Download the Latest WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk Version 9.54 – As you know, many are currently looking for how to download the latest WhatsApp aero mod apk version 9.54, if you want to get it, you can see this article to the end to get more information.

Before you get the WhatsApp Aero download link, you need to know in advance the meaning, features and advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp Aero application.

What is WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is a form of WhatsApp Mod that is already available and can be used. WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of the official WhatsApp with many additional features.

What is WhatsApp Aero

Because WhatsApp Aero is not an official application, you cannot download it through an application provider on your cellphone, such as the Play Store or App Store.

WhatsApp Aero can be obtained from third-party websites. Hazar Bozkurt, a Turkish software developer, built WhatsApp Aero. We include many interesting features which are not available in standard WhatsApp. Then what are the benefits or additional features?

WhatsApp Aero review

This application, which was introduced for the first time in 2019, can be termed as a fresh and new application.

As for the appearance itself, it is quite attractive with a modern theme that makes users very comfortable and easy to understand each of its features.

Indeed, some of the features are more or less the same as the other modified programs provided. However, there are still distinguishing features that are superior at the same time.

Bozkurt Hazarr, founder of WA Aero, was inspired by apps like Found WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. Developers from WA Aero are very enthusiastic about the changes from the original application, so they regularly update them to ensure user safety.

Another benefit of this app is its user interface, which is very stable and has the best look of any WhatsApp modification software.

The performance is not inferior to other mod apps as the speed and precision has been tweaked and helps to keep it stable.

Usually, if you use native apps, you will encounter limitations. For example, sending a file with a limited size requires WhatsApp Aero to handle this problem.

In fact, it is clear that the modified application is a solution to the shortcomings and limitations of the original. This is because of the limitations of the original WA that inspired the creation of a customized application.

The purpose of making this modified application is no doubt to make it easier for users to chat freely. Apart from that, it offers a complete set of features to make chatting more enjoyable.

WhatsApp Aero features

Each modified version for an application will certainly have more interesting features when compared to the initial edition of the application.

WhatsApp Aero review

Only on WA Aero you will find information about features that are not included in the unlimited original WA, here are some of the features of whatsapp aero:

1. Security Features

Unlike the original application, WA Aero has included security features which are quite safe. This security feature is equipped with a password that can be used such as a pattern or PIN that can be changed according to your wishes so that WhatsApp can be maintained.

The guard feature, for example, is a feature that can be used to help out when needed. To prevent accidental disclosure of your previous password or pattern, use this excuse.

If you lose your password, you can use this function to reopen WhatsApp and read it back for you.

2. Privacy Features

In WA Aero, these privacy features are very diverse and can be used by users. In addition, you will not get privacy features in the original WA version.

The advantages of WhatsApp Aero

If you want to know about these privacy features, then you can see the explanation below:

  1. Even after logging into the WhatsApp application, you can maintain your offline appearance while being anonymous as an online user
  2. You will not be able to see the forwarded message that you made before so the sender of the forwarded message will remain secret and it will not be known that the message came from another message that was forwarded
  3. The ability to screen potential WhatsApp callers means that not everyone has access to your phone number
  4. Hide the narrative view so you don't get caught even though you've seen your friend's story
  5. Hide the sent message report and double click on the message sender's display to remove it from your message status view
  6. You can check the status of friends who are online without even opening a contact
  7. It can hide the microphone, recording, camera and other features which makes it look very basic and meets your needs
  8. When you type a message, the status will be hidden and not known by the recipient of the message

The original app will not contain any of these privacy features, therefore whether you like it or not, you will have to download the modified version if you want to take advantage of all of them.

3. Display

It is very important to understand the display features of the app if you plan to use it. This is because this view will affect your comfort in using this modified application.

If the application looks interesting, of course you won't be bored, it's another case if the application is less attractive and that alone will make you feel normal and use it according to your needs.

You can see how much fun WhatsApp Aero looks in the image below:

  1. Choose a cool theme from Themes, which you can customize to your heart's content. There are tons of unique theme possibilities that you won't find in the original app
  2. Changes to the appearance of the page can be made on the WhatsApp home page and can even be changed every day to fill your time gap
  3. Fonts come in a variety of styles, sizes, and settings that can be customized to meet your specific needs
  4. You can make adjustments to the columns and bottom chats in this app so you can feel very comfortable looking at this view
  5. Set last seen or when was last seen on your profile view
  6. Equipped with stickers and emojis that are complete and allow aesthetics where you can change them one by one
  7. You don't need to edit videos to produce long stories when using WA video files with a runtime of up to 3 minutes
  8. The quality of the transmitted image is very high, true to size. Not so with the original version of WhatsApp, which automatically reduces image quality before sending
  9. Send up to 30 photos at once with the same high quality as the original with just one click
  10. Send video files up to 700MB in size

It's great if you can take full advantage of the features on this screen. The reason is, this view will make you very free to chat with friends or colleagues.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Aero

Also, this function is a boon for entrepreneurs who want to take your company to the next level, as it increases efficiency when running a business. Many photos can be sent, file quality is guaranteed, and WA stories can be made without any editing.

The advantages of WhatsApp Aero

The features that WhatsApp Aero offers are undoubtedly its main selling points. As is known, the official WhatsApp has limited features, but maybe it's enough for some people.

However, of course there are still those who feel the need for additional features. Therefore, WhatsApp Aero is here to meet these needs. Remember that even though this type of WhatsApp Mod has many great features, you must be vigilant and aware of its shortcomings.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Aero

Before choosing to download WhatsApp Aero, there are some negative things that you need to pay attention to. This deficiency might affect the HP consumed in the future.

We'll start with the cons. There is no guarantee of safety. The security of WhatsApp Aero is not guaranteed the same as the official application because it is a modified third-party application.

The official WhatsApp party has the power to ban a user's WhatsApp account. Users using WhatsApp Mods, such as Whatsapp Aero, have been informed that WhatsApp will take appropriate action.

WhatsApp Aero, which is considered to have violated service regulations, may cause your account to be banned. Blocks can be temporary or even permanent. More phone memory or app space will be consumed if the app is larger than the official one.

The difference between WhatsApp Original and WhatsApp Aero

Here are some differences between WhatsApp original and WhatsApp Aero:

Original WhatsAppWhatsApp Aero
The size of videos and images sent is limited to 16 MBVideo size can be up to 700 MB and Image 50 MB
WhatsApp video stories can only be 30 seconds longWhatsApp video stories can be up to 3 minutes long
Can't hide online status, send blank message, and message statusCan hide online status, send empty messages, and message status can not be seen
The themes provided are very limited and cannot be customized by yourselfMany themes are provided and can be customized according to your wishes
Deleted messages can no longer be viewedAnti delete messages and can still be seen
Various Emoji and Stickers can be downloadedThe emoji variants are numerous and unlimited

The above is a slight variation between the original version and the modified version, or rather WA Aero. In addition, there are many additional useful features.

Download WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk

Download WhatsApp Aero

How would you like to get a modified version of WhatsApp on your phone? Of course, you will want to use it to chat with your friends or colleagues because of its many useful and entertaining features.

Consequently, the new download URL for WhatsApp Aero will be given in the explanation below:

Application NameWhatsApp Aero
file size79.3 MB
DownloadsClick here

How to Install WA Aero Apk

Indeed, the technique of installing it is rather troublesome and takes a long time. As previously stated, this is due to the fact that third party software requires installation by hand.

If you are still having trouble figuring out how to install manually, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is to download the application using the specified link
  2. To download it, you can use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser, and you have to wait for the download process to finish
  3. After that, save the file in File Manager Downloads when you save it
  4. Then, proceed by visiting Settings on your smartphone
  5. Then select the Additional Settings option from the drop-down menu that appears. By clicking the button on the right until it turns blue, you can enable Unknown Sources for privacy purposes
  6. Downloads in File Manager can be recommended if they are active. select WhatsApp Aero
  7. A new screen will appear, and you can click Install in the lower right corner
  8. Wait for the installation to finish before checking to see if a shortcut icon has been created

Check by looking at the menu whether WA Aero has been successfully installed and can be opened or not. If you can't use it, you can repeat the method above until it works.

Don't forget to disable or re-enable Unknown Sources in Additional Settings after successful installation.

This is to keep hackers and others who might try to steal your data from doing something bad.

Is WhatsApp Aero Safe to Use

Third-party developers made this WA Aero Apk as a by-product of your work on the original application.

Therefore, it is possible to have an account that is banned by the official developer because you are cheating in using the supposed application.

The difference between WhatsApp Original and WhatsApp Aero

However, the question is whether WA Aero is safe to use? To answer this topic, actually Hazar Bozkurt, WA Aero developer, has included an anti-banned mechanism in the application.

Using an app that has built-in anti-ban protection should be completely risk-free. However, there is a message that the developer wants to convey, namely updating the Aero application every time there is an update from the original application.

This will always happen, because the modified application has a way of working around the problems with the original version.

Also, updating frequently will help you to protect against the risk of being banned. you will no longer be bothered by threats because they will seem insignificant.

Having regular access to the latest features and looks means you'll never be left behind when it comes to new tech looks. This application can be used for other accounts if you are still concerned about security.

Just because WhatsApp Aero not an official application that may be officially anti-banned, this is not an application. Therefore, it is important to use it wisely and follow the guidelines provided.

Anti Banned Tips on the WhatsApp Modification Application

Of course Aero has done a lot to make the app work hassle-free and anti-ban. Even so, the WhatsApp authority cannot guarantee or completely prohibit.

As explained above, so you don't get banned, you can update regularly, but do you know how? If not then you can see the steps below:

Open the Aero modification application on your smartphone.
After that, go to Update Settings and see if there is an update available.

Later there will be the latest version of WhatsApp Aero and you can click Download Web and Download File provided.
After that, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up the newly downloaded software in the normal way

You don't need to remove the previous version of the app before installing a new one. This is because it is sufficient to override the current application.

Support from developers will be received by updating WA Aero as shown above. Because of this, staying up to date is very important if you want to avoid getting banned.

WhatsApp Aero features

You will learn about alternatives to update WhatsApp Aero regularly in this article. As a result of the link provided, a list of changes has been created.

Indeed, using third-party applications will feel quite stressful, however, the features provided are very interesting and helpful so they don't bother you by accepting applications that are what they are and are not unique.

How to Update WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk to the Latest Version

So that the performance of the WhatsApp Aero application is always optimal, always make sure that the application you are using is updated and includes the latest version.

Using the latest version is also important to avoid being banned by WhatsApp. Here are the steps to update WA Aero:

  1. Open the WA Aero application
  2. Press the Menu button on the three dot icon in the top right corner
  3. Select the Aero Settings menu
  4. Swipe down
  5. Then look for the Aero Upgrade menu
  6. Press the menu
  7. WA Aero will be updated automatically
  8. Wait until the update process is complete
  9. The latest version of WA Aero is ready to use

It's best if you update WA Aero as soon as possible after the new version is available. However, if the new version is considered less stable than the old version, then there are many similar applications that can be used.


WhatsApp Aero is a form of WhatsApp Mod that is already available and can be used. WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of the official WhatsApp with many additional features.

Thus the article about Download WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk Latest Version 9.54, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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