Here's how to install and the download link for Free Fire MAX and its advantages – The following is a download link for how to install the Free Fire Max 9.0 program, which is planned to be published worldwide on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

If not, in this post we will provide a download link, how to install and 7 leaks of the superior features of Free Fire Max which will be launched tomorrow, Tuesday 27 September 2021.

The announcement of the release of Free Fire Max 9.0 on Tuesday, 28 September 2021, will be a breath of fresh air for loyal players.

At least it is claimed that there are 7 new features that will be utilized in Free Fire MAX to make loyal players comfortable, exciting and happy.

For this reason, Free Fire players need to know how to download and install the FF Max version 9.0 program.

However, it must be noted, to be able to test Free Fire Max or what people call the advanced version of Free Fire, survivors must pre-register first. This is because pre-registration will end on September 27, 2021.

There are many advantages and improvements both in terms of visuals and image quality as well as the features displayed, therefore not all smartphones can support FF Max playback.

A smartphone with very good specifications is needed so that survivors can play Free Fire Max or FF Max freely and without too many gadget obstacles.

7 Features of Free Fire Max 9.0

7 Features of Free Fire Max 9.0

1. Ultra HD graphics

The first feature offered by FF Max Apk is Ultra HD 3D Graphics, with these graphics it will definitely make skins, characters, maps and other items appear sharper and more original.

That way, making this free fire game much more exciting and fun than before.

2. Bug fixes

Garena has fixed many bugs in free fire max, such as shooting bugs, gloo wall bugs, and many other bugs.

Of course this will make the game much more fun and fair.

3. Easier Settings

Apart from that, free fire max also has very simple controls compared to the previous version.

The control in question is when we make shooting movements at opponents, chasing enemies, driving vehicles and so on.

This of course will make it easier for players to perform various movements such as avoiding or attacking opponents suddenly.

4. New Map Design

Tired of the poor Garena Free Fire game map? The option that can be made is to take advantage of the latest free fire max 9.0 upgrade.

Interestingly, the map carried in this free fire max game is in 3D with very beautiful graphics.

5. There are 8x Scopes

The latest version of the FF Max apk includes support for 8x scope use, however it cannot be used on all weapons, but only for sniper weapons.

As we know, real Free Fire players cannot use the 8x scope. This is definitely a new challenge to win/Booyah.

6. Faster Gameplay

As highlighted by Garena, Free Fire Max offers a faster gameplay that only takes about 10 minutes.

So that it allows players to finish the battle royale game very quickly and will certainly reduce power consumption on the smartphone used.

7. New Items

Using Garena Free Fire Max, you will definitely find the latest things, starting from the appearance of the characters, weapons to the newest items that have recently been offered.

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