How to Unblock PSE Kominfo Steam and Paypal 100% Successfully – This is how to unblock PSE Kominfo, the media world is suddenly bustling with platform blocking implemented by PSE Kominfo today 30/07/2022, many freelancers and gamers are screaming as a result of this blocking, Kominfo also explains that this is a temporary blocking.

The reason is that the platform only needs to complete PSE registration through Online Single Submissions - Risk Based Approach (OSS-RBA) so that it can run normally as usual.

So, on this occasion, we will share how to overcome the blocking so that you can still use or access the platform that is being blocked. While waiting for the completeness of the data being processed.

What is the Meaning of PSE Kominfo (Electronic System Operator)

Before discussing PSE or Electronic System Operators further, you must fully understand what PSE is.

An electronic system is a collection of electronic equipment and methods designed to prepare, collect, process, analyze, store, display, announce, transmit and/or disseminate electronic information.

Electronic system operator is any person, state administrator, corporation, or community that provides, organizes, and/or runs electronic systems to users of electronic systems for their own needs and/or third party needs, according to Article 1 paragraph (4) PP 71/ 2012.

Thus, it can be said that PSE is the use of electronic systems for public or private services by state administrators, individuals, business entities, and/or the public.

List of Digital Platforms Blocked by PSE Kominfo

  • Epic Games (Digital Game Platforms)
  • Steam (Digital Game Platforms)
  • DOTA (Digital Games)
  • Counter-Strike (Digital Games)
  • Origins (EA)
  • Paypal (Platform Finance Digital)

If friends open the platform above, the information "Error 522 or your connections is not private" will appear. So, how do you open access to a platform that is blocked by Kominfo.

How to Unblock PSE Kominfo

This method is quite easy to do but some friends media plan those who are still new to it, therefore we have summarized an easy way to unblock so that you can access applications or URLs that have been temporarily blocked by Kominfo.

We have implemented this method and it works both on PCs or laptops as well as on iOS and Android smartphones, and it is safe to use. So you don't need to worry about applying it. Immediately, Mimin will explain how below.

Access Using Chrome Browser

  1. Via Google Chrome Browser
  2. Open the menu in the three dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select Settings or Settings
  4. Then select Privacy and Security
  5. Then Select Menu Security
  6. After that, scroll down, select Use Secure DNS
  7. Enable the Use Secure DNS Button
  8. After that check "With", then select Cloudflare (
  9. Restart Your Chrome Browser Close then Reopen
  10. Please return to your platform or game that was previously inaccessible

The method above can be a solution to overcoming the Kominfo block and can be used on the Chrome desktop and Chrome mobile browsers.

Download Application Cloudflare Warp

Apart from the problem of not being able to access it via a desktop PC or laptop, netizens also complained that most platforms also cannot be accessed using a cellphone or smartphone on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

For some business people who are used to transacting using Paypal, this is a big obstacle, because the application they use is blocked because of this PSE Kominfo.

Here's a solution that you can apply to your smartphone, here's how:

  1. First download and install the application from the Google Playstore Androids and the Apps Store iOS
  2. For all operating systems please download here
  3. Then open the application that has been installed
  4. Then you can select the menu connect or Connect
  5. If the status has changed to connected or connected
  6. Please access the application again that you want to open
  7. Now you can access the paypal application again
  8. Done, Easy isn't it 🙂

Use software cloudflare warp on your PC or smartphone, this method is safe to use for carrying out financial or banking transaction activities, because Cloudflare has powerful security features and is widely used and trusted by many global companies.


Is it possible to access blocked Paypal using a cellphone?

You can still access Paypal Mobile safely using an additional application, namely the Cloudflare wrap, please download and install it first on Google Playstore or the App Store.

How to access blocked Steam and Epic Games on PC?

Please use a secure DNS site on the Chrome browser on a PC or laptop then change DNS using Cloudflare or Google (Public DNS) in the "Privacy and Security" Chrome browser settings menu.

What's the Difference Using Google DNS Chrome and Cloudflare Wrap?

The thing that makes the most difference is the purpose of your access first. If you want access for financial transactions, we recommend using the Cloudflare Wrap application or program, which can be installed on smartphones and PCs or laptops because it is safer.

But if your goal is to access platform games that need speed access, please use a proxy Google Public DNS can be set on your PC connection.


So that was an explanation of the meaning and how to unblock applications or programs that are blocked by PSE Kominfo, so you need to know that this blocking is only temporary until the organizers have finished completing the PSE Kominfo registrant process.

Thus later Kominfo will normalize the several platforms above, friends can use this method if there is an urgent matter that requires you to access the platform. Thank you, I hope this article is useful for all of us. Regards!

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