Remove Right Now, 15 Google Extensions That Steal User Data

Remove Right Now, 15 Google Extensions That Steal User Data – Google Chrome browser users should be aware! It is reported that millions of data have been stolen because of the extension of Google Chrome. Here are 15 Google Chrome extensions you should stay away from if you don't want your data stolen.

You like searching the internet using a netbook or computer? If so, of course you have a favorite browser, right? I don't know if it's Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others.

On the computer or netbook itself there are several browsers that you can use. But what is quite famous is Google Chrome, a browser made by Google.

That's right, who doesn't recognize this browser. Google Chrome has many support extensions or an additional program that makes it easier for us in specific needs.

For example, extensions or what are called extensions have various features and roles.

If you visit the Chrome Web Store you can find various extensions according to your needs. Unfortunately, of the several extensions that are scattered on the Chrome Web Store, quite a few are actually at risk.

Quoting from, recently Anti Virus computer company Avast found 15 dangerous extensions on Google Chrome.

Based on a report from Avast which handles the discovery of CZ.NIC, there are still 15 extensions spread across Google Chrome. You need to be careful and if you place one of them, it must be removed immediately.

“Our thesis is that the extension was deliberately created with malware built into it. Or the author may have made the extension popular before injecting malware into it through enhancements,” said Avast researcher Jan Rubin.

Most of the dangerous extensions in Google Chrome are those that redirect users to their social media accounts, then they are redirected to advertisements and phishing sites.

So that they can obtain the user's personal data, such as date of birth, e-mail address, and the active device used. Not only that, they collect user search data and have the ability to inject malware into the devices used by users.

So, below are 15 Google Chrome extensions that are at risk and that you should remove.

Direct Message for Instagram
DM for Instagram
Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Messages
Downloader for Instagram
Phone App for Instagram
Stories for Instagram
Universal Video Downloader
Video Downloader for FaceBook
Vimeo Video Downloader
Zoomer for Instagram and Facebook
VK Unblock. Work fast.
Odnoklassniki Unblock. Works quickly.
Upload photos to Instagram
Spotify Music Downloader
The New York TimesNews

If you find some of the above extensions installed on Google Chrome, please remove them quickly.


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