Youtube Error, Back to Normal "DOWN" 30 Minutes

Youtube Error, It's Back to Normal "DOWN" 30 Minutes – Several Google services, namely YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, to Google Maps, were reported to have problems on Monday (14/12/2020) around 18.55 WIB. After collapsing for about 30 minutes, the service was back to normal.

Google Error 30 Minutes
Google Error 30 Minutes

From Kompas' observations, Google services can be reached again around 19.30 WIB. YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps work on both desktop and mobile. Kompas tried some of these services by sending e-mails, uploading documents on Google Drive, opening YouTube, and activating navigation on Google Maps. As a result, all roles can be used as they should.

Initially, the YouTube faction has also provided a response regarding this via its official Twitter account. “We know that some of you are having trouble connecting to YouTube. Our team already knows and is currently investigating. We will get back to you here as soon as we get more information.”

Some users are busy blaming YouTube errors, Gmail can't check e-mail, Google Maps can't be used, and various other complaints.

Android users also blame not being able to access the Play Store, either fetching or viewing the app list. The Google Meet video call service is affected, it cannot be used to talk. Based on KompasTekno's observations from the DownDetector site, most Google services show an increase in the number of down reports. Google services that were delivered down, starting from Blogger, Drive, YouTube, Play, and Gmail.

This isn't the first time Google's service has crashed. In mid-November, it was announced that YouTube had a problem and could not be reached.


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