New Features iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 Check for updates here – Apple has released the iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 update, this update is provided 2 weeks after the previous version was launched, see the info in this article.

Several new features and improvements are being tested for iOS 16 beta users in the iOS 16 Beta 3 update. Some of these include new wallpapers, Lockdown Mode, new fonts for the lockscreen and much more.

Apple officially revealed iOS 16 at a ceremony at WWDC 2022. Like previous leaks and reports, Apple has included system-wide updates and upgrades. Following are some of the most awaited features for iPhone with iOS 16 update.

A software update for iOS 16 will appear later this year for the iPhone 8 and subsequent devices. It is likely that this update will be sent by Apple in September.

As part of this update, the operating system lock screen and notification system have all been rebuilt as part of this update.

There are more reasons to pay attention to iOS 16 than just a software update for the current iPhone. The next iPhone will come with iOS 16 already set as the default operating system.

So, the iOS 16 update may also give us some insight into what Apple is planning for the iPhone 14 models, which are reportedly due later this year.

New Features and Improvements iOS 16 Developer Beta 3

This week, a developer preview will be available, followed by a public beta next month, before a general release later in the year. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what's new in iOS 16.

New Features and Improvements iOS 16 Developer Beta 3

New Features Lock Screen

The previous iOS Lock Screen has been completely redesigned. Some big and interesting changes have been made; some of them are very similar to the changes Google made to Android.

A changeable theme will have a background that looks like a widget and font and color filters that allow users to show off their own style.

Widgets for upcoming calendar events and sports status can also be added, and multiple widgets can be selected, while Apple defaults and backgrounds can be selected.

iOS 16 will also provide a Photo Shuffle option, which will allow users to instantly swap their lock screens. The update will also include support for weather wallpapers, which will display weather conditions right on the lock screen, or astronomy wallpapers, for views of the Earth, Moon and solar system.

Notifications in iOS 16 have been redesigned by Apple so that they no longer interfere with background customization and lock screen layouts. Lock screen alerts in iOS will now scroll from the bottom of the screen, making it easier to touch and access with one hand.

The Live Activity API can also be used by apps that display real-time game scores, track offline journey progress, or allow users to control music from their lock screen.

New Features Focus Modes

Focus mode launched with the launch of iOS 15, and Apple extended it to the lock screen with the iOS 16 update. Focus mode can now be activated by swiping down from the lock screen.

New Features Focus Modes

Focus mode can now be assigned to lock screen wallpapers and widgets, allowing users to quickly switch between them by swiping to the relevant lock screen.

With iOS 16, Apple is also adding distraction management to its own apps. Users will be able to block tabs, accounts, email, and features in apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari.

In the Messages app, for example, Apple will notify users with a notification that says “Filtered by Focus.” This capability will also be extended to third-party applications.


The Text function received a major update, including the ability to change messages. This is a function provided on some chat applications, such as Telegram. Users can also unsend messages, allowing users to remember texts—much like features in the Signal, Instagram, and WhatsApp apps.

Messages can be marked as unread by the user so they can be returned at a later time. The SharePlay function is also accessible in Messages, which allows users to view synced content, including movies and music, while sharing playback controls in Messages conversations.


In iOS 16, the Mail app will include email scheduling. Users can also unsend emails before they are delivered to the recipient's inbox. If a user forgets to include an email attachment, they'll be notified. It should be noted that Google's Gmail also offers this capability.
Live Text and Visual Search

Live Text and Visual Lookup

Live Captions has several improvements in iOS 16. Subtitles can be dragged from videos, and movies can be paused at any time so you can select the desired captions. You can also highlight most foreign text with Live Captions on Translate.

Live Text and Visual Lookup

In iOS 16, several improvements will also be made to Visual Lookup. This tool helps you emphasize the topic of the question. Simply lift and drop the object into the desired application while holding down the shift key. Apple recommends Messages as an alternative.


Sharing digital keys with others via the Messages app will soon be possible with Apple Wallet. This will allow others to directly use that key in their own Wallet app. Apple is working with the IETF to create an industry standard, so key sharing can be used by people who don't use Apple.

Apple also said it will support Apple Pay Later, a system that allows customers to make four payments without interest or fees.

It can be used anywhere that supports Apple Pay. Apple will also let consumers verify orders and monitor deliveries. Apple has teamed up with Shopify to bring you this functionality.

Apple Maps

An update to the Apple Maps app will bring the service to 11 more countries later this year. More realistically, you can now add up to fifteen stops on an Apple Maps route, allowing you to travel places with ease. Ask Siri or create a route on your Mac ahead of time and send it to your iPhone via email or iMessage.

If you use public transportation, you can now check trip prices on Apple Maps. You can also add a transit card to the Apple Wallet app to see if you have enough credit to get to your destination.

News & Sports

Apple News will soon have a dedicated sports section where you can keep up with all the latest news and information about your favorite teams and leagues. In our Sports area you can check schedules, results and highlights. The Apple TV app keeps track of everything you've done.

It will be free in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Apple News+ members will get access to premium content for their favorite sports teams.

Family Sharing

Apple has introduced an update to Family Sharing, which allows parents to control their children's accounts. They will be able to set limits on what applications and materials can be accessed.

Children can request additional device time via messages with parents, and apples also provides support for quick installation.


The iCould Shared Photo Library is coming to iOS 16 and will allow users to share photos with up to five other users. You have the option of selecting individual photos from your photo library or date range to include in your collage.

Users can even choose to automatically select who will share certain photos when they click on the camera due to a new toggle that will be enabled with the iOS 16 update.

The six people who are part of the iCould Shared Photo Library will have equal rights to add, change, delete, or favorite photos in the group.

iCould Shared Photo Libraries on iOS 16 will also show recommendations for users to share certain photos that include members in shared libraries, according to the company.

New Safety Check feature

A button called Start Emergency Reset will allow users who are in a dangerous position or victims of domestic violence to quickly press a button called Start Emergency Reset.

New Safety Check feature

When logged out from another device, this function stops the current device from receiving messages from other devices by resetting privacy permissions on all apps, stopping location sharing, and protecting all communications.


New features include new wallpapers, Lockdown Mode and fonts for the lock screen. The next iPhone will come with iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 already set as the default operating system.

Apple may also release iOS 16 for iPhone 14 later this year. Notifications scroll from the bottom of the screen, making it easier to use with one hand.

Focus mode can now be activated by swiping down from the lock screen; third-party applications can also use this feature. Maps will let you add up to fifteen stops on your Apple Maps route.

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