Steve Jobs's First Job Application Letter at an Auction Worth IDR 4.9 Billion – Steve Jobs's First Job Application Letter at an Auction Worth IDR 4.9 Billion. Job application letter belonging to the late Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs's first job application letter that he wrote himself was auctioned. Either in NFT form or native form.

The letter was made by the Apple Co-founder to apply for a job in 1973. Exactly a year before Jobs joined the video game start-up Atari, which brought together another Apple Co-founder, namely Steve Wozniak.

In the letter, Jobs wrote down his interests and abilities, such as in the fields of computers, design, and electronic technology. Jobs wrote additional information such as having a driver's license, date of birth, namely February 24, 1955, to himself, who at that time did not have a telephone.

Application letter

Steve Jobs Job Application Letter Sells IDR 4 Billion

The Apple founder was sold for US$343,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 4.9 billion in an auction held last weekend. The application letter made by Steve Jobs in 1973 consisted of two versions, namely paper and digital.

Job Application Letters .Paper documents generate more offers than digital versions which are sold as non-fungible tokens.

Launching from appleinsidercom, the digital version, namely the NFT, was successfully sold at a price of US$23,000, according to a website arranged by auctioneer Olly Joshi. When Joshi listed the points earlier this month, he put the NFT version to the test.

“Will this open up a new market for decentralized collections? Will this reinforce the status-quo? Or can we witness a dead end road with new knowledge if the two of them can live side by side and complement each other when we go through 50 years of development ahead?” said Joshi taken by on Monday (02/08).

Steve Jobs's cover letter has received bids for years, most recently selling for Rp 3 billion in March. Initially, in 2018, it was recorded at a price of almost IDR 2.5 billion. Not much is known about the document. Steve Jobs filled it in when he was 18 years old while taking an auditing class at Reed College.

He dropped out of Reed College after 6 months, but Steve Jobs continued to take various liberal arts classes over the next year and a half. In addition to cover letters, Apple's first hardware and Jobs memorabilia often auctioned off at high prices. For example, the first Apple-1 computer was marketed at US$1 million in 2014.

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