Download Blue Youtube Without Application Easily – In this article we will discuss about downloads Blue YouTube without app easily, if you want to know about YouTube Blue, Rancakmedia has provided it in the article below.

Anyone who has ever used the internet knows about YouTube, where you can find a variety of interesting material, including educational and entertainment videos.

However, a newcomer appears in the form of the YouTube Blue Mod Apk version, which performs the same functions as the original app while adding additional, more interesting features.

The Apk version of YouTube allows us to continue using it in the same way we always have, including viewing comedy news and other types of material.

In an upgraded version, YouTube allows viewers to be able to Zoom in & Zoom Out on videos so they can observe an item more clearly.

Apart from that, there are many other interesting things that you can find on the mod version of YouTube apk Blue, such as downloading videos or being able to watch live streaming programs which are equipped with various facilities.

It is true that the apk version differs from the original in many aspects but it is important to remember that the original version comes with many more useful features.

It's just that if you use the original version with the same quality features, you have to pay. Therefore, many of them want to take advantage of the latest version of the Youtube Blue mod apk (Blue).

What Is YouTube Blue

YouTube is a video provider application that has become a mainstay for all technology users in the world.

Not only tutorial videos, in the YouTube application you will also be able to watch understanding videos such as educational videos and learning videos.

You can also search for entertainment videos, such as music videos, vlog videos, dance videos, movie trailers and many other entertainment videos.

YouTube Blue Mod Apk is a video viewing application that has been modified so that it can display something different from the default version.

You will never get bored with the YouTube Blue theme options because there are so many to choose from. Blue YouTube is not accessible on Playstore, but you can download it using the links that have been circulating on various sites, including ours.

All available features are free of charge, and you have complete control over whether ads appear on your page or not.

The Youtube version of this apk is actually not much different from the paid version, but we believe the modifications are a bit more interesting even if you have to install the application manually.

To make it clearer, you can see information about the features in the new version of the YouTube Blue Mod Apk as follows.

Features of YouTube Blue Mod Apk

This modified YouTube application has many features that you should know about if you want to learn more about the Apk version.

The following YouTube Blue Apk features help you maximize watching videos and other interesting material.

1. Playing Videos in Background

The unique part of Blue YouTube Apk is that you can watch videos in the background, so you can also watch other content at the same time without turning off either one.

If in the original version you can only see one video because if you want to watch other material it will automatically end, but with this apk you can continue.

2. Ad Blocking

However, there are still a lot of ads that might annoy users, but the Apk version allows you to disable Adsense services.

Video activity and live streaming will no longer be interrupted by ads once you enable ad blocking mode.

3. Attractive Themes

With YouTube Blue Apk, you have the option to apply different color schemes, such as blue, red and others.

Unlike the previous version, which could only change the dark and light mode, various color choices were added here so that users don't feel bored.

4. Enlarge Videos

The Zoom function, which allows you to change the zoom level while watching videos, is another interesting addition. We can see things more clearly when we use the Zoom In mode, which magnifies objects to make them easier to see.

5. Video Playback

While listening to your favorite music on YouTube, you may want to use the repeat tool, which allows you to play videos over and over again.

Usually, we have to go back and re-watch videos we like a few times, but with YouTube Apk, you don't have to do that at all.

6.HDR Mode

There is also an HDR option where you can watch videos from YouTube in amazing quality that can stretch the eyes of the viewers.

Usually, HDR service is only available in the pro version of the service, but with YouTube Blue Apk, you can use this service without paying a penny.

7. Watch Later

The “Watch Later” option is generally used when you are watching a movie or video and keep stopping the activity because there is something more important to continue.
Select “Watch Later” if you don't want the video or movie to be removed from the YouTube homepage so you can watch it whenever you want.

8. Access Premium Features

There are no hidden costs associated with YouTube Blue Apk premium as the developer offers free service for all its features.

Of course, this one aspect caught our attention so many other people wanted to try YouTube because they can get premium services for free with good quality.

9. Full HD Video Quality

Full HD videos with 4K resolution are available through this YouTube app, which is a unique feature.

That way, you can view videos in the Blue Youtute mod apk application with a very good resolution and look original.

10. Support Offline Mode

Furthermore, you can also view videos on this YouTube application offline or without the need to reconnect an online connection. However, to view videos offline, you must download them first.

11. Subtitles are available

Maybe not a few of you don't understand foreign languages, whether it's English or something else, when you see movies on the Youtube application.

But don't worry, using this Youtube you can translate languages by activating the subtitle function.

12. Blue Theme Display

True to its name, this YouTube app has a more subtle aesthetic with an emphasis on blue or blue.

If you like the color, of course it will be perfect if you use this Youtube application on both Android and iOS/iPhone phones.

This is a collection of features that can be accessed for free on the current version of Youtube Blue Apk, not much different from the premium version, but the difference here is that it is free or free.

Download Youtube Blue Without Free Application

App nameYouTube
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Download size48MB
Released date20 October 2010
Updated onDecember 15, 2022
DevelopersGoogle LLC

Download here


Media rancak does not recommend using the MOD APK version. Because, MOD APK is a modified version or illegal version and downloading a modified version of the application is also risky for your device. we do not guarantee security for your cellphone, MOD APK can be detrimental to developers or developers.

How to Install Youtube Blue Without Application

When you want to run the modified Apk, you have to go through the manual installation steps so that the OS can receive the file and read it.

This post includes a step by step guide to install the customized version of YouTube Blue Apk on smartphones in the manner described below.

  1. First, download the blue YouTube file first.
  2. Go to Settings Menu
  3. Next, please look for the Security Menu.
  4. Turn on “Unknown Sources” if necessary.
  5. Return to the folder menu.
  6. Find the YouTube Blue apk file.
  7. Install the apk by opening the file and selecting Install from here.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete; It will take time.
  9. Please return to the smartphone home screen after the battery is fully charged.
  10. When it arrives, immediately open and make good use of it.

That's how to install YouTube Blue Apk. In this procedure you don't need root access, which might make the process more complicated.

You can use the approach described above to install the modified apk as almost all of them do the installation process.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Blue Apk

The original or modified versions have many benefits, but they also have limitations. For that friends must know in order to identify which one is better.

If you're interested, we'll go into detail about the positives and negatives of the latest version of YouTube in our review.

Pros of YouTube Blue

Customized apps should always have some advantage over the original version because they're purposely built to compete with these and other features.

Like Blue YouTube Apk, it comes with a lot of benefits, including access to features that are not available in the original version.

  1. Wider color options for themes.
  2. Block ads
  3. We will see later.
  4. Free
  5. Zoom in
  6. HDR quality
  7. You can watch videos in the background while doing other things.
  8. Save or download videos.
  9. Display as usual.
  10. The menu location makes it easy to reach.

Disadvantages of YouTube Blue

After knowing the advantages, you also have to know the opposite side or weaknesses of the Blue YouTube Apk.

  1. To be honest, there aren't many flaws, but it's still unfair not to mention them because the developer had to consider a lot of things to strengthen the app.
  2. Not available from Google Play Store.
  3. It's not final.
  4. Only downloadable via hyperlink
  5. Manual installation required.
  6. It can be banned as long as it still violates the law.
  7. Older updates
  8. Those are issues that may need to be fixed soon so that the app can be optimized and widely utilized for activities such as viewing content or others.

Since what we've been told is just an example, you'll find even more of the benefits and downsides mentioned above once you try YouTube Blue yourself.

The difference between YouTube Original and YouTube Blue

Maybe some of you still feel strange hearing about this blue YouTube application, by using the blue YouTube application you can get new things that weren't on the original version of YouTube.

If you are already using this blue YouTube application, you will feel a significant difference. Although how to use this application with the usual version is the same.

To make it clearer for all of you to know about the differences in this YouTube application, see the explanation rancakmedia provides below:

YouTube Original AppBlue YouTube App
The video download process in the application runs smoother and fasterThe download process in the application is sometimes slow and there are frequent errors so you can't download videos
This type of application is legal and has permissionThis type of application is illegal and has no permission
This original version of the application guarantees security in the use of the applicationThis application does not provide security guarantees for users
The download process is safe and will not contain viruses to enter the device because it comes from an official platformThe process of downloading an application is not necessarily safe and sometimes it brings a virus to the device because it is downloaded from a site or not an official platform
Application updates are done automaticallyTo update the application must be done manually
The application does no harm to the video makerApps can be detrimental to video creators

Is YouTube Blue Apk Safe

Maybe for those who have never used the modified version, many are wondering about APK security out of fear.

For the security of the YouTube Blue Apk itself, we believe it is still quite safe. However, in the future, it is unknown. Since YouTube is a third-party modified application, it can be blocked at any time.

Since the apk is constantly being updated, users must ensure that they have the latest version to stay safe. Developers, meanwhile, have to consider security when building new versions of apps.


Here are questions about blue youtube without applications that are often asked

1. Blue YouTube to Watch What?

By utilizing Blue Youtube, you can access additional features that you don't get on regular YouTube.

In simple terms, YouTube blue signifies it is a YouTube mod software that allows premium use or paid use. But with Blue Youtube, premium use is free.

2. What Does YouTube Blue Mean on Tiktok?

What does the color blue mean? For those of you who are curious, YouTube on Tiktok means an adult application that contains sexual material. Here we do not mention the name of the application. However, this app is somewhat popular for individuals who prefer viewing porn videos. So there is no need to go any deeper.

3. What is the name of the blue YouTube link?

Also, keep in mind that Blue Youtube was once known as Youtube Vanced. However, everyone calls YouTube as “Youtube Blue” because of the blue color of the app.


Youtube Blue is a place to watch videos that have been modified so they can display something different from the default version. The blue youtube without app is different from the original in many aspects but it is important to remember that the original version comes with more useful features.

Blue youtube without app lets you view videos in the background and watch other material at the same time. Video playback can be played repeatedly using repeat tool. Thus the article that we have submitted above, I hope this information can be useful.

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