Link Download Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, Full Features – Lots of video editors are looking for a download link for Adobe Premiere Pro, because this software has more attractive advantages than other photo or video editing software.

If you want film editing, short films, or cinematic with Adobe Premiere Pro can you make a good solution for you to use.

Even though Adobe Premiere Pro is paid, the features provided are indeed very interesting and don't make you get bored quickly. This software is quite easy to use, whether it's for professional video editors or beginners who are just starting out in the world of editing.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has experienced version development from year to year, which certainly provides the best superior editing facilities.

This software is still related to Adobe CC or Creative Cloud, by providing a variety of fantastic features to maximize user editing needs.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software, one of the best among other software.

Adobe Premiere Pro is video editing software specifically for creating series of images, audio and video.

Premier Pro is a new release and is used as a successor to Adobe Premiere which has been launched since 2003.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program or editor with a non-linear basis (non-linear editor / NLE) developed by Adobe Systems.

This video editing software is widely used by video production houses, television media, advertising, broadcasting and video content companies.

Compared to other editing software, Adobe Premiere is a video editing software that is easy to understand from its interface and features.

Adobe Premiere Pro can work with other multimedia software such as After Effects to create many effects, Adobe Photoshop, as well as other utility programs.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the video processing program of choice for professionals, because this software is used by film, television and other production companies.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

Below are the features of Adobe Premiere Pro, as follows:

1. Color Grading

One of the superior features of Adobe Premiere Pro which is very helpful in the editing process is Color Grading.

By using the HRD color range with the REC-2100 color space, this color grading becomes more vibrant and also dynamic.

This color grading specification has also become the standard for video displayed via broadcast on television.

2. Scene Edit Detection

With scene edit detection, you will be able to edit video footage automatically.

With a very simple operation, you only need to right-click on the video clip, select Scene Edit Detection, then choose whether you want the clip to be cut immediately or just marked.

This scene edit detection feature can also be a kind of new eye, to provide recommendations on parts that Premiere Pro thinks are suitable for cutting.

3. Audio Asset or Adobe Stock Audio

Adobe Stock Studio is a library whose contents are royalty-free audio assets and can be used to make any kind of video.

One of the advantages of the Adobe Premiere Pro audio library is that it can easily filter songs based on mood, duration, desired tempo, and also genre.

Audio Asset or Adobe Stock Audio

And interestingly, there is a timeline sync feature that can help you see if the selected track matches the results of the video you made.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro Production

The last feature is Adebe Premiere Pro Production, this feature will have a kind of hub for collaboration.

With production, workflow will also be easier and work that requires collaboration will be easier to do.

And you can also collect XML, UMF, AAF, or EDL files as metadata in collaborating videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro functionality

As for some of the functions of Adobe Premiere Pro, as follows:

  1. Develop editing creativity
  2. Create and edit videos
  3. To make promotional videos
  4. Create a wedding video project
  5. Create music and video projects
  6. Making films and documentation

Adobe Premiere Pro component

You need to know that Adobe Premiere Pro has interesting components, namely:

1. Project Window

The Project Window is a place to collect and store clips or footage in the form of files such as images, videos and audio that will be edited and also text that will be created in the next editing process.

For the Project Window, in the basic settings there is the Effects Tab. The Effects tab is a tab that contains several effects that can be used for video, audio, and transitions.

2. Monitor Window

In general, the Monitor Window is divided into the Source Monitor which is on the left and the Squence Moitor which is on the right.

Timeline Window

The function of the Source Monitor is to cut certain parts of a clip which are then used in the timeline.

Meanwhile, Sequence Monitor has a function to display editing results used in the Timeline Window.

3. Timeline Window

The Timeline Window is a place for placing and also arranging clips or footage, be it images, video or audio.

The time format for compiling clips or footage in the Adobe Premiere application uses the SMPTE or Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers format.

This SMPTE format uses units of time such as hours:minutes:seconds:frames. For example, like 00:24:08:03, the format can be read like the 24th minute, 8th second, and 3rd frame.

By using this format, you can more easily find out the position being displayed.

4.Tools Window

Tool Window is a window that includes devices or equipment that can be used in the editing or editing process.

The tools in the Adobe Premiere software include the Selection Tool, Track Selection Tool, Ripple Edit Tool, Rolling Edit Tool, Rate Stretch Tool, Razor Tool, Slip Tool, Slide Tool, Pen Tool, Hand Tool, and Zoom Tool.

Link Download Adobe Premiere Pro

Below this already provided a download link for Adobe Premiere Pro which you can download easily and quickly:

Application NameAdobe Premiere Pro
First ReleaseSept. 23, 2003
Stable Release until UpdateCC 2020 version 14.6 (20 October 2020)
OS supportWindows 64 bit and Mac OS
TypeVideo Editor
DevelopersAdobe Systems

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro

Below we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro, as follows:

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro

Following are the advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Easy to operate, this software is easy to operate because of the introduction of features and easily customizable interface layouts
  2. Effect facilities are available, effects that can be used in this software are sound effects and video effects facilities
  3. Timeline capability to insert video and audio into multiple columns
  4. Ability to read various video formats that will be used as editing projects
  5. Premier Pro supports creating VR (Virtual Reality) videos, i.e. 360 degrees
  6. Comprehensive, in collaboration with other Adobe software, such as a combination of animation effects from After Effects
  7. Can combine many effects that have been prepared, to make the video look more creative and communicative

Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

Following are the disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. The size of the software is quite large, because it only supports 64-bit operating systems
  2. Not sparing hard drive provision, because Premiere Pro CC has a large space
  3. Lack of computer specifications will make a pile of crashes
  4. Weaknesses in adding keyword tagging, because it is only limited
  5. Requires powerful computer specs (medium-high-end)


Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program or editor with a non-linear basis (non-linear editor / NLE) developed by Adobe Systems.

Thus the information about the Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 download link, full features. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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