Stock Take: Definition and Purpose - Inventory taking ? Why is it important to ensure that inventory is properly and appropriately recorded, especially for retailers? Why is taking stock management so important? Actually, what is the advantage of this arrangement?

To solve this problem, we first need to understand the importance of inventory.

Understanding Stock Taking

Stock acceptance is a series of product stock calculations that are still on the market in the warehouse. This consists of various actions, from product quantity counting, direct inspection and preparation to assist business operations when certain products are required.

Business actors can ensure that all business activities run smoothly, especially those related to product supply.

The activities mentioned above can be further elaborated to ensure that all smoothness can be maintained, for example by determining the position of products in the warehouse, by evaluating the most frequent products inside or outside, so that employees can do this more easily when products have to be removed from warehouse.

The purpose of stock taking in the business community

The Purpose of Stock Taking in the Business Community

There are a number of reasons for stock taking that make it important for business people. One of them is knowing the consistency with the actual situation between the amount recorded in management or finance business. For this purpose, it is not uncommon to carry out stock taking operations twice a day, at the start of the working day and even at the end of the working day.

In connection with the purpose of taking stock taking, business actors must ensure that what is recorded in the bookkeeping matches the amount actually available in the warehouse. If the amount is insufficient, business operations can be recorded, for example, when an employee has to issue a product requested by a customer, but cannot because as long as the inventory is on the books, it is no longer available. abandoned warehouse.

By knowing the actual amount and being able to actually be in the warehouse, business actors can also evaluate the time when the stock taking of a product can be updated.

For example, a good stock taking calculation helps a company to determine which products customers want most and which products are less expensive for customers. Business actors can evaluate if a product needs to be re-stocked from here.

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