How to Change Phone Number on Mi Cloud Account - Confused about how to change the phone number on the Xiaomi or Mi Cloud account. take it easy, I'll give you a tutorial + video link to change the mobile number on a Mi account that syncs with Mi cloud.

For you users of Xiaomi mobile devices, of course you are asked to create a Mi Account for convenience and security in using Xiaomi devices.

Mi This account is created using the phone number that you use. Therefore, when you change your phone number, you will be prompted to update using the new number.

If you don't update immediately, the risk is that your device will get a notification like "Unable to send activation SMS to gateway".

You will receive this notification every time you turn on the device after turning it off or reactivate it to normal mode after using airplane mode

So how do you handle it? Here's a way you can follow to deal with this problem.

Before starting to change your Mi Account number, make sure of these things:

  • Still remember password for Mi Cloud
  • Can still login to Mi account
  • Remember the e-mail address used
  • Still remember the security question used

If you have confirmed the 4 things above, then you can immediately change the MI Cloud account number that you are using in the following way.

Changing the Number on Xiaomi's Mi cloud Account

Here's how to change the number on Xiaomi's Mi cloud account:

  1. The first step is to turn on the internet.
  2. Next go to settings.
  3. Then select Mi account.
  4. When logged in, select Account security.
  5. Then select the phone button then select phone 1 again.
  6. If so, your device will be shown a pop-up Window.
  7. Select the “change phone” menu, so you will immediately be directed to the “Verify your identity” tab.
  8. When you have been directed to this tab, you must select the “Not Working? “… This is because you are not wearing your old number. for some cases there are those who use foreign languages, so choose “qo'ida tasdiglash”.
  9. You will immediately be directed to the account verification option by answering a security question. This is much easier than doing manual verification.
  10. Now just press the start button.
  11. Then please fill in the Indonesian place code (+62) entered with the new cellphone number for verification, don't forget to fill in the verification code according to the image there.
  12. Wait a few moments, there will be an SMS verification code from the Xiaomi cellphone to the new cellphone number. As for those who enter directly, there is no need to wait for the arrival of the verification code.
  13. After getting it, fill in the SMS verification code.
  14. If so, now just fill in the form again for the new number.

By activating Mi Cloud you can get a number of benefits, one of which is assistance in finding, when your Xiaomi is lost and by continuing to update your number on Mi Cloud, it will help in recovery if you later forget the password. This is the tutorial on how to change your Mi Cloud account number from your cellphone Xiaomi here, good luck!

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