Download the latest version of YouTube Go available in Indonesia – In this article we will discuss YouTube Go, we will provide a download link for the latest version of YouTube Go available in Indonesia. If you want to know more about YouTube Go, see below.

Then what are the advantages of the Youtube Go application? Make sure you listen all the way through, because we'll cover everything from the app's awesome features to download and installation instructions and more in our in-depth review later.

In addition to music videos and funny videos, YouTube also offers news, documentaries and other video genres from around the world, as they are well known. But of course, to enjoy these videos an internet connection is required, either through a quota package or wifi.

What is YouTube Go

It is a blessing that video fans YouTube can save money on data by using the Youtube Go app, which allows users to switch between their desktop and mobile versions.

By utilizing this application, you can enjoy streaming YouTube videos for free and it's fun.

You can see for yourself why this particular app is gaining popularity, not only because it's easier to use, but also because it offers a lot of unique features that weren't available in the original version.

Moreover, now the application has been used by as many as 130 countries. In general, it's the same as the official version, of course; the only difference is that there are some cool extra options.

What Is YouTube Go?

Youtube Go is an application that will make it easier for people to access on mobile devices. There are also unique features included in the Youtube application, such as users can download videos so that they can be accessed offline on the Youtube application when there is no internet connection.

But sometimes the Youtube application is also quite difficult to access when the internet connection is bad. To that end, Youtube has just announced its newest app for Android phones called Youtube Go.

Initially, the beta version of Youtube Go was introduced on the Google Play Store in April 2017, but now Youtube has announced that this application is officially available in India and Indonesia.

List of YouTube Go Functions

Before giving download youtube go, here's a quick look at Youtube Go, a data-saving video streaming application that can run when internet bandwidth is slow.

To try the functions provided in this application, we immediately download it on the Google Play Store.

List of YouTube Go Functions

After the Youtube Go application was installed on our Android smartphone, we were immediately asked to enter a telephone number to monitor friends who also use this application.

Next, we are asked to enter an email as an account on this Youtube Go. Finally, we will be given a verification code via SMS and type the code in the field provided by the application.

To set it apart from other Youtube experiences, the Youtube Go app offers three different video quality levels: Basic (144p), Standard (360p), and High (480p).

Even users will also be given the option to watch directly with the Play menu or download videos with the Download menu. Even if you don't have Internet connectivity, you can still enjoy the videos that you have downloaded.

Another important feature is Send and Receive, which makes it easy for fellow Youtube Go users to share movies that you download via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connections.

In this application, Youtube focuses on making it easier for users to access videos from around the world, downloading videos to watch offline, and allowing users to share movies with friends and family when you are not connected to the Internet.

YouTube Go Reviews

As you know, Youtube Go is an Android or iOS-based application, or you can even access it on all devices.

There are many interesting things that you will find in it. Curious, right? Internet problems such as slow network and others are also a factor in the existence of the application.

Even though the network may be less reliable, the Youtube Go app provides solutions to various problems that may arise when trying to watch videos on videos, such as buffering and stuttering. The most interesting item you will find in the app is the access bypass.


As a result, if you don't have a data plan or want to save on quota but still want to see all the cool videos on YouTube, this application is perfect for you. The point is that you can now select the videos you like and download them instantly.

Featured Features of the Latest Version of Youtube Go

Present features that are attractive and significantly superior to the original edition make it a separate reason for YouTube video viewers to switch to the latest version, namely Youtube Go.

Of course that's a natural thing, considering the more interesting the features offered, the more comfortable you will be when using them.

Before downloading YouTube Go, you need to know the features available on YouTube Go, as follows:

Featured Features of the Latest Version of Youtube Go

1. Save More Quota

Google results, like Youtube Go, have a real impact. Regardless of the smartphone model you have, anyone can be sure that the Youtube application with various features and requirements is available to you.

While watching videos, you can save data and be more productive with the latest version. Comparing this application with the official Youtube application, you will see that this application uses much less data plan.

That's one of the main reasons why more and more apps are using and seem to love all the new capabilities.

2. Can Do Preview Previously

Then also later all users can see at a glance the contents of the video they want to save before downloading it on the Smartphone device that is being used.

You can save and download videos immediately if you are sure of the quality. The presence of this preview option can certainly eliminate many possibilities when there is a video that you don't like.

As is well known, there are many types of "clickbait" videos on YouTube which rely solely on titles and therefore do not accurately reflect the substance of the video. Then after that you can avoid videos that appear as normal spam.

3. Can Determine Video Size

How could it not be, Google itself continues to strive to provide the best for all of its users, especially to understand every consumer demand.

Downloading videos that will be stored in the device's memory can most likely affect the performance of the phone itself.

Therefore, here you are given free access to choose video alternatives according to the size you want, starting from standard, medium, to super HD resolution depending on the demands and tastes of each in the process of enjoying it. Well, and for those of you who want to save storage, visual quality videos are the solution.

4. Can Move Videos to Other Devices

No need to worry about deleting downloaded files or reducing the amount of external storage space available on the device.

List of Pros and Cons of YouTube Go

Here after that you yourself can switch to another device if you are sure that the file size is too large and takes up a lot of storage space. Apart from that, the share option allows you to share the downloaded videos.

5. The size capacity is relatively light

Not much different from the two current versions of the Youtube application, both have a slightly lower file size capacity when compared to the regular version. The file size is only 66 MB, so it won't cause slow device performance or problems.

Regardless of the type of Android, of course you can install the application, and now you can be more relieved when using this exciting video service provider application, so that the impression is much more pleasant and you seem to like every dish of the program.

6. Support on All Devices

The last great benefit is that the app supports installation on a wide variety of devices, including Android and iOS.

Unlike most other applications, which are only compatible with one device's operating system. Of course, this is a significant development that should be taken advantage of quickly.

Then you can also use the application on devices with Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.1 or above. What features are still being discussed that make you reluctant not to download the application right away?

List of Pros and Cons of YouTube Go

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube Go, as follows:

Pros of YouTube Go

You need to know, that at the end of 2017, Google is producing various applications titled Go. This application is an attempt by Google for low-end cellphone users so that you can still enjoy all services like high-end cellphones.


This Go application only has a capacity of a few MB. Now you can easily use YouTube Go on phones with 1GB of RAM or phones with up to 512GB of RAM.

You need to know the advantages of YouTube Go before downloading YouTube Go, as follows:

1. Doesn't Consume Memory

The first applications using Go were very small applications. Only 9.4 to 25 MB of data is required to run this Go app.

However, despite its relatively modest size, the functionality within the Go application is the same as that of the conventional YouTube application.

As a result, you don't have to worry about Go apps taking up space on your phone.

2. Save Quota

This Go application allows users to save and play videos according to the size you choose.

This function will not waste your quota; instead, it will help you make better use of the available quota.

Apart from that, you can also save videos that you want to watch later. The videos that you can download have several quality options.

Starting from Basiq Quality at 144p, Standard Quality at 360p, and finally High Quality at 480p. You can choose the quality of this video according to your wishes and requests.

3. Easier to Share Videos

YouTube Go users can also send videos to each other through this application. Downloaded videos are the only ones that can be shared.

How to Install Youtube Go

you simply click the share menu at the top of the Go application display. After that, you can immediately send the video.

4. Compatible with Low OS

Another advantage of what YouTube Go is is that the program is fully compatible with low os. This Go app is compatible with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean smartphones.

5. Manage Data

Go users can choose how much data you want to consume while watching videos. In the end, we want to know how much data is consumed to view the video.

6. Has a Preview Feature

It's clear that the Go app differs from the standard YouTube app in many ways. In this application, you can watch video clips that you will watch later.

You will not waste your quota this way.

Weaknesses of YouTube Go

Naturally, if there are advantages, there must also be disadvantages. Likewise with this Go application which also has certain limitations that you need to know.

1. Poor Image Quality

For those of you who may have tried playing videos through the Go application on a small size, of course you will be disturbed by the quality of the video.

You can save quota by using this small video size. Unfortunately, this has an impact on the quality of the final image.

The image quality you will get is cracked and not very clear. Image quality may not be an issue for everyone. However, blurry images will be annoying for some people.

Important Things About Youtube Go App

2. No Comment Column

Another problem with YouTube Go is that there is no comment column like the YouTube application in general.

This Go app definitely offers a lot of characteristics from the regular YouTube. If you want to leave comments on the videos you watch, you're better off using the regular YouTube app.

3. Unable to Enter Profile

In this Go app, you will not be able to access the profile or other video collections of a certain channel after you start the video.

So, if you really want to find other videos, then you can search for these videos by searching one by one.

Download Youtube Go

So, for those of you who are interested in the Youtube Go application, below we will provide a safe and reliable download link along with application details.

Also make sure you are more careful and selective when you want to choose the link that you will search on the internet.

At present, there are many links that are deliberately built with a specific purpose or even seeking unilateral benefits by irresponsible parties.

1. YouTube MP3 and MP4 Downloader

If you know that many bad things have happened to users because they chose the download link, such as being hacked, data leaks, devices exposed to malware viruses, and so on.

We are confident in the safety and reliability of the download links we provide, so you will have more reasons to get excited and experience something new than ever before.

For your convenience, we have provided the following additional details:

  1. Youtube Go App Name
  2. File Size 13.24 MB
  3. Minimum OS Android 5.0+
  4. No Root Required
  5. Version 3.23.53

How to Install Youtube Go

The installation process is different from other apps that you can download from the Google Play Store because they are made by third parties.

For that, pay close attention to what is conveyed so that no steps are missed. Following are the steps to complete the installation:

2. YT3 Music Downloader

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded it via the download link that we have shared above
  2. Then if you have downloaded it, make sure not to install it right away
  3. Please first go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device
  4. Then look for the Privacy and Security menu again
  5. Please check the words Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources to give permission regarding its installation on the device
  6. Success and good luck

Also keep in mind that we recommend that you follow all the installation steps as explained above, because if you do just one step, you may have to download and reinstall the application. Because later it will be difficult to open and you cannot use the application.

Important Things About Youtube Go App

Even though Youtube Go has some advantages over the original version, you should be aware of some disadvantages which only serve as a guide while using it.

However, as of now, no app is perfect in every way. The following are critical reviews of applications that you should read carefully:

Image Quality

If you have ever watched a video with a small file size, this application will definitely make you uncomfortable, because the videos that are displayed are very small and not at all what they are used to.

While the data plan used can save you money, the video display is unpleasant, broken, confusing, and actually corresponds to a reduction in data usage itself, when presented this way.

The higher the cost of the package used, the more obvious the results will be, on the other hand, with this one application, this is certainly a natural thing.

No Comment Feature Available

Furthermore, as we pointed out in the points above, this latest version does look different from other versions of Youtube.

One of the peculiarities inherent in this application is that this application does not have a comment option, so afterwards you cannot add comments related to the video you are watching.

Cannot Access Profile

Of course, you can easily access your profile and many other video programs from various existing channels if you use the traditional Youtube platform.

But it's different from this application, you have to see the video first by searching for one video at a time if you want to find another video.

List of the Best Youtube Go Video Download Applications

Before downloading YouTube go, here is a list of the best video download applications as follows:

1. YouTube MP3 and MP4 Downloader

This Youtube Go video download application is indeed very interesting, because apart from being easy to use, it also has a rather plain aesthetic.

That way, anyone can use it easily and quickly. Downloading videos in MP3 and MP4 formats is very fast thanks to our video downloader.

2. YT3 Music Downloader

YT3 Music Downloader is easy to use, just enter the video title in the given field, followed by the selection of the desired YouTube video. Each user can also choose the MP3 format, and the impression of this application looks versatile.


Interestingly, in this MTube video downloader application, when downloading, a choice of audio and video formats will appear. By using this app, anyone can also play YouTube videos and pop-ups.

4. Fvdtube Youtube Downloader

Within seconds, you can download videos to your device with the Fvdtube video downloader app.

It's quite easy to use; all you have to do is claim the downloaded text of the currently playing video. Apart from that, you can also load playlists for downloaded video playlists.

5. Ummy Video Downloader

Ummy Video Downloader requires you to copy the video URL link first to download the video. Copy the video link and directly enter it into the search bar to start downloading it.

6. Pego

With the Trimmer feature of the Peggo downloader application, later you can only download the video segments that meet your specific needs.

Editors who often work with video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects usually use this application. It's a shame, but the only available audio format is MP3.

7. KeepVid

The advantage possessed by the KeepVid application is that the display that is displayed is very simple or the user interface that seems simple but is very comfortable and beautiful to the eye.

You can use it to download videos from various applications thanks to the various functions it offers. In addition, the resolutions you can choose are 1080p HD, 720p HD, 320p and 480p.

8. InsTube Youtube

The last video downloader application is InsTube which has several extraordinary capabilities, including being able to download videos from various platforms such as Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and others.

One application will allow the collection of various forms of interesting and funny video content.


Youtube Go is an application that will make it easier for people to access on mobile devices. There are also unique features included in the Youtube application, such as users can download videos so that they can be accessed offline on the Youtube application when there is no internet connection.

Thus the article about Downloading the Latest Version of YouTube Go Available in Indonesia, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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