How to Advertise on Shopee for Free 100% Success – The following is the best way to place an ad on Shopee, if your store wants to have a lot of buyers, then you must read the information that we will provide below, enjoy reading.

Selling online is the right choice if you are looking for a side income or even want to start your own business. In general, every business definitely needs marketing in the form of advertising, be it a traditional business or an online business.

Therefore, Shopee offers paid advertising features and there are also free Shopee advertising features. An effective way to advertise on Shopee is to use both paid and free methods at the same time. But as a beginner, you still need to know how to advertise on Shopee so you don't get bored when using Shopee's free advertising features.

Because if you use paid advertising, you need to know the Shopee advertising costs and understand how to calculate them first.

If you are a beginner, you can learn the tricks of advertising on Shopee in this article to find out how to advertise on Shopee for free for beginners. But before that, tell us what are the advantages of selling online.

3 Benefits of Selling Online at Shopee

Before discussing how to advertise on Shopee, it's a good idea to first understand the benefits of selling online so that later you can determine what Shopee store advertisements will run in your store.

3 Benefits of Selling Online at Shopee

No Need Big Capital

It is clear that starting an online business can offer the most benefits, the first of which does not require high capital. Of course, when you start an offline business, you need a place to trade your products, so you need higher capital.

Meanwhile, if you are starting an online business, you can use this fee for marketing purposes such as Shopee Ads on Instagram so you can get more benefits through faster sales.

Sales throughout Indonesia

Selling online through marketplaces like Shopee allows you to bring in consumers from Sabang to Merauke. That is, you can benefit from selling to all Indonesians throughout Indonesia as long as they are interested in your product.

To attract the attention of Indonesians wherever they are located, you need to create a Shopee viral advertising marketing strategy. But remember, don't use your budget to create vulgar Shopee ads to make people talk about it, okay? It's best to pay attention to the provisions that are already available at Shopee.

The Sophie app himself is always actively promoting his brand so that it is always used by the people of Indonesia. You can find it easy to always do the latest Shopee ads and also always rely on Shopee artist ads to catch the attention of the Indonesian public. You can learn from Shopee Ads Indonesia by applying it to your business.

More Affordable Marketing

In terms of increasing sales, marketing is something that businesses need to do both offline and online. But if you run an offline business, you definitely need a printer to print brochures, banners, newspapers, magazines and other advertising and marketing promotions that cost a lot of money.

Meanwhile, if you are doing online marketing, none of these things are needed, you just need to know what people need in order to determine interesting keywords. In terms of advertising costs, it is also relatively cheaper due to the tight competition between Shopee's advertising costs and Tokopedia's advertising costs.

Effective Marketing Secrets by Placing Ads on Shopee

As previously mentioned, marketing is very important in both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. This marketing can be in the form of advertising for Shopee-like products or other advertisements that have the same goal of attracting the attention of potential buyers so they can take advantage of sales.

Effective Marketing Secrets

By using effective marketing tips with free advertising on Shopee, you can attract attention through the way shoppers shop at your store. Even though you don't need to spend money to make fish, here are the tips and steps.

Define Target Market

First, you can determine your product target. This product will later become a gateway for potential buyers who will visit your store. You can even set a lower price for this product so that it gets more attention from potential buyers.

Product targets are designed to appeal to consumers who may not benefit from the product, but if consumers want to buy the product in general, they are encouraged to buy other products you have that are still similar to the target product.

For example, if you sell bicycles, the price of the bicycle may not be high and you can sell it for a very small profit. This is because the demand for bicycles is increasing and people in general already know the price of bicycles. So if you list a lower price, they'll be interested.

To make a profit you can sell other bicycle accessories such as helmets, elbows, tires, lights, jackets and other accessories. Generally, they don't really know the price of these accessories, so if you charge a little higher, they will still buy it because they plan to buy the bike from your shop.

Cool Promotion

Products that will become a mainstay in your store can be given attractive promotions, but don't do them promotion on all products that you sell in your shop to avoid losses. All you have to do is install an attractive promotion on your flagship product.

This action aims to remove the doubts of potential buyers who visit your store. So they make purchases and revisit other products you sell.


The following is a question and answer session that we have summarized regarding the discussion above, check it out to find out the detailed information.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Shopee?

The ad price per click is IDR 200 for search ads and IDR 150 for similar product ads

Fees for Placing Ads on Shopee

Is Advertising on Shopee Paid?

And is the ad free or paid? It is usually free to advertise on Shopee, also known as free. Sellers only need to pay when an ad is clicked or opened by a Shopee user. However, sellers can choose rates and advertising periods according to their budget and needs.

Can I cash out my Shopee Advertising Balance?

Ad credits are non-refundable. You are only charged when a user clicks on your ad. Your ad will automatically end when your ad credits run out.

What is Keyword Ads on Shopee?

Keywords or keyword ads are ads that are popular and appear on the main search page. The Shopee product you are looking for can be displayed on the main search page by typing or searching for keywords according to the product being sold.


Selling online is the right choice if you are looking for a side income or want to start your own business. Shopee offers paid advertising features and there are also free advertising features. An effective way to advertise on Shopee is to use paid and free methods simultaneously.

You can learn from Shopee Indonesia ads by applying them to your business. By using effective marketing with free advertising on Shopee, you can attract attention through the way buyers shop at your store, so that's hopefully useful information.

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