10 Safe and Reliable DANA Money-Making Sites

Rancakmedia.com – Did you know, that you can use money making site DANA to add your balance? If you don't know and are interested in knowing it, you can see the article we provide below.

In fact, there are tons of DANA money-making applications or sites that you can use on cellphones and PCs.

But to use the free DANA money-making site, you can only find out in the article we provide below.

About the DANA Application

By using the site that we provide below, of course there are tasks and missions that you can do to earn money.

About the DANA Application

FUND application is a digital wallet platform that has been designed to make every transaction non-cash possible, both online and offline.

Transactions through this application will certainly make the transactions you make more practical, fast and still have security that is maintained.

To use it, you can download the DANA application, register, then top up your balance via credit card, debit card, bank transfer to the Minimarket.

You can use this application to make ticket payments on various platforms such as Tix.id, Bukalapak, Blackberry Messenger, and so on.

Free DANA Money Making Site

Below we have summarized a list of DANA money-making sites that you can use for free, as follows:

Google AdSense

Maybe for those of you who have joined the world of YouTube, you must be very familiar with an advertising platform called Google AdSense.

One of Google's goals is how to generate DANA balance by linking to websites or YouTube.

Therefore, this AdSense can be useful for YouTube network or channel owners to make a profit.

Users welcome Google to display ads on the platform, then Google AdSense will pay these users every month.

To generate DANA balance with AdSense, you need to have a website or YouTube channel to join this program.

Free DANA Money Making Site

You also have to fulfill several conditions to really get maximum results.


The way Qmee works to earn FUND balance free and fast, very interesting, you know, and very easy to do.

Therefore, Qmee is a lucrative website that only provides Google search tasks.

Before starting to carry out tasks on the Qmee website, you need to register yourself first through the Qmee site.

After that install the extension according to the instructions given by the Qmee site. If you search on Google using certain keywords, the Qmee extension will be activated immediately.

And to get this DANA balance, you need to click on the special section that has been displayed by the Qmee extension.


The third DANA money-making site is ySense which provides DANA balance benefits for anyone who fills out a questionnaire.

Each survey available on this website has a varying number of questions and varying complexity.

Therefore, the rewards provided by ySense are also different and adjusted, ySense can charge from 0.5 to 2 USD to users who fill out the questionnaire.

If the name is considered too small, you can join the affiliate program that is held on the website.


The collected DANA balance can be withdrawn via the PayPal digital wallet. With a minimum amount of only $10 or the equivalent of Rp. 156,089, it won't be a hassle and you can cash out anytime and anywhere.


For those of you Freelancers or freelancers, of course, you may already be familiar with the Projects website. Projects.co.id brings together all parties who need workers and job applicants.

Job seekers usually provide a salary level for a project on Projects, then the freelancer will make an offer or offer.

The decision about who to select for the job rests entirely with the job applicant. Projects can be used immediately if you have registered or created an account first.


If you have a hobby of photography and like to take photos anywhere, you can sell your photos at Shutterstocks.

How to generate a DANA balance from the Shutterstocks website is actually very easy, but you have to go through a long process before getting the DANA balance.

If you want to sell photos, you can directly have users upload on the official Shutterstock website.

And then Shutterstock will answer whether the photo you are using is accepted or even rejected.

Distributor Shop

In today's world of advanced technology, it's not impossible to sell online without money. Now, thanks to Tokodistributor.com, you can immediately launch a direct selling business online.

TokoDistributor has everything you could possibly want to sell, so you don't have to worry about storing your products anymore.

There's no need to lower your price until you find a buyer, but you can gradually increase your price as you market your product.

Google AdSense

If someone orders, you can send it to the Tokodistributor. The distributor will then prepare the product and ship it to the customer. That way, you don't have to waste time on wholesalers.


Etsy Indonesia can be a good place to build a DANA balance if you want to sell products.

The Etsy website allows users to buy and sell handmade goods, including clothing, accessories, jewelery and more.

You can increase your DANA balance and your ability to generate DANA balances by increasing the number of items you sell on Etsy.

If you don't want to spend money on advertising or renting a store, you can use Etsy to top up your DANA balance.

You can start selling on Etsy without spending any money, so anyone can use it to make money. Creating an Etsy account is as easy as filling out a short form on the main site.


Sribu is a site that can be used for freelance work for designers. The designs provided on the Sribu website are very varied, from designs, logos, to interior designs.

Sribu also organizes special contests for job seekers. If you manage to win at Sribu, you will not only get a sizable cash prize, but also new assignments.

However, if you really want to impress project owners at Sribu, you can add a portfolio.

Therefore, you need an account before you can create projects. It's as simple as providing the required information during registration and waiting for approval.


The Sribulancer website is currently the fastest way to generate DANA balance. You can find jobs that suit your skills and interests on the Sribulancer website.

Sribulancer is a website where you can create a website, write articles, or look for graphic designs.

If you complete every challenge on the Sribulancer website, you will get a prize.

However, if you want to pay, you need to upload identity information to Sribulancer, such as a KTP or SIM card. If so, your DANA balance will be transferred directly to your bank account.

NEO Digital Bank

Lastly, you can use NEO Digital Bank to collect daily earnings, which can be withdrawn as cash or DANA balance. It may be easy to learn how to make a DANA balance on this page.

You only need to invite friends using the referral code you have to join NEO Digital Bank.

If you manage to invite one person to join, you will get 25,000 worth of money.

In addition, if you make transfers to other banks or to other banks, NEO Digital Bank will give you a bonus.

FUND Money Making Game

The following are games that you can use to get money from the DANA application, namely:

Source: Uyai Channel YouTube Channel


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about DANA, as follows:

Does DANA Top Up Require Premium?

Yes, you have to, if you want to make transactions on the DANA app, you must first register a premium account. This aims to maintain the security of your account in transactions.


The DANA application is a digital wallet platform that has been designed to make every transaction non-cash possible, both online and offline.

This is information about 10 safe and reliable DANA money-making sites. We hope that the articles we provide can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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