4 Easy Ways to Transfer Telkomsel Quota Free

Rancakmedia.com - In this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to transfer Telkomsel quota, for those of you who want to know the newest way to do it for free and easily, please refer to the explanation below.

You can send Telkomsel card data packages if we remind you again to make sure that your data package is large enough to be transferred to the recipient.

This method is of course very easy, you must know because it is very important to send Telkomsel quota to people you know or people you love.

Because sometimes they occasionally urgently need a quota to access internet needs while there is no fee to buy the quota.

This step doesn't only transfer Telkomsel credit, of course you can also send your quota directly to the operator or other cards too.

What is Telkomsel Quota Transfer

Quota transfer is part of the Telkomsel provider feature where users can send quotas between Telkomsel users. This feature is useful for your friends, family or friends who are constrained by no quota.

With this feature you can help other users have quotas for internet, social media or streaming. If your family has difficulty getting quotas from purchases. You can give by transferring quota as a GIFT or gift.

How to Transfer Telkomsel's Free Quota

Internet quota is now an important requirement. Quota is used to access the internet and communicate when you are in a location that does not have a WiFi network.

Is there a free quota transfer method from Telkomsel

Telkomsel is one of the operators that offers contingent services. Telkomsel quota can also be transferred to other Telkomsel users. Is there a way to send Telkomsel quota without credit? Read the explanation in the article that we will discuss below.

Transfer Telkomsel Quota Via SMS

If you have a lot of data packages and want to share them with people you love and of course they are Telkomsel users? Of course, you can definitely use the method that we will discuss in this article.

So, the first way is that you can transfer via SMS with two features, namely with a quota of 100MB and 1GB. If you want to send 100mb to others, you just need to type “100”.

However, if you want to send 1GB, then you can type "1000", if you want to know how to do it then you must read our article below.

Type TRF then (space) 100 to send 100mb or 1000 for 1GB(space) and also write down the destination number you want to send.

  1. Write a Message on your HP.
  2. Type TRF (space) 100 to share 100MB or 1000 for 1GB (space) Destination Number.
  3. Send to 3636.
  4. If there is an incoming SMS, reply with TRF "YES".
  5. If there is already an incoming message to your cellphone, then you reply with TRF "YES".

Transfer Telkomsel Quota Via UMB

If you want to transfer your quota because you have a lot of quota, then you can do this by transferring Telkomsel quota via UMB. You can do this method with other prepaid Telkomsel card users, SimPATI, AS Cards, and Telkomsel Loop.

However, when you want to do this method, you will be charged a payment rate of IDR 5,000 (five thousand) automatically, so this method is of course not free.

You can send quotas of 50 to 500MB in one delivery with a maximum of 3GB and are only allowed a maximum of 6 times in one day.

You need to remember and make sure, if you want to make a transfer, you must have a minimum of 500MB of remaining quota data after sending the quota to your friend.

Here are the Steps for Sharing Telkomsel Quota

  1. Call *500*2#.
  2. Choose number 1. Yes.
  3. Enter the quota transfer beneficiary number.
  4. Enter the quota amount.
  5. Choose number 1. Agree to continue the transaction.

Still confused how to do it? if you are still having trouble and feel confused or need help to find out other information, please open the official website from Telkomsel.

Transfer Telkomsel Quota via the MyTelkomsel Application

MyTelkomsel is a service launched by Telkomsel to provide easy access to customer service via a browser, smartphone or tablet.

Transfer Telkomsel Quota via the MyTelkomsel Application

The MyTelkomsel application also provides customer profile information, easy top-up credit, checks simPATI quota, checks Telkomsel credit and purchases other Telkomsel service packages.

You can use the My Telkomsel application not only to buy Telkomsel unlimited internet quota packages, but also to share internet quota with those closest to you who are in need.

Following are the steps for transferring Telkomsel internet quota using the MyTelkomse application:

  1. First open MyTelkomsel application first
  2. Select the Give Gift option.
  3. Select the Transfer Quota menu.
  4. Enter the recipient's number
  5. Select the nominal quota that you want to send.

Telkomsel Quota Transfer Via USSD Code

You don't need to install a credit transfer application to other users or operators to share your Telkomsel quota with various other providers such as XL, IM3 and others.

Just follow these steps, you can give quota to your family or friends via internet quota transfer:

  1. Dial *363#.
  2. Click on the Combo Magic & More option.
  3. Select the Other Packages option.
  4. Click More.
  5. Select the Gift service.
  6. Enter the recipient's phone number.
  7. Click the Flash Gift Package option
  8. Choose the duration of the package, i.e. Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  9. Select the package to transfer.
  10. Wait for the notification from the operator.
  11. List of Telkomsel Quota Transfer Methods
  12. Transfer via SMS
  13. Transfer via UMB
  14. Transfer via application MyTelkomsel
  15. Transfer via USSD code

How do I send the Telkomsel quota above? Now that you know how to share your Telkomsel quota, you can send internet quota to anyone via your Telkomsel number!


In the discussion article below, we have also provided questions and are equipped with answers that are still related to how how to transfer telkomsel quota for free that we have discussed above, consider the following:

Can Quota Packages be Transferred?

The quota that can be transferred is the national All Network quota. The minimum sending quota is 500 MB. The contingent transmitted by the station has an active period of at least 4 days. The minimum quota that can be transferred in one transaction is 50 MB and a maximum of 500 MB.

How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit?

Here's how you can do it

How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit

  1. By calling *858*
  2. Open the call menu.
  3. Enter *858*transfer destination number*# debit transfer
  4. Press “Call/Call/Call/Yes/Okay”
  5. Confirm as shown on the mobile screen.

Will Telkomsel Quota be forfeited if it is filled again?

Internet quota package not valid in accumulation even with the same type of package. Each Internet package has its own quota depending on the type of package or time of purchase and cannot be combined with one another.


Thus the discussion on how to transfer Telkomsel quota for free, I hope this article can be useful, don't forget to visit our other articles too, that's all and thank you.

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