Here are 5 Causes of Damaged Laptop Chipsets that Often Occur – Today's laptops are considered as one of the essential pieces of equipment, especially for college students, students and office professionals. This can be observed by the number of laptops that offer different types and prices. However, some individuals often neglect laptop maintenance, causing damage to certain components.

The chipset is a component that is often damaged. Chipsets are widely recognized as one of the main components of laptops and computers. If the components are damaged, the laptop cannot be turned on. A faulty laptop chipset has several reasons as follows.

Causes of Damaged Laptop Chipsets

1. Some Components Overheat

One of the main reasons is that laptop components overheat frequently. Overheat can be translated as extreme heat in Indonesian. Some laptop components work extra hard to maximize program performance to generate excess heat.

Usually, some cases of overheating often play games or use a lot application weight that does not meet the requirements of the laptop itself. In games, the most common thing that happens to a computer or laptop is overheating because components such as VGA, RAM, hard drive, processor, and others require extra power to maximize the games being played. The heavier the chipset, the better the visuals of the game. This means that the chipset generates heat.

This applies to other heavy applications, such as video and graphics creation, games, the greater the resolution of the resulting video and images, the higher the chipset function which causes heat. The chipset won't easily generate extra heat if you rarely use it. However, if you use it every day or even most of the day, the damage to the chipset will get worse in the near future.

2. Laptop Fan Doesn't Work

There is a fan inside the motherboard that surrounds the processor and fans in the laptop. The function of this fan is to cool the processor and also to remove air from the laptop. It is built in such a way that hot air does not collect in the laptop and can be quickly evacuated.

If this fan doesn't work properly it's the same as the previous point, namely the laptop will overheat. As a result, the components will sooner or later fail. If you already understand the characteristics of a broken laptop fan, you should immediately replace the old laptop fan with a new one so that the laptop chipset lasts.

3. Component Age is Aging

Electronic products often have a lifetime of their own. Computer components can usually last for decades if used properly or regularly. Each component continues to reduce over time until it dies. Therefore, if a laptop's chipset suddenly breaks down after more than 10 years of use without maintenance, it is most likely dead due to age. You should also check different motherboard chipsets which are aging and prone to damage,

4. Laptops are Rarely Cleaned

Where the laptop is stored, its components may be affected. We usually put the laptop on the table or even keep it on the ground. You have to understand that laptops also need maintenance such as cleaning the keyboard or dusting the screen. Dust can then infiltrate the laptop chipset if the dust is not removed. Maybe you believe that a small dbu can harm the laptop chipset.

Make no mistake, precisely because dust particles will stick to the chipset over time. As a result, many components such as fans are exposed to dust. Even if it's thick, the dust that sticks is difficult to move the laptop fan. This makes air circulation not work properly. Components will eventually overheat and become damaged. Therefore, you often clean your laptop at least once a week. Use laptop cleaning kits available at many computer stores near you. The table where the laptop is stored must also be cleaned regularly, not only for the laptop.

5. Laptop Dropped

All electrical items that fall will quickly experience damage to their components. Also with laptops. If you previously dropped your laptop, you should immediately check its components. You can check by turning it on and seeing if there are any parts with or without scratches. You should take it to a service facility to be sure if it is questionable.

Apart from damage to the chipset due to a drop, the chipset can also be damaged even with the laptop in the bag. It's all about the things you carry in your bag. Try to keep your laptop in the bag not combined with other items so that there are no scratches or friction that can damage your laptop. In addition, padding or soft items must be added to the bottom of the laptop so that the laptop is protected when the bag is carried.

This is the reason why laptop chipsets are often damaged. You can also view faulty motherboards so you can easily find them. Maybe it can provide an advantage.


Laptops are considered as one of the important equipment, especially for students and students. Some individuals often neglect laptop maintenance, causing damage to certain components. Laptop components work extra hard to maximize program performance to generate excess heat.

Overheat can be translated as extreme heat in Indonesian. A laptop that has been used for 10 years without maintenance is likely to die of age.

Laptops also require maintenance such as keyboard cleaning or screen dust cleaning. The laptop chipset is exposed to dust that sticks to it and makes it difficult to move the fan. All electrical items that fall will quickly experience damage to their components, especially laptops.

Laptops should be cleaned at least once a week and the desk where they are stored should also be cleaned regularly. At the bottom of the laptop must be added padding or soft items to protect it when the bag is carried.

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