What is Application Software?

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Application software is a word that defines any application installed on a computer to carry out the work requested by the user. Also called application software, it may include text editors, spreadsheets, media players and more.

But there are programs that can perform much more complex tasks and perform specialized jobs. As a result, the available software utility applications are very wide. Some are made to handle specific applications, while others are for entertainment purposes only.

In recent years, technology has advanced rapidly, producing tools that make it easier for individuals to use computers and software to solve many types of problems.

That's why every day, new application software is produced and updated to make it better at what it does. That said, there is more than a single application software developed for almost anything we can think of.

Definition of System Software

Definition of System Software

system software is a form of software intended to interact with hardware or even application software. It serves as a link between computer hardware and software, coordinating the execution of various tasks.

System software comes in many flavors. You include the operating system, language processor, and device drivers. A common function of system software is to ensure that the hardware is fit for the job at hand.

The operating system handles hardware tasks such as memory management and file processing. Drivers manage the functionality of displays and other devices such as printers.

Definition of Application Software

An application is a piece of operating system software that is created to perform a specific function. Some of these jobs include processing documents, performing calculations, manipulating photos, editing movies, and more.

Word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and image editors are all types of application software.

Difference between Software and Application

So far, we have generally referred to software and applications as the same computer program. Software and applications, on the other hand, are fundamentally different concepts.

The ignorance and laziness of many people in hunting for knowledge is the reason why people think that software and applications are generally considered the same.

Software and applications can be considered in various aspects. As an example, we can observe the difference between the two in terms of definition and function. Hence, below are the differences between software and application.

Definition Side

To get started, let's look at the definition. Software, or in Indonesian it is defined as software, is a collection of programs that carry instructions for a computer. The operating system and all of its applications are considered software.

An application, on the other hand, is a piece of computer software designed to make certain computer tasks easier for its users. System and application software are two very separate things.

Applications can be accessed by users and users can run them on computers. Applications are more than just executable computer programs; it's also a way to talk to the end user.

Installation Side

The next part that makes a difference is at the installation stage. How to install software and applications vary greatly. especially the time it takes to install.

Software installation procedures usually take a long time. The software installation time may be up to several hours.

Installing apps takes a lot less time than doing it for software. Application installation usually takes no more than a few minutes. These variations are due to certain differences in the code embedded in the software and applications.

Function Side

Software and applications vary in terms of what you can do for a computer. There are many complex computer features packed into the software.

Among other things, controlling a lot of hardware so that it can function simultaneously, acting as a link between software and other hardware, as a translator of each other software's instructions into machine code so that it can be accepted by the hardware, as well as a list of programs.

Apps, on the other hand, are necessary cogs in machines running software. It can be said that, without software, the application cannot run. However, even if there is no application, the software still functions normally.

File Size Side

The difference in software and application file sizes is huge. A piece of software might be 1 gigabyte (GB) or more. While most of the apps are small, from 1 to hundreds of megabytes.

This difference is due to the software being composed of different groups of connected applications. This causes the software to take up a lot of space in its storage.

Meanwhile, in the application, some of the files included are only supporting files. Therefore, the app doesn't actually take up much space.

Price Side

In terms of price, software and applications have quite a big difference. For software, the price can be close to one million rupiah. For example, Windows software costs around 1 to 2 million RI for just 1 CD.

Definition of Application Software

The cost of apps, such as those found on the Google Play Store, are relatively reasonable. The typical price given varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Rupiah. In certain applications, the software is even offered free of charge, hence the term "free".

After observing these changes, the following is an example of the software used today.

Operating system

What is an operating system? The term "operating system" is a loan from the English system. “OS is another abbreviation for “Operating System.” OS presence is very important. Because the user will not be able to use the computer if the OS is lost.

Moreover, the role of the operating system is for users to make use of hardware and software. Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are just a few of the popular operating systems (OS) out there today.

When it comes to mobile devices, you have the choice of Android, iOS, or Windows (now not available any longer). There are several sample apps, some of which are listed here.

  1. Adobe Reader: A program that allows you to read documents in PDF format.
  2. CCleaner: an application that functions to delete junk files or junk files from computer devices.
  3. Internet Explorer is a program for navigating the Internet and cyberspace.
  4. Microsoft Word: Applications that operate to process words such as typing, changing, and also reading documents.
  5. Microsoft Excel (an application for manipulating numbers and tables)
  6. Microsoft Power Point-Application that works for presentations.
  7. Adobe Photoshop is a modern image processing and image editing application in one.
  8. Winamp is an application that helps play music and videos.
  9. Whatsapp is an application that is used to interact with other people through text applications or voice calls.
  10. Notepad is an application used for short notes. Notepad can also be used to create scripts for programmers, also known as developers.

Types of Application Software

Currently, various kinds of application software can be found. From here, application software is separated into categories according to the use or purpose for which it is designed. Relevant examples can be found below.

Application Settings

This is a collection of related applications. Application suites are created to provide a collection of applications with specific capabilities. But when viewed as a whole, all its parts are interconnected.

Business Software

In this context, "all-in-one" software refers to any program designed to meet the demands of the business as a whole. In addition, he is in charge of overseeing organizational procedures and information flow. There are several divisions in this software.

Department Software

Because they are specifically designed for small companies, these business software systems are referred to as “micro enterprise software”.

Information Worker Software

Difference between Software and Application

A kind of software that allows users to generate and modify data within departments or to do so for specific projects. This software is different from business management software.

Content Access Software

As long as you have software that allows you to edit content, you can add and change content without having to do anything else.

Educational Software

This software is related to the content access tool. Students and teachers can use this site's tools to study, teach, and run an educational institution.

Media Development Software

Application software of this kind is used to create written and digital content that others read and use, usually for educational purposes.

Product Engineering Software

This makes it possible to leverage and create new software and hardware components. Computer-aided design (CAD) applications and similar tools fall into this category. You often work in fields such as computer science and engineering.


The following are questions and answers about application software, including:

Any Application Software?

Many different types of graphic designs can now be changed using software. Many graphic design programs are software-friendly enough for those who haven't used them before.

Graphic design programs such as Corel Draw and Photoshop, as well as other well-known names such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, are all commonly used in software.

Name 5 software that you know and what are they used for?

  1. Microsoft Word Word processing can be done with the help of Microsoft Word.
  2. Microsoft Excel Numbers can be processed with the help of Microsoft Excel.
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint Making presentations using Microsoft Power Point is a common software today.
  4. Adobe Photoshop Photoshop is a process editing software program by Adobe.
  5. Mozilla Firefox is the web browser of choice. Internet can be accessed with Mozilla Firefox, a software.

Why is Application Software Necessary?

You can use it to accomplish a variety of things, including internet research, record keeping, setting alarms, creating graphs, tracking financial transactions, running software, and even playing games.


So that's an explanation of application software. When viewed as a whole, all its parts are interconnected. Application software is broken down into various categories based on their intended use or purpose. Relevant examples can be found above.

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