6 Interesting Shopee video content ideas that you can use

Rancakmedia.com – For those of you Shopee users who are confused about what Shopee video content ideas can make your potential buyers interested, now you can get the 6 Shopee video content ideas that we provide below.

Shopee has successfully launched its newest feature, Shopee video, for Shopee users to be able to socialize with other users via video.

The Shopee application is currently one of the trending online shopping applications and has a large number of users.

This happens because of the many conveniences that Shopee has offered to its users, one of which is free shipping throughout Indonesia.

What is Shopee Videos
What is Shopee Video (Source: SeventyFour via Canva)

Whereas Shopee video is Shopee's newest feature which is often said to be similar to the TikTok application and the like, because it contains short videos.

What is Shopee Videos

As we explained briefly above, Shopee video is the newest feature released by Shopee, to be a place for Shopee users to socialize and express themselves with other users.

This Shopee video has become a means of entertainment for Shopee users, because the videos presented are of short duration, such as videos on TikTok, Instagram reels, or short YouTube videos.

With Shopee video, users can upload and share short videos that have been accompanied by filters and music.

Apart from creating and uploading videos as a creator, users can also watch lots of videos from Shopee creators that you like.

This Shopee video feature is a new ecosystem for Shopee users to be able to share and interact with millions of other Shopee application users.

Content creators can also upload various types of videos that can increase brand awareness such as product videos, product recommendation videos, video reviews to video testimonials.

The video that you make can later be edited directly in the Shopee application, you know.

How to Register Shopee Video Easily

Below this rancakmedia.com have summarized the steps you can use to register for Shopee video, namely:

  1. First, enter the Shopee video which is in the bottom half of the Shopee homepage
  2. Then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner
  3. After that, press the register button in the upper right corner
  4. Then enter the username for the name on your Shopee account
  5. Furthermore, Shopee video also provides a column for you to fill in as your biography or your store biography
  6. Then click save and done
How to Register Shopee Video Easily
How to Register Shopee Video Easily (Source: Artem Varnitsin via Canva)

How to Create Content on Shopee Video

Actually there are various kinds of videos that you can make and you can find them on Shopee video. But how do you create content on Shopee videos? Here's how:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the Shopee app
  2. Then click Shopee video which is at the bottom of the Shopee homepage
  3. If you don't have a Shopee video account yet, you can create one in the way we explained above
  4. If so, click the + (plus) button at the bottom to create new video content
  5. Before you start recording, make sure you have set the recording duration limit, filter, and video speed that you want
  6. Then click the record button to record a video
  7. You can also add elements such as stickers, text, and sound effects to make your videos even cooler
  8. Then click continue
  9. After that you can add a description with hashtags or friend mentions according to what you want
  10. Click the post to upload the Shopee video

List of Interesting Shopee Video Content Ideas

The Shopee video feature is indeed very suitable as a place where Shopee users can look for product recommendations before they shop at Shopee.

Below we have summarized Shopee video content ideas that you can use to attract potential buyers, including:

1. Product Information

Product information video is a type of video content that is educational in nature, this can explain various things about a particular product in detail.

For example, like skincare products, you can make product information videos that include information about the ingredients, benefits, advantages, how to use them, and the effects of using them.

2. Shopee Haul

Shopee Haul videos are videos that show customers purchased products through the Shopee application, creators can also show items from their favorite Shopee stores.

Apart from containing a product list, the Shopee Haul video can also contain detailed product reviews or reviews of the day the product was purchased.

3. Catalogs

When you visit an offline store, what is the first thing you look for? probably the first thing you'll be looking for is a catalog or menu list.

List of Interesting Shopee Video Content Ideas
List of Interesting Shopee Video Content Ideas (Source: twinsterphoto via Canva)

Maybe you often find catalogs in the form of a collection of photos in books, posters or window displays.

However, most online stores provide product information through photos or in video form.

If you have an online store like Shopee, you can introduce your products to potential buyers by using a video catalog that is included with a description.

4. Testimonials

Interesting content ideas that you can make on Shopee videos are testimonials, how to make this video is also very easy.

You only need to collect videos or product photos from customers who are satisfied with the items you sell and put them together in the form of one video.

Apart from promoting your product, testimonial content can also make customers more trusting and more involved in your sales.

5. Packing and Shipping

Then you can create content about packing and shipping items that have been ordered by buyers at your Shopee, you know.

You only need to show the order packing process with very neat and attractive product packaging. And your customers will trust and feel more secure when they buy products at your Shopee store.

6. Day in My Life

Surely you are not uncommon with day in my life content, right? You can also make this content idea an idea for content on your Shopee video.

Day in my life can make anyone reveal their personal side, regarding routines, habits, even inviting the audience to be in your world in a day.

As an online shop owner, you can also create this content by telling about your daily activities when packing goods, sending goods, and everything related to your online store.

And this can also be a promotion so that more people know your online store, you know.

6. Content Questions and Answers

The consumers in your online store are certainly very diverse, and sometimes have the same or different questions about the products you sell.

Q&A Content
Q&A Content (Source: Oakazhan via Canva)

You can take advantage of this to make content ideas, you can make videos about questions and answers about your product that are asked a lot by potential buyers.

Tips for Creating the Right Video Content

Some of you may still be confused about how to create content that can make viewers like the videos you've made.

After you get an idea for Shopee video content, here are tips to make your video liked by viewers, as follows:

1. Provide Interesting Content

The first thing you can do is create interesting video content, make sure that the videos you make have advantages compared to other people's videos.

You can present content that contains education about product use, entertains the audience with comedy or challenges and other content ideas that we have provided before.

2. Steal the Audience's Attention

Long video content won't be a problem if you manage to grab the audience's attention in the early seconds.

It is very important for creators to create an interesting opening so as not to make the audience move on from your video.

One way to make an interesting opening is to choose a cheerful soundtrack or backsound accompanied by an interesting background.

Apart from that, you also need to add a title that describes the contents of the video but uses interesting words. For example, "This roadside fried rice runs out in one hour, what's the secret?"

Using words that provoke curiosity can also help viewers watch your video until it's finished, you know.

3. Add Video Description

Even though a video can easily explain the message you want to convey, having a video description can also make your video more interesting.

You can do this method considering the short duration of your video, sometimes it requires a more complete explanation in the video description column.

Tips for Creating the Right Video Content
Tips for Creating the Right Video Content (Source: CarmenMurillo via Canva)

This is also very profitable for content creators to expand the reach of videos to consumers properly.

You can also add certain hashtags that can help users find your video social media only by using the appropriate keywords.


This Shopee video has become a means of entertainment for Shopee users, because the videos presented are of short duration, such as videos on TikTok, Instagram reels, or short YouTube videos.

This is information about 6 dancing Shopee video content ideas that you can use, I hope the above articles are useful and helpful for all of you.

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