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Rancakmedia.com - Modified WhatsApp application is currently being talked about, one of which is WhatsApp FM mod apk, is now a trend among WhatsApp users, because this modified WhatsApp provides features and functions that have never existed on WhatsApp before.

Of the many WhatsApp modifications available, FM WhatsApp is one of the high-value versions because it provides lots of incredibly cool features, such as downloading statuses or being able to view statuses that have been deleted by their owners.

If you are looking for the latest version of fm wa mod, then you are in the right place, on this occasion we will provide detailed information, so don't miss this information, please read it to the end and enjoy reading!

What is WhatsApp FM Mod Apk

What is WhatsApp FM

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad, this modified version of WhatsApp is similar to gbwhatsapp and yowhatsapp which we have also discussed in other articles. FM Whatsapp comes with features that are not available in the official wa application.

Not much different from whatsApp plus mod apk, WhatsApp FM also has features and advantages that the original WhatsApp doesn't have, so here are some WhatsApp FM features that you should know if you want to use them, see the article below.

Latest Features of WhatsApp FM Mod Apk

If you want to know what the features are in this wa modification, then you must read this article to the end because we are here to provide complete information, so what are the additional features, see below.

1. Anti Delete Message

Surely you have experienced an incoming message to your WhatsApp, but the message was deleted by the message sender before you read it.

And messages that have been deleted, of course, cannot see the contents of the message. This makes you curious about the contents of the message.

Now using the FM WhatsApp application is the right solution because you can use the FM WA application to read messages that were deleted by the sender of the message. This feature will take care of your curiosity about deleted messages.

2. Download Friends Status

Maybe you've ever wanted to download someone's status or story, but definitely couldn't. Because you won't do it if you're still using it WhatsApp original version.

However, it will be different if you use FM WhatsApp because the application can be used to download people's WA statuses or stories without us having to ask the owner of the status.

3. Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers

Usually when we send a message to someone who has a contact number on your cellphone, you must first save that person's number on your cellphone.

But if you use the FM WA application, you no longer need to save your destination number. Because this application is equipped with a feature to send messages without the need to save our destination phone number.

4. Hide Typing Captions

Usually, when we are chatting with someone and that person is typing the message content, we can see that the person is typing a message. However, this can actually be removed by using the FM WhatsApp application.

Because the FM WA application is equipped with a feature that allows you to hide the characters you type. So that people we chat with don't know if we texted them.

5. App Lock

The next interesting feature that you can get on the WhatsApp FM application is the application lock feature. This feature is very useful for those of us who already have a girlfriend or children. Because this feature allows us to block our WhatsApp application.

So that someone who borrows your cellphone cannot open your WhatsApp application if they don't know the password that you created.

6. There are many font choices available

The next interesting feature is the availability of various kinds of fonts that you can use. And the fonts included in this application are free to use without paying first.

If you want to change your own font style, all you have to do is choose which font you think suits your personal taste.

7. Lots of Emoticons and Stickers

This feature is perfect for those of you who often chat with additional emoticons and stickers. Why is that? Because in the WhatsApp fm mod application there are lots of stickers and emoticons that you can use for free.

8. Many Themes Available

If you are bored with the appearance of your WhatsApp theme, that's all. Then the most appropriate solution is to download the WhatsApp FM application.

Because when you use the FM WhatsApp application, you will get a large selection of themes included in the application. So, if you are bored with the theme you are using, all you have to do is find the theme you want.

9. Send Large Files

As you already know, if we use the original version of the WhatsApp application, we are limited in terms of sending files.

However, this will be different from the WhatsApp FM application, because when we use the application we can still send files even though they are very large.

And this feature is perfect for those of you who have work in the office. Because usually office workers send large files with WA.

10. Other Excellent Features

There are still many excellent features that you can get in the WhatsApp FM application, for example as follows:

Other Excellent Features

  1. Can hide the content of your messages or chats.
  2. Can have two WA accounts on one cellphone at the same time.
  3. Can send a large number of pictures or photos.
  4. Can make the status longer, which lasts up to 5 minutes without pause.
  5. Can remove two blue ticks.
  6. Can filter incoming calls from other users.

The above are the features that have been provided by FM WhatsApp, all of the advantages mentioned above you can take advantage of at no charge or free.

Download the WhatsApp FM Mod Apk application

You can't find this FM WhatsApp application on the official platform, for example the Playstore and Appstore, if you want to download it, you have to visit the site that shares the wa fm link.

If you have found the download link, please download it first, if it's finished, then the next step is to install the application. So, this method is of course different from how to install an official application, which only requires you to click install.

How to install this application must be done manually, namely by activating unknown sources first. So, here we will provide a tutorial, see below:

How to Install WhatsApp FM Mod Apk

How to Install WhatsApp FM

  1. If you have downloaded the application, the next step is to open the Settings menu.
  2. Then select the additional settings menu.
  3. Then select the security and privacy menu.
  4. Next, enable unknown sources.
  5. If you have activated unknown sources, exit the Settings menu.
  6. Look for the whatsapp fm apk file in the file manager.
  7. Usually the file is in the download folder.
  8. If the apk file has been found, you click Install.
  9. Wait a few minutes until the install process is complete.
  10. Done.


FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad, this modified version of WhatsApp is similar to gbwhatsapp and yowhatsapp which we have also discussed in other articles. FM Whatsapp comes with features that are not available in the official wa application.

That's the information about WhatsApp FM Mod Apk, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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