Xiaomi Poco F4 GT Specifications Released

Rancakmedia.com – POCO F4 GT is a popular smartphone among technology enthusiasts today. Unexpectedly, this cellphone has just debuted internationally on April 26, 2022.

Even though it only debuted to the public a few days ago, this smartphone has been eagerly awaited. This is because the POCO F Series series is recognized as always presenting HP with excellent specifications at affordable prices.

The anticipation of gadget lovers and observers has finally been answered. POCO F4 GT really contains advanced features with high-end specifications. However, will the price really be as low as its predecessor, the POCO F3 Pro?

To answer the questions above, we will explain everything in detail, starting from the specifications, amazing features, to the advantages and disadvantages of POCO F4 GT so that you can give your own opinion afterwards. Happy listening!

POCO F4 GT specifications

Before talking further, it should be noted that the POCO F4 GT is the “POCO” version of the Redmi K50 Gaming which was introduced in China in early 2022.

Basically, these two phones are the same, just different brands. The specifications possessed by both are comparable. Only the brand name is different.

POCO F4 GT specifications

Like its sibling, it is aimed at gamers. As a result, the performance of this phone is its main selling point. This smartphone is reinforced with the latest and fastest processor currently owned by Qualcomm, namely Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the successor to Snapdragon 888.

Additionally, POCO incorporates the latest generation Liquid Cooling System to help maintain the chipset's record-breaking performance.

The advantages of this cellphone specification also lie in the battery. Even though it only has a capacity of 4,700 mAh, the battery allows 120W fast charging which is said to be able to charge from 0-100 percent in just 17 minutes. Very fast, really!

What about the additional specifications of this gaming phone? Be patient guys. Because there is still much to be explained. Therefore, check the entire POCO F4 GT specification table below!

  1. Manufacturer: Xiaomi
    Model: Poco F4 GT
    Weight: 210g
    Size: 162.5 x 76.7 x 8.5mm
    operating system: Android 12
    Screen Size (Diagonal): 6.67 inches
    Resolution: 2400×1080
    RAM: 8GB
    Internal storage (ROM): 128GB
    Camera: 64Mp Sony IMX686
    CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
    Battery: 4700mAh
  2. General information
    Operating system‎ (OS) Android 12
    Geekbench Benchmark 4273 (Multi-Core) – Buradaki diğer modellerle karşılaştırın
    Manufacturer Xiaomi See all Xiaomi models here
    Geekbench Benchmark 1246 (Single Core)
    Model Poco F4 GT
    Performance Antutu Benchmark Results ~ 1067336. Buradaki diğer modellerle karşılaştırın
  3. Appearance
    Resolution 2400×1080 More models with resolution 2400×1080 see here
    Curved Glass Coating
    AMOLED screen type
    Multi-touch (number of touches) 10
    Frameless Yes – More models with bezel-less screens see here
    Frame size 3.4mm
    Surface utilization percentage 86 %
    Brightness 750 cd/m²
    Screen Size (Diagonal) 6.67 inches
  4. Chips (CPUs)
    CPU Architecture 1x 3 GHz ARM Cortex-X2 + 3x 2.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A710 + 4x 2.79 GHz ARM Cortex-A510
    Qualcomm Manufacturer
    Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 models More models with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPUs see here
    Release time 12/10/2021
    Number of Core 8
    cpu speed 3ghz
    64 bit bit depth
    4 nm technical process
    16GB capacity
    GPU Adreno 730
    GPU Clock Speed 818 MHz
    Number of video processor cores 0
    TDP 10W
    Features Snapdragon X65
    Upload Speed 316 Mbps
  5. Capacity
    8GB RAM See more models with 8GB RAM here
    Internal storage (ROM) 128 GB
    Memory card support Not present
  6. Camera
    Main Camera
    pixel size 64 Mp Other models with 64 Mp camera see here
    Matrix (sensor) model Sony IMX686 See other models with Sony IMX686 sensor here
    Has a dual LED dual led flash
    Front camera (selfies)
    Megapixels (Front Camera) 20 Mp
    Flash No
  7. Cellular and Wireless
    Frequency 2G (GSM): 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G (WCDMA): 800/850/1900 MHz 4G (FDD-LTE): B1 (2100) / B3 (1800) / B7 (2600) 5G
    5G network type
    SIM card slot 1: nanoSIM, 2 slots: nanoSIM
  8. Wireless interface
    Wifi exists
    Bluetooth exists
    NFC available – More NFC models see here
  9. Navigation
    GPS system support, A-GPS, GLONAS
  10. Battery
    Capacity 4700 mAh
    Fixed battery type
    supports fast charging there
    Standby time 6-7 days
    Working hours in normal mode 2-3 days
    Operating time with constant use 8-9 hours
    Talk time 30 hours
    wireless charging No
  11. sensors
    Event indicator No
    Fingerprint sensor is present
    Proximity sensor is present
    Ambient light sensor is present
    Gyroscope exists
    Accelerometer is there
    Compass is there
    Barometer No
    Infrared sensor exists
  12. audios
    Integrated audio chip
    Have speakers installed there
    The microphone is there
    Jack‎ No
  13. Design
    Size 162.5 x 76.7 x 8.5mm
    Weight 210 g
    Case material Metal frame, glass body
    Dust-proof and water-resistant (IP68) No. More protected models see here
  14. Language
    Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish, Estonian, Italian, French, etc. For a full list of supported languages, see – here
  15. Interface / Connector
    USB-C 1
    Optional On-screen front camera , Screen refresh rate 120Hz , Game buttons

Main Features of POCO F4 GT

After seeing the overall specifications of the POCO F4 GT above, maybe you can already guess what extraordinary features this smartphone carries.

The main selling point of the POCO F4 GT as a gaming phone is its high performance and long battery life. Is there anything better than this HP in terms of features and technology? To answer the questions above, please refer to the description of the superior features of POCO F4 GT below, guys!

Main Features of POCO F4 GT

Champion Performance Thanks to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Like its predecessor, POCO F3 Pro, POCO F4 GT embedded the most advanced processor of its time. If at that time the F3 Pro used SD 870, then the F4 GT relied on SD 8 Gen 1 which was predicted to be the greatest HP chip at the moment.

Consequently, there is no reason not to trust the performance of this HP. Playing a big and powerful game like Genshin Impact with right-aligned graphics settings will definitely break down quickly.

LiquidCool Technology 3.0 Keeps HP Cool

There has been speculation going around that the SD 8 Gen 1 chip has a long term performance issue resulting in temperature spikes when playing games for extended periods of time.

Apparently, POCO really recognized the problem and solved it using the LiquidCool Technology 3.0 feature. It features twin vapor chamber coolers with a total size of 4,860mm squared.

The purpose of this function is to keep the system cool when running at high levels for a long time. As a result, HP can be cooler without difficulties in performance. It is also possible to increase battery efficiency!

120W Fast Charging, Only 17 Minutes

The hero's performance seems incomplete if the battery used doesn't last long or can't charge quickly. Fortunately, the POCO F4 GT from POCO is equipped with a powerful battery and very fast charging.

Indeed, the battery capacity of this 4,700 mAh HP cell phone is not as big as gaming cellphones in general. POCO, on the other hand, has 120W fast charging capabilities which, according to the company, can charge the phone from 0% to 100% in 17 minutes. The good news is that POCO also provides a box and battery charging connection in the sales package. In addition, the type-C connector used is also in the form of "L" so you can play more easily while charging the battery.

Handheld Console-style “Analog” button

POCO F4 GT seems to have been launched solely for the purpose of pampering those of you who like games like PUBG Mobile or other first-person shooters. POCO added two more trigger buttons to the portable console that act as if they were "analog."

This new button has a very significant role for gamers in PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), or other FPS/battle royale games. The four-finger control setting can also be used without the use of additional equipment.

The trigger button on the POCO F4 GT is not a haptic sensor like the one on the ASUS ROG Phone 5, as you should know. Since physical buttons are probably more precise than haptic sensors, this might be considered a positive development.

Weaknesses and Strengths of POCO F4 GT

As a smartphone that focuses on the gaming category, POCO F4 GT certainly focuses on performance and battery strength. Of course, the fact that this phone is cheaper than its competitors is a major selling point.

You'd expect that, given the lower price, other important specs, like the camera or screen, would be trimmed. Is it really like that?

Deficiency and advantages

After reviewing the specifications and characteristics of the POCO F4 GT as well as evaluations from media partners abroad, of course this cellphone sacrifices a little other elements besides performance.

Even so, the cuts to other functions are not so big that this smartphone is still suitable for use outside the gaming category.

Let's take a closer look at what we have to say about the advantages and disadvantages of the POCO F4 GT, as summarized by other site reviewers:

The advantages of POCO F4 GT

  1. Fast but stable performance thanks to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with LiquidCool Technology 3.0
  2. Fast charging 120W
  3. Include box + L shape charging cable
  4. There is a trigger button
  5. Triple stereo speakers
  6. Friendly price

Disadvantages of POCO F4 GT

  1. Simple niche style
  2. Without a telephoto lens, the camera is sufficient.

POCO F4 GT price

The launch of the POCO F4 GT is arguably good news for those of you who want to get a good cheap gaming smartphone. Especially now that it's very difficult to buy a gaming smartphone like that because POCO F3 Pro and POCO X3 Pro are hard to find on the market.

Unfortunately, for now we still have to wait for POCO Indonesia to officially distribute this 8GB RAM HP in Indonesia. This is because the POCO F4 GT has just been introduced to the world market.

We have also tried to contact POCO Indonesia to get official confirmation of the arrival of the POCO F4 GT in Indonesia. Unfortunately, until now we have not received an answer regarding the release date and price.

Speaking of prices, the POCO F4 GT is priced at 499 euros or around Rp. 7.6M (8/128GB) as the lowest model.

Looking at past POCO items, we believe the price can drop from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 1 million when introduced in Indonesia later. Let's hope the price really goes down, guys!

POCO F4 GT price

This time we will discuss the specifications, features, and the rumored price of the POCO F4 GT. Surely this smartphone is included in your wishlist gamers who need a cellphone with flagship specifications, but at a hefty price.

Unfortunately, until now there is no guarantee when this phone will be present in Indonesia. For now, it's just a matter of being patient while it's being developed and saving our progress until it's made available to everyone.


The Xiaomi Poco F4 GT is the “POCO” version of the Redmi K50 Gaming which was introduced in China in early 2022. We will explain everything in detail, from the specifications, the amazing features, to the advantages and disadvantages of this gaming phone.

The main selling point of the POCO F4 GT is its high performance and long battery life. LiquidCool Technology 3.0 keeps the system cool when running at high levels for extended periods. The 120W fast charging capability can charge a mobile phone battery from 0% to 100% within 17 minutes.

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