8 Positive Internet Unblocking Browser Applications

Rancakmedia.You want to visit a site on the internet but can't reach it because it's blocked? If you are too lazy to install a VPN, you can download the Unblocked Browser program on your Android smartphone.

On the internet, we can access all kinds of forms of information and entertainment content. Unfortunately, there are many websites that we cannot access because they are blocked by providers or the government. When connected to a locked website, we are often directed to the provider's site or Positive Internet.

One way to get around this problem is to use a VPN. Taking a VPN is free, but not without risks.

When activating the VPN while opening several programs, for example WhatsApp or mobile banking, it can be risky for the security of our data privacy. Therefore, you shouldn't use a VPN in full when connecting to the internet on your cellphone.

The solution is, you can access the websites you want to go to using a special browser. Therefore, this time I will share information about the 8 best unblocked web browser applications for Android that you can use safely.

Download the browser application without blocking

1. Proxy Surf

As the name suggests, this anti-blocking browser program has a proxy that can open blocked sites. Therefore, you don't need to bother installing a VPN on your cellphone again.

Meanwhile, if you use a premium service, you can use an SSL proxy server so that it can be safer and faster when browsing various sites on the internet.

2. Pecob Pro

Want to pair an unblocked browser at a lightweight size? Therefore, the answer is Pekob Pro. Not only can it open locked websites, this program also has a relatively small size so it doesn't take up a lot of memory on your cellphone. Because of the small memory, this program doesn't slow down the cellphone.

3. Aloha Browser

With Aloha Browser, you can access various locked websites. One of the best anti-blocking browser programs is equipped with a VPN feature in it. However, this VPN only works within the Aloha Browser program, so it has no effect on other programs. Besides that, Aloha Browser is equipped with VR Player features, media players, and ad blockers.

To get more services, for example choosing a VPN server country, you have to use a premium service by paying US$2.99/month.

Unblocked browser app for pc

8 Positive Internet Unblocking Browser Applications

4. Tor Browser

Have you ever heard of Tor Browser's anti-blocking program? This Tor Browser is different from the browser for opening sites on the Dark Site, OK? This Tor Browser is a browser that is equipped with a VPN to access locked websites.

You don't need to worry about the security of data privacy because using this browser, you can browse various internet sites anonymously.

5. Browser Dramas

Browser drama has probably been close to your ears, right? This browser has been around since we can only access the internet in internet cafes. Nach, the latest version of Drama that can be installed on Android has a new feature, namely VPN.

Don't worry about data privacy security issues, because this unblocked browser program is equipped with an "incognito mode". So you can surf freely on the internet when the VPN is active.

6. Vegas Browser

Vegas is one of the best anti-blocking browser programs for 2020. Apart from that, you can access the target website without lagging if it's on a 3G or H+ network.

In terms of data security, you can browse various internet sites anonymously, so that your location cannot be searched.

7. Blue Proxies

This anti-blocking browser program is equipped with a VPN feature to help you connect to various locked websites.

Besides that, you can also use the "disguise model" so that your search story is not recognized by someone.

8. BF Browser Anti Blocking

BF Browser is the best and most favorite browser program among Indonesian netizens. The advantage of this program is that it looks good and is really user friendly.

That way, you also have no trouble connecting to websites that are locked by providers or the Ministry of Communication and Information.

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