3 Latest FF Cheat Applications for 2021 Auto Headshot

rancakmedia.com – If we have ever played the Garena free fire game, of course, we have experienced meeting cheaters in it. Yes, that's true, because in the ff game there are many players who use cheats.

What's more lately on the internet there are various types of cheats that can be used easily such as unlimited diamond cheats, hold, auto headshot, antenna, and what's even worse is being able to penetrate walls.

Therefore, maybe for those of you who want to try using cheats, you have to get to know the name first application ff cheats. But do you already know?? if not because of that please read this review to the end.

Because on this occasion we will share a list of free fire cheat applications that you can use easily. Okay, for more detailed information, you can immediately see it as follows.

FF Auto Headshot Cheat Application

Following are the most dangerous Free Fire Cheat Applications

Indeed, committing acts of cheating in games now is the most common thing among gamers, what's more, as we said earlier, on the internet there are various types of ff cheat applications that can be used.

Not only that, there are also more and more features, so that we can use them more freely. So, here are a number of cit ff applications that you can use when you want to get booyah easily.

1. Bellara Vip Apk

Bellara vip apk is a free fire game cheat application that has many features, because it is supported by the mod menu. So that we can choose the cheat we want to use when playing free fire. A number of Bellara VIP apk v14 features, for example:

  • AimShoot
  • Aim Bot
  • Auto Headshot
  • Speed Hack
  • And many more

Of course, with the features above complete, it will automatically be easier for you to get booyah and become the top global free fire. Therefore, in our opinion, this application is very suitable for those of you who just want to try it.

2. FFH4X Apk Mod

Not much different from the first, the ffh4x apk mod is an ff cheat application which has been widely used since ancient times. Because there are various types of cheat features that are easy to use, here are some of the features:

  • Auto Headshot
  • AIMLOCK Auto
  • Auto Firing
  • Anti Banned
  • Easy Booyah
  • AR Ammo
  • Fast Skills
  • SuperDamage

From the features above, of course it can be proven that ffh4x is an application that must be used when you want to use a cheat. What's more, if this application is easy to use for those who are just starting out, then this is the application that is most worth it.

3. Config Auto Headshot FF Apk

Not only applications, but the auto headshot ff config application is a cheat that is widely used by some cheaters in free fire games. There are many types of config cheats that you can use. The most popular Nach is the auto headshot config, where this cheat is really worked on by free fire game lovers.

Even though it's not an application, there are many advantages that you get when you use it, one of which we know about the most is the auto headshot, which is a headshot technique that's not easy to do because it requires good sensitivity settings.

Is the FF Cheat Application Safe?

Regarding this matter, in fact we have explained repeatedly in some of the earlier discussions, if all applications, configurations, or the like are related to cheat ff then it has its own risks.

So you have to be careful when using it. Even though in the unlimited diamond or invulnerable cheat ff application features there is an anti-banned feature. Therefore, make sure you don't use it too often, or you can also use a new free fire account.

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