2 Ways to Transfer WPS Office Files from Cellphone to Laptop

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rancakmedia.com – How to move or transfer WPS Office files from cellphone to laptop. As time goes by, the way to move files from cellphone to laptop is getting more sophisticated. In fact, nowadays there are more techniques that are easy to do and very fast.

Transferring data or files from a cellphone to a laptop generally uses a USB transfer cable, then the laptop technology has Bluetooth.

As we can see now, there are many software or hardware devices that can support our needs in transferring data files from cell phones to laptops very well.

Because this can make it easier for users to transfer data or files easily, I also feel all the existing technology from existing hardware or software.

2 ways to transfer WPS Office files from cellphone to laptop. So, I will take this opportunity to share with all of you how to transfer file data quickly and easily.

Therefore, I will choose a system that is often used or is normal in the general environment and will explain the system that is rarely implemented in general.

There are many alternative ways to transfer cellphone data to a laptop, one of which is:

  • Using a USB cable
  • Transfer files via Bluetooth (if supported by hardware on a laptop or computer)
  • Via application or software for free
  • Take advantage of cloud storage
  • It is possible that several groups of alternatives will be explained in this article, so that you are completely free to choose which alternative to implement comfortably.

2 Ways to Move WPS Office Files from Cellphone to Laptop

How to Move HP Files to Laptop Easily

2 ways to transfer WPS Office files from cellphone to laptop. For this test I used the Windows 10 operating system. If you are still on a lower version of Windows, I recommend that you immediately reinstall Windows to the latest version.

Because it has more protective security features than previous Windows, I recommend watching the Windows 10 installation guide and how to activate it that I have explained on this website.

Connecting HP to Laptop with Data Cable

  1. Connect the cellphone to the laptop with the right data cable.
  2. If it is connected, you can choose the option, namely Data File Transfer or MTP, in the settings section, usually it will appear automatically.
  3. Now you can go to Windows Explorer or Crtl + E, and get the same partition according to the cellphone name or brand because it will be different.
  4. Once found, you can write or copy the file by pressing Ctrl + C
  5. Then paste it into the laptop partition that you have prepared with Ctrl + V.

The problem of slow or fast data transfer using a data cable generally depends on the size of the file, the hard disk space on the laptop, or the number of files. In general, the system using a data cable is faster than using Bluetooth.

Transfer data or files using Bluetooth from cellphone to laptop

Indeed, this method is not as fast as using a USB cable, it's a different story when we don't bring a data cable and it's really an emergency, for example transferring photo files or screenshots on a laptop in certain directions. The presence of Bluetooth would help a little, under certain circumstances.

How do you activate Bluetooth on your cellphone and laptop?

  1. Activate your cellphone's Bluetooth, and select the file from the file manager archive.
  2. To transfer files, you can press and hold the file, select Bluetooth.
  3. So, what about the laptop? Generally it is active
  4. On a Bluetooth laptop, just select Receive a File

How to Move Files from HP to Laptop with Applications

The application used is of course free or can be used by anyone, do you know the SHAREit application? Surely everyone will be familiar with this application.

So this application is not only used for cellphones but can share files with laptops. It is possible that few people know the features provided by Shareit.

There is something important for you to know, this file transfer process uses a wireless system, the cellphone will emit a hotspot signal and will be received by a PC or laptop.

So I am really recommended to use a laptop, why? Because there is a WiFi card, you have to buy a computer separately.

The following are the levels of how to transfer or move data with the Shareit application:

  1. Make sure you have the SHAREit PC application installed on your laptop, if you don't have it, download it here.
  2. Open the SHAREit application on your cellphone, select the checkered icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Connect PC, and there you can easily send cell phone files to your laptop.
  4. In my opinion, the data transfer speed is quite strong, completely inferior compared to the latest Bluetooth.

2 Ways to Move WPS Office Files from Cellphone to Laptop

Sending Files with Cloud Storage

For another method, we can use cloud storage suppliers such as Google Drive, Dropbox or others. However, with this technique we must have internet access to upload the files we want to transfer.

You need to remember, this cloud method has disadvantages, such as limitations in saving files to add capabilities, we have to subscribe.

The most important thing is that we have to create an e-mail account first, one of which is Google Mail. Maybe here I am not discussing how to create an e-mail from 0, you can see the previous guide that I published.

  1. You can login to Google Mail at drive.google.com
  2. Create a folder first (referenced to make it neater) or you can upload the file you want directly.
  3. Maybe you can see the details in the article on how to upload files to Google Drive which will be more enjoyable to put into practice, because there are step by step pictures that are quick to understand for beginners at all.

That's all I can give about how to move files from cellphone to laptop, don't forget to continue supporting the site ogasite.com by sharing, commenting to someone. Hopefully it's useful
On a laptop Bluetooth, just select Receive a File.

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