How to Make Online Games on an Android Phone – You can do the best way to make online games on Android, but do you know how? if you need help please read this article.

Making video games appeal to a wide audience. Thanks to the entry of the smartphone era and other tiny gadgets such as tablet computers, more and more individuals now prefer to play online games.

Google Play Store is the only place where you can download various games quickly, practically and for free. It's a significant departure from the days when we could only play video games by buying or renting them from video arcades.

Many developers were drawn to the field of game development by these and other games, as well as by the widespread desire for video games. Many developers can innovate by developing multiplayer Android games even if the server infrastructure exists.

People around the world are increasingly liking Android multiplayer games because they can be played with other people and generally look more entertaining than single player games.

Games are often used to create multiplayer games. Currently there is already a sub-genre of RPG games known as MMORPG games.

While RPGs are easier to create, games are much more complex. This is because games still require experienced programmers to build with a lot of time, money and effort.

On the other hand, multiplayer Android RPG games are very easy to make. There's even a technique for developing internet games on Android phones that's easy and without coding!

Curious about how to develop Android multiplayer games? Let's see together how to develop our simplest Android multiplayer game in the following post. Happy reading!

How to Make Multiplayer Online Games for Beginners: Ngoding and No Ngoding

The process for creating Android multiplayer games is quite similar to the process for creating Android apps in general. However, if examined further, there are differences in how to develop online games on Android phones by making standard Android applications.

How to Make a Multiplayer Online Game

Android multiplayer games are also known as RPGs. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Many people like to play this kind of role-playing games in online groups or on various mobile gadgets because of their convenience to be played in multiples.

This Android RPG multiplayer game has various themes, including Pokemon, Among Us, Mobile Legend, PUBG, and many more. Do you want to make your own Android multiplayer game?

Many people think that if they want to make their own game, they have to know how to code (write a programming language) first.

However, it turns out that Android phones can develop online games without having any knowledge of programming. Like what?

In the next sections, we'll talk about how to make a multiplayer Android game by coding with Android Studio and how to make it without coding with the RPG Maker program.

Making RPG Online Games Without Coding: RPG Maker

RPG Maker is a necessary piece of software if you want to learn how to make online games for your Android smartphone without knowing any code. RPG Maker is a piece of software that allows you to create your own multiplayer Android games in a sensible way.

Making RPG Online Games Without Coding

Even so, you can still develop your own game even if you don't have or are not very proficient in learning coding methods and even creating characters in RPG games.

RPG Maker can be used to develop various online games for Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5 in the browser. RPG game developers can take advantage of the additional capabilities provided by this program, including high-resolution graphics and support for mouse and touchscreen controls.

RPG Maker requires the following hardware to function properly:

  1. HDD 2GB
  2. 2GB of RAM
  3. Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs
  4. Windows OS 7 to 10 (32 bit or 64 bit) or Mac OS X version 10.10 and above
  5. Display screen 1,280 x 768 and above
  6. OpenGLR Graphics

Since RPG Maker already has programming techniques, adding and editing data in the game database is very easy with this application. You can change the player character and appearance with the current template by using one of the immediate abilities that have been given.

You can also add criteria for character skills, weapons, and character accessories, as well as locations, enemies, and story to your game. It's as simple as clicking “add” or “edit” to get started!

Creating RPG Games with Simple Ngoding: Android Studio

If you want to try making multiplayer Android games while learning coding, you can try creating game apps with Android Studio. Android Studio is a well-known IDE which is used to create applications for Android devices.

Making RPG Games with Simple Ngoding

For example, if you already have basic programming skills, we highly recommend strengthening your knowledge by writing a simple multiplayer game using Android Studio.

Installing Android Studio and the Android SDK is a must for creating basic multiplayer games using Android Studio. Android apps cannot be built without the Vulkan and OpenGL APIs offered by these two programs.

Android Studio requires at least knowledge of the Java programming language. Then, you can use the Unreal Engine or Unity software together with the Android Studio IDE to create stunning game visual appearance designs.

The combination of different pieces of software makes the process of creating Android games different and a bit more complicated than when coding a standard Android app.

The Unreal engine and Unity serve different purposes, depending on the type of game you want to make. For basic 2D virtual games that don't drain the battery too much, Unity uses the C# programming language. Meanwhile, Unreal is ideal for creating 3D games with more complex visual elements.

You can now start using these tools to create games if all prerequisites have been met. You have to start by building the "body" of the application initially (backend side) using Android Studio and the Java programming language.

Then, the layout is finalized by programming the presentation (front end) of the game using Unity or Unreal. Here too, you can add additional effects such as the developer logo, sound effects, music, and so on.

What is your game concept, what genre do you want to bring to the game, and what problems and narratives do players have to deal with?

From there, after that, you can find various benefits and originality in the games you design. To speed up game production, it's a good idea to have an idea for a game before you start looking for technology to work with. Are you ready for the challenge of making Android-based online games?

We appreciate your interest and participation in this topic. Find additional articles and resources about game development and other information technology games by doing an online search. We will catch up with you in the next issue of our publication.

How to Make Your Own Game on Android with the Draw Your Game Application

The Draw Your Gaming phone for Android phones allows you to create your own video games. For a unique reason, you don't need to create complicated designs or code anything.

All you have to do is draw using colored markers on white paper and take a picture. Curious as to what the game will be like later? Take a good look at this first.

How to Make Your Own Games on Android with Applications

  1. Download and install the Draw Your Game program first.
  2. First, design your game environment by sketching on HVS paper using the following conditions: Black for floors and walls, green for trampolines that can make you bounce, blue for objects that move or fall when touched, and red for deadly objects that can kill you. you if you contact him.
  3. Then, launch the Draw Your Game program that you installed earlier.
  4. Click “Create” after you open the app.
  5. Pay attention to what is written. Just click the Next button.
  6. Click "OK."
  7. Then, select “Photos” to take pictures directly from your Android phone. Or click "Gallery" to view the gallery on your Android phone.
  8. The image you have generated
  9. After that, return the Android robot to where it was before you started. After that, just press the Play button in the middle of the screen.
  10. It can be played

That's it for creating your own Android game. Gameplay given in this program is very easy. Your imagination in making maps is needed to make this game interesting. Placement of colorful objects, shapes and paths; you can design your own to make it an interesting game.

That's how to develop a basic Android multiplayer game. It is best to start with a concept for a multiplayer Android smartphone game before implementing other games. Decide on the game idea you want to create before doing anything else.


Google Play Store is the only place where you can download games quickly, conveniently and for free. There's even a technique for developing internet games on Android phones that's easy and without coding!

Let's see together how to develop the simplest Android multiplayer game. RPG Maker is a piece of software that allows you to create your own multiplayer Android games in a sensible way.

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