Negative and Positive Influences of Technology Development Humans experience negative and positive influences from technological advances. Humans can benefit from the use of social media. Let's see the article below.

The development of information and communication technology (ICT) is currently very rapid. Through its flagship features, especially the internet, communication and information technology is currently one of the top types of technology, both from the positive and negative sides of its application.

Indeed, as a rapidly developing technology, information and communication technology certainly has many benefits and cons. Some are aware of it, while some may not be aware of it, because it has become part of the identity of a particular individual.

Technology has become a part of human existence. Over time, humanity invented and built more complex technologies. Advances in technology have made human work easier.

In addition to fulfilling basic human needs, technology has also developed to meet the demands of entertainment. There are positive and negative consequences. One thing that is immediately felt is the presence of social media in modern information technology.

A large number of individuals are directly affected by the emergence of social media. Therefore, what are the weaknesses of modern information technology advances?

The Relationship between Negative and Positive Influences

The Relationship between Negative and Positive Influences

“Negative affect”, on the other hand, means that you see the world through a more negative lens, that you have negative emotions and that you surround yourself with more negativity. To have a “positive influence” refers to a person's predisposition to feel positive emotions and engage with people and with life's obstacles in a positive way.

Negative effects

Here's a negative influence information and communication technology in daily life:


This is one of the most detrimental results of technical progress for today's society. Many individuals can now freely access pornographic material on the internet through various devices.

In fact, as an advertisement, it has been widely disseminated through public blogs. It's tiring and, at times, just hard to control your material. Several years ago, the government imposed restrictions on pornography, but not anymore.

Online Game Addiction

Initially, games were anything that entertained and relieved one's boredom. Many electronic gadgets have built-in gaming capabilities even before the advent of the internet.

Examples include cell phones and ringtones. Online games, on the other hand, can cause players to lose track of time. Furthermore, students make up a large part of the game's user base. Students who are addicted to internet games cannot complete your schoolwork.

Stretching Social Relationships in Real Life

Long distance relationships can be strengthened thanks to modern technology. Two people who are separated by a great distance but can communicate at any time. With the development of various types of communication applications, communication is no longer an expensive thing.

Negative effects

Finally, the advantage of talking to individuals who are far away begins to have a negative effect on a person's social interactions with those close to him.

Even if two individuals are in the same room and are intimate with each other, you may not be able to communicate because you are engrossed in your electronic devices. We often find this in young individuals resting in cafes.

Many Fake Accounts Appear

Individual freedom to play on social media allows many fake accounts to spread. Anyone can create a fake account for many reasons. Obviously, the strongest argument is that you don't want your identity to be known by people in the real world.

Therein lies the dividing line between the virtual world and the physical world. Fake accounts are usually used for fan accounts and negative accounts if fake accounts are used to impersonate other people and mislead you.

Radiation from Gadgets

Electromagnetic waves are used in many high-tech gadgets. Within the device, it may create or use a different waveform.

Starting from visible light waves with varying frequencies, to high-frequency waves. These high-frequency electromagnetic waves cause radiation that is detrimental to the human body.

That's why cell phone use 24 hours a day is not recommended. Every day, one has to take a few hours away from electronics.

Reducing the Desire to Learn for Students

Students, in particular, find engaging in various forms of online play, social networking, or even just watching movies on YouTube a very enjoyable experience.

To continue their education, students from kindergarten to high school are familiar with technological tools.

But the terrible problem is that many students do not use gadgets for education, but only for fun. There is no more motivation to study for a student whose hand is still holding a cell phone.

Increasing Fraud

Various frauds that occur are still directly related to fake accounts that are spread in the realm of social media. The most common are online retail scams. This fraud is generally carried out by dishonest internet business people.

Merchants disappear without a trace after the customer gives a certain amount of money. Investigating incidents of internet fraud is no simple matter.

To avoid being taken advantage of, be careful when looking for online store accounts or making purchases on trading platforms that already have well-known brands attached to them. Such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, JD ID, and many more.

Influence of Social Behavior

Online Game Addiction

The behavioral influences associated with technological advancements are quite broad. One can learn the culture of other regions. For those of you who are not good enough to swallow your information, the behavior of people in other countries can be carried out in your own country, even if it is wrong.

For example, western culture practiced by individuals living in eastern countries certainly cannot be embraced by the people around them.

This is all one of the negative influences of technological advances in everyday life. After all, social life with those closest to you is more important than observing the behavior of others who are far away.

Exhibition Event

Anyone can publish whatever you want on social media. Showing off is an all-too-common social media disease. Showing off people through social media accounts can be in the form of locations visited, items owned, or aspects of their social life.

The degree of bragging differs from account to account. Showing off might be annoying if it's too much. Especially if someone shows off on social media, it doesn't reflect the truth in his life.

Freedom to Write Inappropriate Speech

This negative effect is also called nyinyir. There's no denying that the ability to put anything on social media, blogs or YouTube will lead to more meaningful content.

Many of the comment areas on the blog actually include hate speech in unregulated language. A good example of this is in artist comments. People on social media will definitely be critical in their comments.

This scathing statement clearly had a bad effect on the individual being commented on. It is possible that someone else's careless and inaccurate writing has taken a toll on that person's mental health.

Positive effect

Following are the positive influences of information and communication technology in everyday life:

Many Fake Accounts Appear

Accelerate Information Flow

The current flow of information is very fast. It seems out of control until now. However, this is one of the positive aspects because it can convey information about an incident quickly, but sometimes it is erroneous and incorrect.

An important aspect of the growth of accessible information and communication is the ability of information to feed back on its output.

As a result, it offers unique advantages for each user. As the number of people using the internet increases, so does the speed at which computer networks develop.

Facilitate Access To The Latest Information

This is a direct consequence of the ever-increasing speed of information exchange. With information and communication technology that is developing very rapidly, everyone will be able to obtain information easily.

This information is available to anyone, anytime, from anywhere. This will allow people to increase your knowledge and understanding. However, sometimes the validity and authenticity of such information is questioned.

This shows that the internet is one of the most common methods of communication. As a result of its global reach, it is accessible to anyone. This is where the benefits of computer networks as a way to connect to the internet become more ideal.

Social media

Social media is also another positive influence of the growth of information and communication technology. Social media may have various advantages, one of which is being able to connect people with new people and strengthen interactions between people.

One of them is Facebook, for example. This massive website has grown to become one of the most used social networking platforms.

Facebook can be used to promote companies as well as expand one's network of online friends. Facebook has many advantages for individuals, but it is especially beneficial for businesses of all sizes, both small and large.

Assisting Individuals in Searching for Information

In obtaining fresh and warm information, information and communication technology plays an important role. With the faster flow of information, it will be easier for users to find the information you are looking for.

The influence of the internet on student success is a highly measurable one. Having access to a wider range of resources in each subject allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and subjects taught in your school.

As a result, these children are exposed to ideas and perspectives from around the world, not just from your own institution.

Entertainment Media

Information and communication technology (ICT) can now be used for fun and relaxation. Information and communication technology today allows various entertainment media for everyone.

For example, developments in information and communication technology have made it easier for people to get lost in games, music, and even ideas. This type of entertainment can also help people feel less stressed.

Information and communication technology (ICT) can serve as a simple entertainment technology for some people. Not just as a vehicle for information, the internet can be a way to broaden one's horizons, for example by viewing films that are circulating on the internet.

Positively, this entertainment program is not intended to provide negative information to consumers that can harm your health.

Facilitate Communication with Other Distant Individuals

Communication is one of the most important things that must be done by humans as social beings. Thanks to advances in information and communication technology, interacting with other people has never been easier.

In the past, we had to wait days to use mail. Now, thanks to information and communication technology, we can send messages quickly and easily within seconds.

This is one of the main reasons behind the rapid advancement of computer technology. Some people love chatting on your smartphone, and this is especially true now that smartphone usage is on the rise worldwide.

Sharing and File Sharing

Everyone has to keep track of files and papers these days. Both music files or important papers can be transferred via the internet, which is a product of information and communication technology.

Positive effect

Everyone can easily exchange files and documents now that we have the ability to store our information in cloud storage or other internet based storage media.

The activity of sharing files with the target user certainly requires security that is sufficiently secure so that the material sent remains confidential until the person concerned receives it.

To keep shared information safe, it's important to learn how to keep computer networks secure.

Has Many Positive Influences in the World of Education

Another influence that is most felt from the growth of information and communication technology is in the field of education. It will be easier to get study materials and everything related to school.

Therefore, everyone's educational needs will be met in a more effective and efficient way. This is an advantage of studying computer technology that can be used to help complete school projects and college assignments.

There is no doubt that technology will play a bigger and bigger role in ensuring that all students have more and better educational opportunities in the future.

As a Location for Buying and Selling Business

Many new jobs have been created as a result of the rapid advances in information and communication technology, namely through the growth of online retailers and companies.

This changes the supremacy of selling goods through physical storefronts because they are considered cheaper, more practical, and also more efficient in terms of product promotion.

More individuals will be able to work because of these internet businesses, which are creating jobs for those of you that didn't have any before.

You can also use the internet to spread the word about your business, as an information system function is required in both cases.

Helps Solve Problems Easily

Accelerate Information Flow

Problem solving is assisted by advances in information and communication technology. Information and communication technology can help you solve your problems by making it easier to talk to each other and faster to get information.


The use of social media which is part of technological advances has caused various negative and positive influences. Even if there is a negative influence on technology, this does not exclude further technology.

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