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Here are 11 Internet Access Software – To access the internet network, of course you need to use software, there are at least two types of internet access software required.

Connecting an internet network requires the use of computer network hardware and computer network software. To be able to access the internet, we need hardware and software. We will provide complete information about internet access software.

The software that must be prepared for internet access varies according to its function. If you use the Windows operating system, certain software for internet access is already installed on your computer.

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are just a few of the many options for software and email browsing. But if you want to use other programs, then you have to install them yourself.

Internet Access Software

The following is a more detailed breakdown of the equipment needed to access the internet:


Hardware is a hardware which can be physically touched and also seen in real life, which allows us as consumers to experience internet access.

What type of hardware do we need to be able to access the internet? Some of the hardware we need to use the internet and their features are listed below:


A modem is a piece of computer network hardware that is widely used to connect to the internet. Modem itself is an abbreviation of modulator and demodulator.

If characterized as the name suggests, a modem has a two-way function, namely receiving analog signals, then converting them into digital signals so that they can be used on certain devices, such as computers.

Main Function of Modem

Modems have many main functions. The following are some of the main functions of a modem:

  1. Receive signals from your ISP or internet service provider.
  2. To get started, connect your network or mobile device to the internet.

Currently, modems are widely used, both in the form of ADSL models that require a telephone connection, USB stick modems, or WiFi or MiFi modems.

The ADSL modem function itself is important for dividing frequency delivery on dial-up connections in a network. For organizations large and small, networking hardware like this is essential for establishing internet connections.

Access Points

An access point is the next piece of computer network hardware required for internet access. An access point is a piece of hardware that helps transfer wireless signals from an ISP. An access point has the same function as a modem, but is more commonly referred to as a “hotspot”.

The access point will receive signals and data packets from the ISP, then send the signal within a certain radius so that clients or users can access internet content.

Computers and devices

The next most important hardware, of course, are the computers and gadgets we use to access the internet. Laptops, PCs, cellphones, tablets, even PDAs will all be able to connect to the internet network, allowing us to browse the web on our computers and gadgets.

Network Cables

Despite the prevalence of wireless technology today, network cables should not be overlooked. The current use of network cables is generally used as home broadband, which is widely used in homes and workplaces.

Computer network cables come in different varieties depending on user requirements and scope of use; therefore, the scope and types of cables used change.

The network cable will carry data packets provided by the ISP from the server and then forwarded to the recipient, which can be a modem or access point. When the modem and access point receive signals over the cable, the modem and access point can broadcast the internet network to clients, either wirelessly or via cable.


Servers are an important piece of hardware in computer networks, especially the internet. Data center servers are special computers designed for this purpose. Later, all data and information held by this server will be sent to clients and users using the internet.

As a result, even though we are connected to the network, there will be no content if there is no server. Additionally, the server is also responsible for determining access speed, as users will often experience slower access speeds the further the server is from the computer.


A router is a type of network hardware that is also widely used to access the internet. A router or known in Indonesian as a barrier is a piece of hardware that is tasked with carrying out the routing process and also distributing internet connections via protocol.

The function of this router is to increase the efficiency of computer networks, so that distributed networks become better. Routers often use existing routing tables to direct internet traffic to specific users or access points. The location of signals and data packets is determined by the routing table.

Wireless Network Adapter

A wireless network adapter is hardware that is inside a user's or client's computer that will access the internet.

A wireless network adapter is required so that a computer, PC, or other device can collect the wireless signals broadcast by the access point. With this wireless network adapter, any computer will connect to the internet wirelessly.

USB ports

Using a USB port for more than just a flash drive or external hard drive is a common misconception. USB ports are an important part of computer hardware when it comes to connecting to an internet network.

A USB Stick modem can be used to access a PC or computer to the internet via a USB connection. A better network for accessing the internet can be created by using the port function on another computer to access.

External Antenna

External antennas are simply a byproduct of devices connecting to the internet via hardware. This means an external antenna is only needed in special situations. The following are some situations that require an external antenna to access the internet:

  1. The building location is covered by a high fence
  2. BTS or remote transmitter site
  3. Bad signal

External antennas are often used for mobile broadband connections, which use wireless transmitters, such as in mobile broadband modems or smartphones.


You also need hardware and software programs to be able to access the internet. Whatever? To use the internet, you need the following software:

Web Browser

First and foremost, you need a browser to get online. The WWW, sometimes known as the world wide web, is accessed using a web browser.

Some internet-related tasks can be completed with web browser access. Currently, there are various web browsers that you can use according to your needs, including mobile and PC.


Drivers are software that enable certain computer hardware to function. At least, to access the internet, you must have one or all of the drivers below:

Wireless Network Adapter Drivers

A wireless network adapter driver is software that functions to carry out the functions of a wireless network adapter.

Your computer and PC may use wireless media to access the internet after the wireless network driver is loaded. It's important to keep this in mind because each type of adapter requires different drivers.

USB Stick Modem Drivers

Usually this driver is included with the USB modem stick that you buy. The USB Stick Modem will be installed on your PC or laptop using this software, ensuring it functions correctly and effectively.

Operating system

Remember to include operating system. All gadgets will not function properly if they do not have an operating system. To use the internet and various internet-related applications, you need an operating system such as Windows, Linux, or even Mac.


Below we have provided information regarding frequently asked questions, see below:

What is Internet Software?

Software, or software, is a collection of electronic data stored and managed by a computer device. Instructions or programs for executing customized orders are included in the electronic data.

What are the parts of the software?

Operating systems, programming languages, and application software form the three main categories of software.

What are the Types of Software?

Typically, there are two basic categories of software, namely system software and application software.

Does Software Include Computer Components?

Every instruction that goes to the hardware is carried out in a certain way by the software, making it an important part of the computer. Collection of electronic data, computer programs, or links to carry out various types of instructions may be construed as software.


Connecting an internet network requires the use of computer network hardware and software computer network. Some of the hardware we need to use the internet and their features are listed below.

An access point is a piece of hardware that helps transfer wireless signals from an ISP. Data center servers are special computers designed for this purpose. That's the information we can convey, hopefully it's useful!

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