How to make WA stickers without additional applications - Well, for those of you who want to know how to make WA stickers without an application, but don't want to bother downloading the application, because it can be made without a program. You can make it online by following the following tutorial steps.

Who nowadays doesn't use stickers to chat on WA? Wanting to chat with friends, parents to lecturers or bosses, it still feels incomplete if you don't use stickers.

Whatsapp gives access to users to send messages together with unlimited emojis and stickers. Then you won't feel bored with the same emojis.

That's one of the reasons why Whatsapp is one of the most favorite social media for teenagers and adults. However, of course there are many of you who are still confused about how to make WA stickers without an application.

Hmm, you definitely also want to have a collection of cute WA stickers like some people have, right? Well here is the answer! I have summarized 2 ways to make WA stickers without an easy application and of course it's free.

How to make WA stickers

The first step

Whatsapp has provided a feature so that users can get WA stickers directly from the application. How easy really!

  • First, you just need to press the emoji icon on the right side of the keyboard
  • Next, at the bottom there are three icons and select the far right
  • Click the plus sign (+) on the right side of the keyboard
  • After following the 3 methods above, you will see the "All Stickers" and "My Stickers" columns.
  • In the "All Stickers" column you will find several choices of funny WhatsApp stickers that you can take in one pack at a time for free.

You are given several choices, starting with regular stickers or animated stickers. After taking your chosen sticker, you can collect your sticker collection in the "My Stickers" column.

2nd Step

Apart from relying on the stickers provided by WhatsApp, you can also get a collection of stickers whatsapp attract others by saving and using stickers that have been sent by your friends. Just follow these 2 easy steps:

  • Click on the sticker sent by your friend
  • Then, click “Add to favorites”

You can find stickers that you have placed in the favorites section marked with an asterisk. It's easy?

With the 2 ways to make wa stickers without the application above, you can collect a collection of stickers without having to download additional applications. There are also many choices of stickers and most importantly, you can get them for free. Then chatting with friends will be more fun and your cellphone memory will be safe!

Come on, make your own stickers in an easy, practical way, and of course it doesn't take long. It's sticker war time. Hope it is useful.

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