Opera Touch for iOS renamed “Opera” on its 3rd anniversary

www.rancakmedia.com – Opera has revised the Opera Touch browser for iPhone and iPad models in commemoration of the platform's third anniversary and renamed it “Opera”. With the update, the browser gets a modern user interface that retains the minimalist style and core functionality of its predecessor, but changes animations, colors, themes, and several other visual changes, including a flatter design.

The Opera Touch design's signature quick action buttons are retained, allowing users to browse easily with one hand.

In a blog post announcing the renaming of Opera Touch to Opera for iOS, the company said: “The most noticeable changes are revised aspects of the browser's user interface, such as the introduction of new colors.

When you run Opera on your iOS – Using the device, you will also see the purple logo on the main screen turning red. Another visual change will be made to the main UI background animation as we introduce a cleaner and smoother design for a smoother look. ”

Despite these changes, Opera is getting a new theme with “rich and impactful” colors, while the quick action buttons are now less transparent than before. The company states that all popular Opera Touch for iOS features have been carried over to the new version, including speed dial bubbles, a built-in ad blocker, cookie dialog blocker, Flow cross-device sync feature, cryptocurrency mining protection, and a crypto wallet.

In his press release, Jona Bolin, Opera Product Manager for iOS, explained the importance of the introduction of iOS 14 for the company. “Since we launched iOS 14 last year, when Apple announced that users could change their default browser, we've seen tremendous interest in our flagship browser for iOS, especially from users in North America and Europe. ”

We plan to add more changes to the user interface in the coming months. These additions improve usability and aesthetics to bring our users a more enjoyable browsing experience on their beautiful iOS devices. This is something unique that no other browser currently available on the App Store has. “Adding Bolin.

Browsers Opera revised and renamed for iOS devices listed on the App Store. In other news about Opera, the browser for Android recently received an update that offers features such as a built-in media player, WebSnap functionality, and better access to a QR scanner. The v61 update also fixes over 300 issues and supports picture-in-picture functionality.

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