweakable Zepeto style 3D self-animated icon!

In today's millennial society, the Zepeto animation fad is on the rise. While customized 3D animation is no longer a novelty, the popularity of Zepeto animation is surging fast due to the fresh and distinctive type of 3D animation that is created.

As an example, consider the game The SIMS. You can create your own virtual character that looks just like you in this game by choosing your body shape, face, haircut and clothing style.

Zepeto's animation, on the other hand, is very different from The SIMS' 3D animation. Since your own face shape will be animated, the Zepeto animation will look more like ours. How do you do it?

Hijab 3D Animated Avatars

Easy Ways to Make Zepeto Animations

If you're tired of the same social media symbols, Zepeto animation can be a great alternative. You can create your own in virtual 3D with Zepeto animations. You can also freely exchange animated photos, modify your character's accessories and clothing, and connect with other users through their virtual characters.

Isn't that fantastic? At first glance, Zepeto was first introduced in South Korea in 2016 by Snow Corporation, a subsidiary of Naver Corporation.

However, Zepeto is still commonly used today. Zepeto is available to download for free from the Google Play Store at

So how can you make a good Zepeto animation that will make you a social media celebrity? No need to worry; we have prepared a procedure for you; Let's start!

Download Zepeto

Of course, you have to download application first to create a Zepeto animation. Just go to the Play Store and search for “Zepeto”, then download and install it. The installation will complete automatically.

Create a User Account

Once the download is complete, you must first open the app and create an account. You can create an account by registering with your email address or checking in with an existing social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

Choose a Character's Gender

After you have successfully logged in, you will be asked to select the gender of your character. Male and female genders are provided. Don't worry; Once you've finished building your virtual character, you can choose to take a picture with your partner afterwards.


Selfies are the next phase. Why do people like selfies? This is because the Zepeto application will use a photo of your own face (selfie) as your 3D virtual character. This is also why Zepeto's animations appear so similar to the user's face. You will finally get a virtual physique that looks like you in your everyday clothes.

Mix-and-Match Appearances

After that, you can start mixing and matching your Zepeto looks. You can create the shape of your face (lips, eyes, nose and eyebrows), as well as your hair, makeup and body shape. Adjust the existing display properties to your own if you want Zepeto to look more like the real you.

Please choose the ideal costume for your virtual character after you change his appearance. You can dress your character in various virtual outfits in Zepeto. Some clothes on Zepeto, however, can be worn after being purchased with coins. Zepeto provides the first 2000 coins for clothes clothing, and you can continue to collect coins when you play the program in the future.

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