How to Register for a Trusted 100% Online Loan Shopee – Are you a new shopee user and want to register for a loan shopee but don't know how? In the following, we will provide information on how to register, conditions and questions and answers about shopee loans, see more details below.

Shopee is constantly improving the service to make users feel more comfortable and have all their needs met. There are two services that you can get from Shopee in terms of credit or loans, namely SPayLater and SPinjam.

Where these services can be used to borrow cash and credit goods. But how to borrow money from Shopee? Can it be cashed into the account?

Both of these services can be activated by Shopee users after making routine transactions at Shopee. As well as borrowing money from Shopee, where this service can be done after receiving an offer using SPinjam.

Because not all users can borrow money, however, only certain users accept service offers to borrow money. So, in this article, we will provide an overview of how to borrow money from SPinjam.

However, before you decide to use this method, please read the reviews below thoroughly so that you don't miss any information.

Loan Shopee Register Terms

There are several conditions that must be met in order to borrow money from Shopee. For example, related to the application version, Shopee Loan activity, account number and related to the quality of your loan at Shopee.

Loan Shopee Register Terms

Shopee App Version

The first condition for borrowing money from Shopee Pinjam is version the Shopee app. Make sure you are using the latest version of the application on your Android or iPhone. So that later you can use the Shopee Borrow service normally without disturbing the loan process.

Shopee Loan Activity

The second condition for being able to borrow from Shopee Borrow is related to the activities of the Shopee Borrowing service itself, make sure the Shopee Borrow feature has been activated and accepted and you have reached the Shopee Borrow limit. So that later you can borrow money from Shopee according to the available limit.

Account number

The third condition for borrowing money from Shopee is an account number, make sure you have an account to add as a moneylender at Shopee Pinjam and it would be nice if the account number added with the owner's name is the same as the account name registered at Shopee. So that it can simplify the process of borrowing money from Shopee.

Credit Quality at Shopee

The fourth condition for being able to borrow money from Shopee concerns the quality of your credit with Shopee. It's as if you've never experienced a late payment at the Shopee PayLater or Shopee Borrow service before. So that it can simplify the process of borrowing money from Shopee if you never experience late payments.

Now that you know some of the terms for borrowing money from Shopee, how much is the borrowing fee now? Please refer to the following reviews.

Flowers from Shopee Borrow

After activating Shopee Borrow, the Shopee Borrow menu will display interest when you use the Shopee Borrow service. Where Shopee has set the lowest Shopee loan interest rate, which is 2.45% per month.

Therefore, interest rates and administration fees as well as late fees are added later to your Shopee Borrow bill every month if you are late paying your Shopee Borrow bill.

Shopee Administration Fee

Regarding administrative or processing fees for using the Shopee Loan service, Shopee has set an amount of up to 3% per transaction. Meanwhile, the fee for late payment of Shopee Pinjam is subject to a fine of 5%. Therefore, make sure there are no delays in paying your Shopee loan.

Due Date Shopee Borrow

Talking about the due date at Shopee Borrow, Shopee has a fixed due date every month, which is every 5th of every month.

Due Date Shopee Borrow

So you can pay your SPinjam bill no later than the 5th of each month and if it exceeds that date, a late fee of up to 5% will be charged.

Now that you've gotten some information about the SPinjam service, how do you borrow money from Shopee now? Please see the full review below.

How to Borrow Money at Shopee Borrow

Applying for a money loan from Shopee Pinjam can be done through the Shopee application using an Android phone and iPhone as well. Because if you use the web version of Shopee on a PC, the Borrow Shopee menu is not available. Here's how to apply for a cash loan from Shopee Pinjam:

Open the Shopee App

As a first step, please open the Shopee application on your Android or iPhone, make sure you are using the latest version and login to your existing Shopee account that has a Shopee loan limit.

Enter the ShopeePay Menu

The second step, please open the ShopeePay menu. To do this, tap the ShopeePay button on the main Shopee page so that later you can find the Shopee Pinjam menu or service.

Open the Loans Menu

In the third step, please enter the Borrow Shopee service. To do so, tap on the icon Shopee Borrow on the ShopeePay menu screen.

Click Apply for Loan

In the fourth step after the Borrow Shopee page, please start applying for a loan from Borrow Shopee by tapping the apply button. When borrowing money from Shopee Pinjam, you will be directed to a page to determine the amount of money, time period and account number.

Enter Nominal

The fifth step is to enter the nominal loan amount into Shopee, please tap the nominal column, delete the added nominal, then re-enter the desired amount to borrow money from Shopee.

Select Loan Period

In the next step, please select the duration or timeframe for borrowing money from Shopee. Namely by tapping the month option provided from 2 to 6 months. So that later every month you can see the amount of the bill for the money borrowed from Shopee.

Select Bank Account

In the next step, the recipient's bank account at Shopee Pinjam is selected or added. Namely by tapping the Choose your bank account option, then please select or add an account number to receive funds at Shopee Pinjam.

Borrow Money at Shopee

After confirming the selection of the account number, please complete the process of borrowing money from Shopee Pinjam. To do this, tap on the apply now button at the bottom.

Borrow Money at Shopee

Loan Confirmation

Next, please confirm borrowing money from Shopee. That is, by tapping on the next button in the pop-up that appears.

Enter your ShopeePay PIN

Next, please continue to borrow money from Shopee by entering the ShopeePay PIN that you installed when activating ShopeePay. Where this stage is a mandatory verification or security process when making transactions through Shopee Services.

Wait for the SPinjam Verification Process

After entering the ShopeePay PIN correctly, please wait for the money loan process from Shopee. Because Shopee takes time to verify or allow the use of the Shopee Borrow service. Usually, this process only takes a few moments.

Borrow Money from Shopee Borrow

Now that you have been approved for a loan application from Shopee, you have now successfully borrowed money from SPinjam.


Below is information that we can convey about questions and answers about the loan shop, see the full details below.

Why is there no SPinjam on my cellphone

So if Shopee loans don't appear in your Shopee application, it means that you haven't been chosen by Shopee to borrow money online there. It seems shopping is often one of the considerations for getting a Shopee loan.

Why is there no SPinjam on my cellphone

How much is the Shopee Loan Limit?

Quoted from the official Shopee page, each user can apply for a loan with a minimum limit of IDR 200,000 and a maximum limit of IDR 15,000,000 for Shopee loans. If the buyer can apply for a loan limit, the achievable limit can be up to IDR 3,000,000.

Can New Users Borrow at SPinjam

Shopee Pinjam is here as an online lending (loan) service for both new users and loyal users. Shopee loan services can be easily found in the Shopee application for those who meet the criteria set by Shopee.

Limit for New Users

The maximum limit for consumers is only 3 million, while the maximum limit for Shopee merchants is 5 million. However, usually when you are just starting to use a loan, the limit given is only around 600,000.

So, in this article, we will discuss about JULO online loan application, for more detailed information, click on the link provided.


There are two loan services that Shopee users can get, namely SPayLater and SPinjam. But how to borrow money from Shopee? well, in this article we have discussed it in detail so we don't need to worry anymore, please read the information above. This is the information about borrowing money from SPinjam that we have conveyed above, I hope this is useful.

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